What Is the Future of Flutter? Is Flutter Good for App Development?

is flutter good for app development

Cross-platform technologies emerge as a game-changer in developing mobile applications. Companies are now starting to take an interest in cross-platform app development. The recent example of it is Google Flutter-the most promising toolkit that emerges as a driven software development kit. Flutter is not only popular at a small level; big market giants also use it to build rich applications. Still, a few companies are wondering about the Future of Flutter. It has now become one of the most starred toolkits in the developer’s lists.

So, how does this happen? Let’s explore it in detail-

What is Flutter?

According to its official website, Flutter is an open-source UI software development kit, developed by Google. The toolkit is designed to build applications on various platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, Google Fuchsia, Web platform, and Microsoft. It is based on the DART programming language and offers a variety of widgets and tools that help developers to create interactive and robust applications.

Let’s discuss-

Why should companies choose Flutter app development?

The app development companies usually get the query of Flutter future or why flutter app development from their clients. So, here we will try to tell you why you should choose this toolkit for your new app development project.

Single Code for Multiple Platforms

single code for multiple platforms

Flutter emerges as a dream come true for the developer’s community. It offers excellent support to the developers as it does not allow them to write different codes for multiple platforms. Developers can run a single code smoothly; it is possible because Flutter includes a wide range of widgets and designs.



Flutter is all about widgets; it is fully-packed with it. But what is a widget? – It is a set of in-built visual components that creates the user interface of an application. These widgets are highly compatible, faster, secure and customizable. Developers can customize it according to their client’s project requirements.

Compatible with multiple OS

compatible with multiple OS

Flutter is highly compatible with different operating systems including Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS, Linux, Android and Apple’s iOS. Developers find it beneficial as it saves their time. The applications developed with this SDK have fewer chances of issues and errors.

Less Coding

less coding

Flutter is based on DART programming language, which does not require codes in bulk. Moreover, JS is not essential for this SDK that results in enhancing the performance and the development time of an app.

Documentation in Flutter

Documention in flutter

If we talk about documentation, then Flutter is one of the most promising frameworks for the developers. It is highly preferable because it offers clean and neat codes which do not require any additional efforts of the developers. Flutter’s documentation is well-organized and provides complete information and tools that one can learn quickly.

Fast Speed

fast speed

The designing and development of an app are almost close to each other. The activity of one usually affects the functionality of others. Flutter offers Hot Reload features that help the developer to check the code in less time. This feature turns out to be beneficial for the developers because they can make changes anytime if they find any inappropriate thing or according to the design of an app.

Is Flutter Good for App development?

Above we discussed why choose Flutter app development? Now the second query which usually arrives is- Is it suitable for app development?

Flutter is a perfect choice for the tech companies, start-ups and eCommerce platforms. The companies which aim to offer excellent users experience and satisfy their clients will surely pick this framework.

Today, Cross-platform apps are in demand and both Flutter and React Native are similar in popularity. But if you are looking to build an app in less time with best features and functionalities, then Flutter app development would be the best option for you. It offers several benefits like-

  • It primarily saves time, cost and workforce.
  • No need for multiple codes for specific-platforms
  • The developer can even test their ideas and get a quick response.
  • Developers can add new features with HOT RELOAD feature
  • Quickly resolves bug issues
  • It offers high-performance
  • Designers and developers can get benefits from it.
  • It makes coding compatible, faster and efficient.

These qualities make this tool preferable and popular among the tech world. Experts also suggest picking Flutter app development for cross-platform apps.

So, what is the future of Flutter?

We have already discussed what Flutter is offering and how it becomes a preferred toolkit. But one question still remains unanswered: What is Flutter future in app development? In our opinion, though this framework is quite new for the market, it emerges as the best option because it offers outstanding features that help to build excellent mobile applications.

The apps developed with this framework are highly compatible, provides immense user-experience and runs faster. The performance of Flutter is more impressive than any other cross-platform frameworks. It gains tremendous popularity that experts started comparing Flutter VS React Native, as both of them are new to the market. Flutter came in trend two years back, and after witnessing its increasing growth, it will undoubtedly continue its popularity in the year 2020 and more.

To wrap up, the Flutter future is bright. For mobile app development, it results as a viable benefit not only for the start-ups which are looking for a one-time development but for other platforms as well like eCommerce, tech firms and even for new developers.

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