Top 7 Popular Google Doodle Games

Google Doodle Games

No matter how old we get, we always love to play games. There is nothing more exciting than waking up in the morning with a cup of coffee and turning on the laptop or computer and seeing a new Google Doodle. Yes, every day, Google comes up with new Doodles which brightens our morning, and along with that, it never misses a chance to surprise us with its interactive Google Doodle Games.

Do you know what Google Doodle Games is? If not, then don’t worry, next time when you do any online search then look Google logo carefully. Now it has not remained only a combination of yellow, blue, green and red colours. Instead of that, you will see a unique logo pop-up every day. Yes, these dynamic doodles celebrate everything that happened in the world from Earth’s birthday to the inaugural day of cricket world cup tournament.

Nowadays, when people are staying inside their homes to control the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), Google brings back these exciting games to motivate people up and give them something to use their time.

So, we have made a list of evergreen favourite Google Doodle games which makes your lockdown days cheerful. Therefore, get ready to turn your Monday Blues into an exciting one with these fun and addictive games.

Top 7 Most Popular Google Doodle Games to Play

Google Doodle Pacman


Who forgets the popular retro icon game play? This classic arcade game was the first-ever Doodle game of Google, formerly designed to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the iconic game. The set comprises a puzzle in which you need to guide the icon PAC-MAN to eat the fruits while dodging the annoying Ghost Gang. This game is exciting and playing by everyone.

Animated Beethoven


In the account of Ludwig van Beethoven’s 245th birthday, Google built this fascinating musical experience game for the preeminent musical generation. It is a vocal puzzle in which you have to re-arrange the music nodes according to the tune played in the background. This game emerged as a gem game for all music lovers.

Snake Google Doodle Game


Google brings back this arcade game in the age of the smart devices. In this game, you can choose different cities and guide the snake to eat human icons across the city. It is an evergreen game popular in every age group.

Galapagos Islands


If you want some unbelievable and intellectual fun, then this game is worth for you. More than just a game, you can experience stunning visuals in it. You need to spin the wheel to explore yourself under the waters of Galapagos Islands.

100 Years of Crosswords


Google built this game to give the honour to Arthur Wayne, the inventor of this crossword puzzle on his 100th anniversary. In this game, you need to read the clues mentioned on the right side of the table and then put your answers to fill the boxes. It is a mindful game that encourages people to sharpen their knowledge skills.

The Pony Express


After completion of 159 years, The Pony Express still fascinates the users with its exciting letter games. The goal behind this game is to deliver mail on time. This game is outstanding in every sense. In this game, a pony is present, which helps you to collect the letters. You need to dodge multiple barriers which come across your way. Your primary purpose in this game is to deliver the 100 letters timely.

Halloween 2018


Who else does not hear about the Halloween? An Ultimate eve of Western Christian Feast celebrates every year across the world. Google also come up with the same theme for its users. It is a first-ever multiplayer interactive doodle game which is powered by Google Cloud. The game is based on the ghost theme, which is playing between two teams of four members each. You need to join a ghost team and compete against the other side. Multiple spirit flames are roaming in the game which you need to collect before the moon night is over. The team which gained the highest spirit flames will get exclusive powers. You can play this game, anytime.

So, get ready to play Google Doodle Game

Yes, Google will keep coming with such thrilling games for its users. With the latest developments of Chrome, these games are getting more interactive and fascinating. You can also find the missed or other games in Google Doodle archive section. Though these games are not the same as the latent doodles, they are a way to get addictive.

Google has activated its most famous doodle games for your home enjoyment. Along with playing google games, you can also play on fantasy sports apps like MyTeam11, to reduce your boredom. Today there are many app development companies which emphasis more on game app development to support their users for staying at home- healthy and safe. So, start playing it with your friends and family and enjoy your lockdown days.