11 Best Web Development Frameworks 2020

best web development frameworks

With the enhancement of web technologies, the standard of web app development has increased, and now the companies are preparing themselves for working with ongoing trends to get better business opportunities. For successful web development, the most significant thing required is the best web frameworks.

Today, there are several web development frameworks available in the market that offer excellent tools to build web applications. But selecting the right one becomes a critical task for the developers and companies. Businesses are looking for the most suitable frameworks that support them in developing the best web applications.

Here, we have listed 11 best frameworks for web development in 2020. So, let’s take a look-

Best Web Development Frameworks 2020


Flask is a lightweight web framework written in Python that emerges as the best alternative to the Django framework. It is a microframework that does not require any specific tool and libraries. Flask comes with various features including default development server, unit testing, debugger, cookies templating, and many more. Pinterest and LinkedIn are the most prominent examples that use this framework.


Django is a python-based web framework which is free and open source. If you are looking to develop an excellent web app in quick time with less code, then this framework is the most suitable for such requirements.

It ensures faster development and quality design. Django follows some patterns like DRY and Convention Over Configuration. It provides several tools for the developer to create a secure web application. Big giants like Google, Instagram, Spotify, are using Django.

Ruby on Rails

ROR is a popular framework and widely used by the developer community. It is a model–view–controller framework that offers default structures for the database. It is an excellent choice for beginners, as it comes with library-like-dependencies. It supports creating applications faster. Airbnb, GitHub is significant platforms that use Ruby on Rails.


Laravel is an open-source PHP framework based on the MVC model. It is one of the popular and preferable choices among the developers. The framework comes with API support and also offers packages.

If you want to build powerful web applications, Laravel would be the best choice for you. It provides a clean and straightforward syntax through which developers can code without complexity. It offers several tools, including routing, simple authentication, and ORM for delivering applications.

Spring Boot

Spring Boot is a popular Java-based framework used for developing microservices. With this framework, the admin panel can quickly handle various requests coming from different platforms or devices. It allows for faster development and adding dependencies rapidly. Through spring-boot, developers can build compact, flexible, and JVM based applications.


One of the best front-end frameworks which are written using NodeJS. Meteor is best for enterprises that want to launch their product quickly in the market. It enables rapid-prototyping and cross-platform codes for web application development. With these frameworks, developers can also create real-time applications on the cloud.


EmberJS is an open-source web framework based on the model–view–view-model pattern. The framework is also declared as the best JavaScript framework in 2015. It allows the developers to build scalable SPA’s (single page applications), desktop, and mobile-based applications.

Ember offers various templates through which developers can create the best UI for the web application. All these frameworks are developed using Handlebar language. Some of the significant market giants like LinkedIn, Netflix, and Microsoft use ember in their development stack.

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Angular is an open-source JavaScript-based framework, that is considered as a third-best front-end framework created and maintained by Google. With AngularJS, you can create dynamic and advanced single-page apps. It uses two-way binding through which views and models are always synced. You can also develop an e-commerce application with the help of Angular.


Vue is the best and youngest front-end framework used to build competent user interfaces. In 2019 Vue has 16% of total market share, and becomes a preferable choice of the developers. The best part about this framework is that the developers don’t require any extension for development. It is small in size, which makes development faster, offers higher flexibility and code reusability.


React is an open-source JS library used to build user interfaces. It is the most popular front-end framework, with 21% of market share, created by Facebook. With ReactJS, you can develop high-end UI. It is also used as a base for creating single-base applications. Facebook created react native for building the best UI for android and IOS in less time by using single codebases.


Backbone is a JavaScript library based on the MVP application design model. It is one of the lightweight frameworks that comes with a RESTful JSON interface. BackboneJS allows the developers to create and maintain client-side applications that run on the web browser. It has a collection of rich APIs which is used to develop single-page applications.


So, here we have looked at the top web frameworks that help you to build robust web applications. Choosing the right framework entirely depends upon your project requirements. If you are looking for expert help, then feel free to reach out to us. We will be glad to offer you the best web development services.