Trends that will prevail in Android App Development for 2020

Android app development trends for 2020
Android App Development Trends for 2020

The story of Android is nothing less than inspiration that brings a revolution in the mobile app development industry. Undeniably, Android has come a long way of success. After the introduction in 2008, android applications have grown by bounds and confines. Currently, Android smartphones have covered over 85% of the market share with a CAGR of 2.4%, and its market will reach by 1.40 billion in 2022.

With each turning year, Android has come up with new ideas, trends, innovation, competent market shares, new tools and technologies. All the changes are meant for streamlining the development process, as well as for enhancing the user experience. Before you take a dive in discovering and relying on the surges of changes or hire android application developer to develop an app, it is essential to know the trends and its implementation on the Android network.

The modern trends of Android app development are the talk of the town among android app development companies, which with their significant presence are boosting the digital and android app development technologies. Meanwhile, the world is majorly getting changed by all these trends and techniques, and people are becoming more tech-savvy than ever before.

As the year changes, its time to acknowledge and identify the latest trends in the Android App Development to knock out the competitors in the marketplace. The below trends are going to make apps more user-friendly with no restrains and fences.

Android Jetpack

Android Jetpack is the latest set of the tools, components and assistance that make the best android apps which run fast and smooth. The Jetpack consists of the elements that support significant issues like the app management, backward compatibility and many more. It has the features of existing supporting libraries, structures and architectures that endure with such problems. The libraries are confided, which are not part of Android App Development platform.

It means that developers can change any component, at any time and on any speed upon the necessity. Google structures in Jetpack has four categories- User Interface, foundation, behaviour and architecture. With the advanced features of the Jetpack, a developer can add any new feature in the app only in a single day. Moreover, running an app becomes trouble-free in any Android version.

The top features of Android Jetpack in mobile application development are-

  • Navigation
  • Development of Custom Layouts
  • Architecture Components
  • Live Data Model & Data Objects


Kotlin is the latest Android App Development framework, a cross-platform statically typed programming language that runs on the Java Virtual Machine version. It is designed to keep full compatibility with Java and is supported by Android studio 3.0 and higher. Kotlin has the latest features of converting the existing Java codes, and the creation of Kotlin files is also very convenient. By using the fixed and void features of Kotlin, developers can easily create high-quality and functioning apps. The Kotlin codes use all the standard tools of Android Studio. The features which make Kotlin, the best Android application development framework.

  • Functionality
  • Performance
  • Fast Compilation Time.

Constant Increase of Android Instant Apps
Android Instant Apps have come up with the exclusive feature in which a user can try any new applications or games before installation. The app will give a quick review of the latest applications, which helps the user to get a better understanding of that particular app. Instant apps help in removing the mess of installing unnecessary apps on Android devices. It entirely skips the installation method. These Apps are convenient to use mobile websites that are directly functioned from the cloud.

Android Enterprise
iOS and Android are the two prominent devices that are mostly used in corporate enterprises for work. By observing the demand, Google had come up with Android Enterprise, a Google-led initiative that offers comprehensive control over the Android enterprise apps. It designs to enable the use of Android devices and applications in the workplace. It is a program that provides the API’s and other tools to developers to integrate help for Android into their EMM (enterprise mobility management) solutions. The data kept by the enterprise organization.

Build smarter apps with AI & Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence has already shown its capability in the domain of Android app development. As we already know, this technology is prevailing enough to bring incredible revolutions.
For example, a standard machine can do specific tasks repeatedly without any problem, but if we program that machine with AI & Machine learning than that machine will do any tasks which are out of its field.
The developers can easily store, maintain and route a massive amount of data by using Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning in the app development process and do tasks like text recognition, image labelling, face recognition, barcode scanning and others. There are tools offered for Android app development to create such components in your Android app.

  • TensorFlow Lite
  • Firebase MLKit
  • Google Cloud Vision API
  • Neural Network API

Growing Trend of Blockchain Technology
Blockchain technology is creating the backbone of an innovative type of internet which act as a buzz for many industries. It is anticipated to change in terms of safety, public & private blockchain architecture, and consortium architecture. According to the reports, the blockchain technology market will rise to $20 billion by the end of 2024. It becomes a slogan where if a company change its business model or name according to its hype, then the company will lead to high profits.

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