What is AI (Artificial Intelligence) and How Do AI Work?

What is Artificial Intelligence

Have you ever wondered how technologies like Artificial Intelligence work? If not, then let’s explore what is artificial intelligence, and how does it work?

What is Artificial Intelligence?

If we talk about the definition of AI, then it varies person to person like if you ask a layman what is AI, he would link this technology with robots. Similarly, if you ask this from an AI researcher, he replies that it is a set of algorithms that collects the data, learns from it and performs human-like tasks.

So basically, the meaning of AI has changed on every level. But if we discuss it in terms of computer science, then it refers to the counterfeit of the human mind in machines that exactly think and work like people and copy their actions.

The technology is highly capable of performing the tasks individually like humans; it does not require any particular instructions from anyone. Today we can easily witness many AI-driven examples right from smart devices like Alexa to a self-driven car.

To explore more about AI, let’s review its history first-

History of Artificial Intelligence

The term AI is not new to the market; it was coined back in the 1950s by John McCarthy. The technology has received a sudden boom from the past few years and all thanks to the enhancement in advanced algorithms, computing programs, data volumes and storage.

Undoubtedly, AI has been a well-funded technology during its inception, but scientists found it tough to create human-like intelligence in machines. During the 70s-80s time, the technology started losing its funds, and that period is termed as AI-winters. But then a sudden raise of hope emerged in the 1990s, and American scientists again took an interest in AI. Further, many governments came up to build 5G computers for advancements of AI and finally in 1997 the first computer was developed that defeated the world chess champion.

And today, AI has evolved as a technology that offers immense result-driven benefits in every industry. Big giants like Amazon, Google, Baidu and others are using AI to make their business more reachable.

Let’s explore its market-

Market Overview of Artificial Intelligence

AI Market Overview

According to a report by grandviewresearch.com- The global artificial intelligence market size was valued at $39.9 billion in 2019 and is foreseen to grow at a CAGR of 42.2% from 2020 to 2027.

Let’s discuss- How do AI works?

Developing an Artificial Intelligence system is a crucial task as it is a method of putting human traits and intelligence into a machine and asking it to act and think like a human. To learn about how it works, one needs to review its subdomains carefully. Yes, there are multiple sub-domains available with AI, which helps you to know more about it in-depth including-

Machine learning


Machine Learning or also known as ML, is an application of AI that offers an ability to systems to learn from past experiences without any programmed intervention. It supervises a machine to discover how to make judgments and to take final decisions based on prior experiences. It quickly identifies and analyses the prior data and patterns and forms a conclusion on which machine can make decisions. It helps humans to make more accurate decisions in their business.

Deep learning


Deep learning in AI is used to copy human brains carefully. It processes the data, speeches, languages, decision patterns etc. in-depth. It is used to classify and predict the final results without any human interference.

Neural Networks


It is also known as Artificial neural networks that are specifically designed to understand and recognize the ways the human mind operates.

Natural Language Processing


NLP is a branch in AI that works closely and monitors the interaction between humans and computers using the natural (original) language. It is used to read, understand and deploy the valuable sense of the individual’s language. It is the one which makes the machine understand what the users give the command.

Computer vision


Computer vision is one of the significant fields of AI that makes the machine worth in understanding the visual world. Like if there is an image, it breaks down that particular image into tiny objects. If you are using any digital media, including images, video it can quickly identify it.

Cognitive computing


Cognitive computing is used to interpret the images, object, language, and other in the same manner as humans do or try to understand it. It seeks to mimic human thoughts into a computerized model.

Now let’s talk about the process of how Do AI works

Artificial Intelligence uses Machine learning to copy the exact thoughts of human brains. It makes the computer perfect to react over every particular action. For that, it uses a set of algorithms and past data to create a model.

Today AI is doing much more wonders than expected; it is almost used in every sector right from healthcare to automation. We use this technology to save our time because when it performs a particular action, we can easily focus on our other works efficiently.

Let’s take a look, which top sectors are currently AI-driven?

  • Law
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Finance
  • Retail and customer services
  • Healthcare
  • Logistics

Last but not least-

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • A decline in human error
  • Available 24×7
  • Automates Repetitive learning
  • Digital support
  • More agile decisions
  • Wise Decision Maker
  • Medical applications
  • Enhances Security
  • Active Communication

Wrapping up

Currently, AI technology has been used to improve the business efficiencies, automate resource-heavy tasks, and to make market predictions more accurate and precise than ever. But soon this technology will cover all the essential parts and become a vital part of everyone’s life. We hope that from this blog you learn about what is artificial intelligence and how do AI work? To know more about the AI solutions, visit our website and get the best consultation.

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