Why Marketing Agencies Should Offer App Development Services?

offer app development services

In the era of digital efficacy, app development services have become crucial. Many marketing agencies having a graphic designer, or a website developer are now soon be adding a mobile app developer in their business to compete in the market. There are countable reason why a marketing agency must offer app development services.

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Businesses are now doing everything to lead the crowd with their expertise. Therefore, the marketing has been shifted from event-based marketing to community marketing. These community marketing strategies are more focused on the perceived needs of existing customers. That’s how the needs of the businesses and your audiences are changing respectively.

These are well known to the enterprises, but countless small and medium-sized businesses are unaware of the change digital marketing is facing. They’re still working over the same traditional methodologies – revamping, restructuring and executing again and again. But every time they put their hand in the pot’s mouth, it stuck inside or came out empty-handed. Often, SMEs rethink how they can sink with social media management and mobile app development services for running synchronously with the trend.

Besides, several companies are still unsure of whether delving into new areas of app development services will be an ideal choice or not.

These are the two sides of the same coin, i.e., one side small businesses need a mobile app to grow their business. On the contrary, companies need mobile app development services to be competitive in the market.

Now, we will look into all the possible aspects to clarify why marketing agencies start offering app development services to their clients.

Marketing Companies can Offer Mobile App Development Services

Looking at the bird’s eye view towards the perspective of app development services given by a marketing agency, it can be a twist. Small business owners wait for a revolution to take place for investing in something. If listening to the experts’ statements, they say that the marketing industry will cross $100 billion in the coming four years.

If you look towards the digital marketing industry, the industry is filled with opportunities, but the only issue is that it’s blooming. Uncountable firms offer the same service, create an unmovable deadlock, and make it difficult to find more clients.

Mobile Apps on the Rise in SMEs Market

Gone are the days when the mobile app used to built-in much more reasonable price. The reality is that small and medium-sized businesses invest less than the amount on mobile app development services by which an app can be developed during those days. According to the recently released, a user’s average time spending on social media has been increased to 2 hours 55 minutes. So, it becomes essential for businesses to have mobile visibility.

Due to enhanced visibility factors, customers look towards the brand with an eye of hope that they will share more information about the product using their app, making it more convenient and easily accessible to the users. If we look at the other side of the coin, mobile phones give back the power in audiences’ hands to choose from the variety of products that fit them the best.

It gave rise to a few new marketing strategies. As of now, the market trend has been from event-based marketing to community marketing. But it had to open a few new ways and some impressive stats second on the same:

  • Mobile app market to grow 270% to $189 billion by 2020
  • Mobile app industry was forecast for over 270 billion downloads in 2017
  • AppStore will hit 5 million apps by 2021, more than doubling its current size

Therefore, small and medium-sized businesses are stepping in and looking forward to outsourcing their product and getting defined and deployed by mobile app development companies. If we look for the

stats, nearly every 1 out of 10 have their business app. The ratio of this has been hike to 41%, to which 20% of businesses are having their app either in the developmental stage or are still planning to have one.

Best to have Mobile App Development Services

Helping small business to use the technology in the right way is a good deed as deor. The best mobile app development service is offered to the company by letting them go for drags and drops first.

We are initiating this approach to understand both the sides of the development phase and deployment on too. Suppose you’re an eCommerce business and willing to have such a service. In that case, you have a Progressive Web App quickly by designing yourself from Shopify, a handy tool for every eCommerce needs.

But for other industries, there are no practical options available. So, Either you can go for Wix, Weebly, or Squarespace.

Why we are Targeting SMEs to App Builders

These are the opportunities for an agency to start a new mobile app development service that creates an app cost-effectively. These are DIY platforms where designing and deploying the app is simple and budget-friendly. These app builders have robust features and integrations, such as push notifications, ordering capabilities, a shopping cart, appointments/reservations tools, and loyalty programs.

The Ideal Relation of a Client and Agency

To grow the business, owners need to make a small portion of their digital asset revenue, i.e., the app. So, it is the marketing agency’s responsibility to guide them in the right direction and encourage them to achieve this goal.

Marketing agencies are not all about selling a bunch of websites or creating attractive graphics for branding purposes. But despite that, a marketing firm should inspire its clients, cheering them on as they open new horizons.

Let’s Take your Products Directly in the Hands of Customers

Mobile is the fastest-growing industry. So, several SMBs are willing to have mobile app development services. They are looking to build a relationship with the agency to deploy their app and market their app and products for higher retention.

In the coming future, marketing agencies soon will be in the pool frontiers assisting SMEs with mobile app development services.

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