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With surprising facts, the world has witnessed over 3.5 billion smartphones and 188 billion mobile applications downloaded per year. Undoubtedly, it makes Mobile app development as one of the ground-breaking and dynamically growing sectors.

The mobile application market is undeniably conquered by Google applications including Gmail, Maps, Search apps, Social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Gaming apps like Angry Birds, and Temple Run. Even the prominent market players like Amazon and Google are using mobile apps for their brand promotion, for increasing the user engagement, and direct marketing etc. 

Small and Medium businesses are also following mobile trends to mark their presence in the marketplace. Eventually, an operative mobile strategy includes more than just a mobile-friendly website. Mobile application development is driven by developments in technology which needs businesses to have an idea for the next few years. 

Today, mobile applications have become a beneficial and profit-making way for companies to promote their products and services in the market, and SME’s are also looking for in-house development platforms to save their time and costs and build the best application they can. They can quickly create an attractive mobile app with useful guidance on a single click and from plenty of stunning templates. 

Here are the best mobile app platform and tools that every business must use in their mobile app development process-

Zoho Creator is an app development platform which lets a developer launch custom and mobile-friendly apps in minutes. Users can easily create their app or get a readymade one. It allows the users to develop around 50 mobile-ready business applications with easy drag and drop interface. With the Zoho’s complete ecosystem, users can easily manage all business tools at a single platform. The platform builder allows users to customise the User Interface for web, mobile and tablets.

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BuildFire is the most common choice of the businesses, individuals, organisations, developers and resellers in mobile app development platform. It is an Android and iOS app maker that is designed to build both commercial and custom applications. Any individual can create robust applications in a few minutes as there is no coding required. The platform has exclusive click and edit navigation feature, which needs to create a good app. There is a range of templates available for the small businesses in different areas such as retail, e-commerce and others.

Ionic is an open-source software development kit (SDK) for hybrid mobile app development. It is a platform for the developers to build amazing cross-platform mobile apps, web apps and desktop apps, all with one shared codebase. It is useful in creating fast and high-quality applications for native Android, iOS and the web. The platform offers a free HTML5 mobile app framework which includes an open-source mobile user interface toolkit. It provides various native app templates and JavaScript and CSS components to developers for creating attractive apps. 

Xojo is a cross-platform app development tool that is designed to build robust and native apps for Windows, macOS, iOS, Raspberry Pi and others. The platform entitles to be the fastest mode to create native iOS applications. The drag and drop tools of the platform allow the developers to rapidly and instinctively assemble a well-designed interface. Xojo has a rich framework that offers integrated graphics without a glitch, internet protocols and much more. 

Unity is the ultimate solution for game designers. It is a cross-platform game engine, released as a Mac OS X-exclusive game engine. Currently, the platform has been prolonged to aid more than 25 platforms. The platform has exclusive features like play mode that allows the developers to take a preview of their most recent work in action. For speeding up the process, the platform has a range of handy tools. Unity has the high-powered real-time rendering engine that helps the developer to build stunning graphics of cinematic quality. The platform is also used to make the AR & VR games, as commonly developers too do.

Buildbox is a software platform which works on the no-code concept; there is no requirement of coding or programming in the game development. It is a video game maker software which is very easy to use. The platform was established in August 2014 by Trey Smith, and the core users of this software are primarily businesspersons, designers and other gaming fans without prior knowledge of coding or game development. By using the Buildbox, games like Line Zen can develop in a single week. 

ShoutEm is an open-source mobile app development platform that is designed for native iOS and Android apps. It is based on React Native, and it is the most competitive development platform which helps to save the time and money by creating apps with their modular building blocks known as extensions. It allows users to build native and cross-platform mobile applications. It offers customisable pixel-perfect themes, layouts and visual styles to meet business requirements.

RhoMobile’s suite is an open-source framework which is based on Rhodes. It is designed to build the data-centric cross-platform native mobile enterprises and consumer applications. 

Developers can create apps using the web technologies, including CSS3, JavaScript, Ruby, and HTML5. The platform allows the users to create the native apps in Cloud. It also offers a feature of writing cross-platform code by using the usual web skills.

Adobe PhoneGap is a mobile app development framework which works on open web standards. It is an easy-to-use platform that lets users create cross-platform applications using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript languages. With the PhoneGap, the users can get app store readymade apps without taking any headache of maintaining native software development kits (SDK’s). The users can easily promote their apps with a broad audience, can review prototypes with their colleagues and can share it with their friends or family. They only require to send a link to them, and they will be able to download and install the application without any connectivity to a computer.

Appcelerator’s Titanium software development kit is an open-source framework by which developers can build the native applications for Android, iOS and Windows UWP with a single JavaScript codebase. It is a mobile platform that offers pre-integrated cloud services and a wide-ranging library of application extensions in its module marketplace. It also offers striking app usage insights, which helps in monitoring your app’s performance easy.

In a nutshell-

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