Top 5 Trusted and Popular Payment Gateways for Mobile Application Development

Trusted Payment Gateways for Mobile Application Development

Bemused of what payment gateway to choose for your start-up?

Organizations are unaware of which payment gateways for mobile applications to choose. It often happens with an e-commerce business. No matter how superior your products or services are.

If you do not offer a secure payment gateway, it will all go in vain, leaving you to flummox why the brand’s credibility plummets. Because of it, you not only will have customer churn, but the user engagement on your mobile app and website will supervene on the path of success.

Perhaps, finding the best payment gateway for mobile application is a hard nut to crack. As a business person or an entrepreneur, we apprehend why payment gateways are crucial for your business.

Therefore, with the intent to keep you away from a dead loss, we have selected the best five payment gateway an important part beneath mobile app development services to be the replica of the golden goose. Apart from this, it is also essential to know the why’s of a payment gateway. Let’s discuss.

Why Set Up a Payment Gateway for Mobile Application Rightly?

When you set up a payment gateway for mobile application, you must check its functionality by performing several transactions. If it doesn’t function to the optimum as proclaimed, chances are your business may experience phrases as not up to snuff. Gradually, your brand will walk on the way to impoverishment.

While setting up the payment gateway, ensure that it is open to different payment choices (MasterCard, Visas, PayPal, American Express, Net Banking, UPI, etc.) with believed security services. The best payment gateway for mobile application will come full-fledged with features. Only your development team needs to integrate it with your website.

Now, it’s time to unveil the tools that support your e-commerce business.

Top 5 Trusted and Popular Payment Gateways for Mobile Application Development


Happy landings are the business’s dreams. PayPal paves the walkway for you to achieve such landings. Letting people check out faster with PayPal Checkout helps you gain new customers with higher checkout rates and increased customer spending. Adding a PayPal gateway to your website allows you to improve your conversion rate. The recent stats proclaims that –

· PayPal recorded that up to 83% of its users are new to the merchant

· Up to 54% of peoples are more willing to buy when businesses accept PayPal transactions.

· Up to 2.7% of PayPal buyers spend more

PayPal accepts payments from over 100+ countries. It safeguards your business with Self Protection and PCI Compliance.


Millions of businesses from start-ups to MNCs use Stripe software and its APIs to accept payments, send payouts, and manage=ing their business online. It is the modern-day technology approach to payments and finance; Stripe offers the world’s powerful and easy-to-use APIs summed with tools for every stack and pre-built integrations. On a global scale, Stripe is the backbone of the internet. There are obvious reasons for the why’s –

· Over 250 million APIs requests per day to which accepting 13,000 requests every second

· Within the US, 90% of people have purchased from the businesses that use Stripe

· Supports 135+ currencies and payment methods

· Available in over 35+ countries with local acquiring, optimizing acceptance rate.

To protect your business from fraud, Stripe has a present-day technology called Radar that helps detect and block fraud for any business using machine learning that trains on data across millions of global companies.


Skrill has made online payments simpler for businesses and their customers. From Quick Checkouts, Digital Wallets, Rapid Transfer to Shopping Cart, they offer every possible solution as per companies’ needs. With ease-of-access integration, you enable 100+ local payment methods and also manages 40+ currencies from one account. There are a few benefits you can get from Skrill such as –

· Payments are indemnified

· 1-Tap for repeat payments

· PCI Compliance

· Enhanced Fraud Management System

It is a payment gateway that empowers your business with various payment options such as debit cards, credit cards, and eChecks to digital payments like Apple Pay, PayPal, and Visa Click to Pay. With such potentials in your e-commerce website, your business will significantly see an increase in customer retention. If we talk about security and fraud prevention, there is multi-layer security that includes –

· PCI-DSS Compliance

· Secure Customer Data Management

· Fraud Prevention

The robust payment solutions include

· Multiple Payment Types

· Recurring Payments

· Automated Payment Updates

Amazon Pay

If you wish to go beyond fast transaction and convenience, Amazon Pay got your back. Trusted Amazon’s technology backs its safe and secured checkout followed by innovation and risk management. It offers two different payment methods, i.e., login and pay for customers, and pay with Amazon for merchants. If we talk about domestic US transactions at minimal, it charges 2.9% + $0.30. It has the most uncomplicated integration process that allows your developers to do it effortlessly.


As you’re clear with the top five payment gateways for mobile application to choose from while developing an e-commerce platform, apart from that, it is essential to take a professional suggestion and developmental guide too.

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