What is CodeIgniter, and How Does it Work?

benefits of codeigniter

Nowadays, every business needs an online presence to succeed. As a business owner or an entrepreneur, you must consider that your website should be best in class and appealing. A well-developed website puts a positive impact on the visitors and also increases user engagement.

Today, the digital era brings many web development tools, technological solutions and frameworks including Laravel, Drupal, CodeIgniter, and many more. But choosing the right platform or framework for a website is a difficult task.

As per the current stats, CodeIgniter is one of the best and widely used PHP frameworks. Many developers prefer to develop web applications with CodeIgniter. In this blog, we will discuss What is CodeIgniter, its benefits, and how does it work?

What is CodeIgniter?

CodeIgniter is the best and most popular framework of PHP. It is an open-source, easy to use, and best toolkit for web applications that offer a ready-to-use library for creating PHP applications. The development process with CI is fast and straightforward, which helps to make code portable. It works on Model View Controller (MVC) framework and development patterns.

Vibrant speed and quick response make CodeIgniter the best framework as compared to other PHP frameworks. It allows developers to use a variety of libraries to establish connections with databases and to perform a few operations like sending emails, file uploading, and session maintenance.

Well now let’s discuss the benefits, features, and scope of CodeIgniter: –

Benefits of CodeIgniter

1. MVC system – CodeIgniter is based on Model View Controller (MVC), which helps to increase the development process and provides easy integration with frameworks of JavaScript. MVC helps to separate input/output and application processing.

2. Easy to customize and update – Through CodeIgniter, developers can customize the file and code easily by using multiple inbuilt features. With CodeIgniter, editing and creation of a file and application become an easy task for the developers.

3. Secure bug handling – One of the best benefits of CodeIgniter is that it gives bug-free websites. It provides the best UI, which helps the developers to find errors and bugs quickly at the time of coding.

4. Easy to migrate – In CodeIgniter, migration from one server to another is smooth because it provides secure migration support services.

5. No need to install – The other best benefits of using CodeIgniter is that it does not require any installation, developers can use it directly by file uploading feature.

6. Faster Development – CodeIgniter makes the application development faster as compared to other frameworks. It does not require any additional codes. With a few short codes, developers get comprehensive functionality for their applications.

7. Ensures higher security – In terms of safety, CodeIgniter is like a box of opportunities for the developers as it provides encryption and decryption features which makes it more trustworthy and reliable.

Features of CodeIgniter

  • MVC System.
  • It offers data validations.
  • It comes with security XSS filtering.
  • Session management is possible with CodeIgniter.
  • Image manipulation library.
  • Email sending class.
  • Incorporates encryption, pagination, localization, error handling, and benchmarking.
  • It consists of categories like; file uploading class, user agent class, template engine class, trackback class, testing class, and many more.
  • Extremely light in weight
  • FTP class.
  • It consists of XML-RPC Library
  • Unit Testing Class
  • Involves Search-engine Friendly URLs
  • Flexible URI Routing

How does it work?

CodeIgniter is based on the Model View Controller (MVC). It consists of classes and helpers; the classes comprise a collection of methods and properties, and the helpers include standard PHP functions. It has a very extensive user guide.

Let’s understand it with an example

Imagine if a user raises some request or a query, then the controller receives that request. After accepting the request, the controller analysed it and requested the model to extract the required information. The model delivers the expected data to the controller, and the controller converts it in the language format that is understandable by the customer. And at last, the user will get the data on the browser.

Now let’s move forward for the skills required, scope, and why to use CodeIgniter;

Skills Required – If you want to use the CodeIgniter framework, then you must have a perfect understanding of the PHP.

Scope – CodeIgniter has a massive scope in the PHP family. The use of this framework never fades as it offers immense benefits. The extent of CodeIgniter is vast and increasing with every passing year.

Why use CodeIgniter – Use of CodeIgniter is beneficial because it offers a variety of features, easy configuration, easy customization, libraries, and excellent community support and service.

CodeIgniter is best for?

CodeIgniter is best for developers, testers, students, entrepreneurs, web admins, and for analysts.


CodeIgniter is an excellent framework for companies who plan to build amazing web applications. In the upcoming era, the demand for web applications will increase, and it will be beneficial for the developers who are updated with current trends which makes the scope of web development vast. So, if you’re planning for a CodeIgniter web development for your next IT project, then contact us and get the best CodeIgniter development services.