WhatsApp Web Users Found Phone Numbers Exposed on Google Search? 


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An astonishing number of people use social media, and the big social media companies like Facebook make money by allowing someone to advertise on their platform. With the user engagement bigger than a billion, it is far more profitable than you think. And all you need is data.

WhatsApp is already facing backlash for its new policy update from worldwide for sharing data within Facebook; it has again landed itself in a fresh fiasco.

This time, it was reportedly exposing WhatsApp Web users’ phone numbers on Google search results via indexing.

If this revelation is to be believed, it essentially means that any person from any part of the world can easily access your phone number with just a simple search query. The results only display phone numbers without any names, but a simple search on Truecaller can reveal your identity.

According to an internet security researcher, Rajshekhar Rajahariya tweeted that WhatsApp Web user’s phone numbers and texts were indexed via Google Search. And he further went on to accuse WhatsApp of not monitoring their website and Google for lack of responsibility and carelessness.

After a few days, this new development came when private groups on WhatsApp were also accessible for anyone searching on Google, which allowed users to join private groups by merely searching the group’s name. However, WhatsApp soon recognized the vulnerability and fixed it.

Innovation brings in a lot of changes, be it good or bad. At times big tech giants become the highlights and faces the demerits of being too popular.

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