How to Create a Video Conferencing App like Zoom?

video conferencing app like zoom

Due to global lockdown and remote work, people are required to use video chatting apps, no matter if it is for personal communication or business meetings. The video-conferencing app market has seen a sudden boom and earned recognition due to COVID-19 outbreak. On one end where apps like WhatsApp, Instagram and Snapchat help people to connect socially. The other side professional video-conferencing apps like Zoom, Skype, Google Meet help companies to keep connected with their employees and clients.

Before the crisis, these professional communication apps were not quite popular, but today video conferencing apps like Zoom have become a social network of the pandemic! It is one of the most exciting and surprising success stories of any company. Today, Zoom has gained more value than Uber or other on-demand services.

The Market of Video-Conferencing Apps


According to the report of– The video conferencing market size was valued at $3.85 billion, globally, in 2019 and is expected to register a CAGR of 9.9% from 2020 to 2027.

And if we specifically look at the market of Zoom App, then the stats are highly surprising. Can you guess? No? Not an issue, let us tell you- Currently the total number of downloads of this app has crossed 70+ million. The app has marked history and becomes a most downloaded app in video-conferencing categories. The fresh installations of this app have increased with a rate of 730%.

In 2015, the app had 100 million active users who perform daily meetings over it, but now in 2020, the number has reached 200,000,000. And these numbers justify the success of this app in the present market.

Hence, it is the best time for the companies and start-ups to invest and build a Video Conferencing App like Zoom. So, let’s discuss how to create an app like Zoom?

But before proceeding further, let’s talk about the Zoom App.

What is a Zoom App?

Zoom is an American based meeting app which is designed to enhance the digital communication between people. With a cloud-based peer-to-peer software platform, Zoom offers videotelephony and online chat services. The app brings video-conferencing, online meetings, and instant group messaging at a single platform. Currently, zoom cloud meeting app is widely used by more than 5,00,000 customer enterprises and ranked as #1 in customer satisfaction.

Now let’s talk about- What advantages businesses will get from these video-conferencing apps?

Advantages of Video Conferencing Apps

Enable Digital communication among the workforce

Video conferencing apps like Zoom not only create an interactive meeting culture in companies; it enhances the use of digital solutions among the workforce. It keeps the team updated and maintained, and also helps in increasing their decision-making time and productivity. While interacting over these apps, employees learn to communicate with others globally.

Save time and money

Business people often travel to long distances for conferences, seminars or client meetings; it is not only time-consuming but expensive as well. Video conferencing apps help in saving your time and money on a great extent. With this digital medium, people do not need to rush to offices for attending meetings; they can participate from anywhere.

Improves Productivity

A quick solution to any complex problem is required by every individual, especially when it is for business. Sending a query to your colleague and getting a late reply will frustrate you because it may lead to losing your sales or client. But a quick video conversation with them would be the best options. It not only enhances communication among both but also helps in increasing the productivity of the business.

Type of Video Conferencing Apps

Although all video-conferencing apps have one motive, i.e. to offer the virtual meeting services. But they come with several variations. Every variation provides additional value to the end-users and administrators.

Following are the significant types of conference video call apps

  • Desktop Video Conferencing Applications
  • Browser-based
  • Mobile-based
  • Meeting room systems
  • Mobile Video Conferencing Rooms

What Features make a video-conferencing app useful?

video conferencing app features

A video conferencing app can be one of the essential tools for your company’s business. Many people believe that the firms which integrate these solutions for communication have more active users. But for holding such engagement, an app must have excellent features. Make sure that the video conferencing app you build contains all the great and advanced features that help your business to get more potential users.

A feature-rich video conferencing app is highly competent as it increases your business productivity, plus it helps you to connect with your clients more closely. Let’s take a look at the key-features every video conferencing app must have-

  • Screen Sharing
  • Multiple Webcam Capabilities
  • VoIP
  • Chat Features
  • Remote Control
  • Unlimited Recording
  • HD Video
  • Auto Framing/Group Framing
  • Content Sharing
  • Virtual Background & Greenscreen
  • Branding Features
  • Dynamic Presentation Features
  • Performance Reports

Tools used for Video-conferencing

video conferencing tool

It is necessary to make use of the sound & most advanced video conferencing features and tools to gain the best user experience ever. Below are some of the top-notch video conferencing tools that top the list:

  • BlueJeans
  • Lifesize
  • Panasonic
  • Google Hangouts
  • Polycom

Essential steps required to create a video conferencing app like Zoom

Development of video conferencing apps requires a lot of analysis, market research and beautiful designs. With addressing the following factors, you can build a competent video-conferencing app like Zoom

  • Discover the target audience
  • Stating the feature list
  • Choosing the right tech stack
  • Deciding a budget with accuracy.

Steps to create a video-conferencing app

  • Study your end-users
  • Competitive analysis
  • Determine the key features of your app
  • UI/UX design
  • Selection of Tech Stack
  • Front-end and Back end Development
  • Testing
  • Deployment

How much does it cost to make a video conferencing app like zoom?

The cost of a video conferencing app like Zoom depends upon following factors-

  • App platform- Android, iOS.
  • Features- Basic or Advanced
  • App development team
  • Tech stack

How to Create a Video Conferencing App like Zoom

To get the exact quotation for your video conferencing app development project, contact our sales team. We are here to offer you a free and detailed consultation.

Wrapping Up

With the current situation, remote work has become a tradition now. Nobody knows when this condition is over, hence the demand for such video-conferencing applications has increased day-by-day. Building a video conferencing app like Zoom requires a thorough analysis and budgeting. It is the best time for you to create the same solution. Are you looking for an expert? Contact us or visit our website and get the solutions that exactly fit your requirements.

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