Youtube Collaborates with Pesta Game 2021 for Malaysia’s 1st Virtual Hari Sukan

youtube collabrate with pesta game

Sports day, or Hari Sukan in Malaysian, offered the youth and the old an opportunity to flaunt their skills and participate in various athletic events. But unfortunately, the sports day event was called off to prevent the spread of Covid-19 furthermore.

But now, Youtube has announced to host the Pista Games. It is partnering up with Samsung and KFC to hold Malaysia’s first virtual sports day. With the country’s finest creators – Athisha Khan, Isaac Osman, Wiser MY, Syedot ASMR, Fuzz Channel, and Dumpling Soda.

People coming from all age groups are invited to participate in this festival and keep the sportsmanship and spirit alive by playing in this one-of-a-kind inter-house virtual video game competition.

The fun-filled program will air on January 30 to 31, and apart from being aired on national Malay channels, including Drama Sangat, Tonton, TV3, and TV9, and live-streamed across the creator’s channels.

The management will sort some of the selected viewers into various teams to create a life-like environment of an actual sports day, each led by one creator. And viewers who are not playing in the games can also win many unique prizes based on entering several matches held between the live streams.

Participants from each house will earn points for competing in various new and old multiplayer games such as Grand Tourismo Sport, FIFA 21, 3D Space Cadet Pinball, and PUBG mobile.

At the end of this two-day event, the house with the highest-earning points will be declared the winner of Malaysia’s first-ever Pesta Games.

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