10 Must have Tools for Increasing your E-commerce Business in 2020

ecommerce tools 2020

The E-commerce industry has always been on the trending lists of the business world. New trends, new tactics, and ideas keep this sector changing and expanding faster than ever before. This industry always has vast opportunities for businesses to drive their growth and sales. In e-commerce business, sustainability and development are the two significant pillars that every company wants.

But it is not achievable without investing in advanced e-commerce tools. Yes, these tools help companies to scale up their e-commerce business to a great extent. But there are several tools available today, which creates great confusion about which one to choose.

To help out businesses from this doubt, we have curated a list of prominent E-commerce tools for 2020. If you are planning for an e-commerce website development, then this blog is perfect for you.

In this blog, we have mentioned the top advanced e-commerce tools in every category that helps you scale up your e-commerce business.

The e-commerce tools are mainly grouped into three categories on which every business depends-

  • Marketing
  • Business Management
  • Customer service

Best E-commerce tools 2020


Marketing always remains the soul of the business, no matter what kind of business you have; if you want to showcase your business to the world, you need to market it well. It is a segment that focuses on finding potential customers and figuring out how to convince them to turn into your regular customers. So, if you are looking to market your eCommerce business well, the following tools will help you-

Optimizely: Every business is looking for ways to improve their visitor’s experience and try to convert them into potential buyers. Here Optimizely will help you greatly; with this tool, you can build, deploy, and evaluate split testing (also known as A/B testing) on your e-commerce website. The tool allows you to split the entire pages, product placement on sales pages, copy, and colours. Several businesses have increased their conversions by over 40% in a month by using Optimizely.

Google AdWords- Google AdWords is known for increasing brand and product exposure; if you believe in product campaigning, then Google AdWords will be the best tool for you. With AdWords, you can create campaigns that help in driving potential traffic to your e-commerce business. This tool is preferable by many businesses worldwide. It allows you to target particular audiences based on their locations. You only require to put relevant keywords, and you will find a plethora of data. The best thing that makes this tool more demanding is that you only need to pay for actual results.

WordPress-If you are looking for new and potential customers to connect with, WordPress is the most suitable platform for your e-commerce business. Using this, you can create blog posts and other relevant content relating to your business services to describe your product to target audiences. It is one of the best retail business options as it is entirely free, versatile, and easy to use.

Customer.io-To increase mail conversations with the customer, Customer.io will be the best and relevant e-commerce tool. It creates email campaigns based on your user’s behaviour. With this tool, you can send vital emails to your customers; it can be product updates, discounts, offers, and other essential information.

Business Management

When a business grows continuously, it is hard to manage it, but it is essential. Therefore, the following tools will help you to manage your e-commerce business time, clients, investments, channels, and competitive analysis, so that you can focus more on developing your business.

Kin- Back office works always look tedious and time-taken, but you can get rid of these daunting tasks using Kin. With this tool, you can manage and control all your back office-related tasks. In fact, you do not require any HR for your e-commerce businesses Kin assists you in that too; it manages your employee data, onboarding activities, files, shifts on/off, and performance evaluation with its cloud-based system.

inDinero-After back office and HR activities, another crucial task in an e-commerce business is handling accounting. With inDinero, you can easily streamline your accounting activities; it provides you with a team of financial experts and accountants. The team is entirely responsible for managing your account books, handling your tax files, preparing and maintaining financial accounts, reviewing and categorizing important transactions.

Kit- Kit is considered one of the most prominent e-commerce business tools that fulfil marketing requirements. The tool is known for connecting businesses with a virtual workforce responsible for marketing your product over popular platforms, including Facebook and Instagram. The virtual employees create advertisements to keep your target audience in focus and post product updates on your social media handles. Not only this, but they are also responsible for handling your email marketing campaigns.

Customer service

Customer is the king of the market, and taking care of them is the most crucial task for every business. Several companies keep their eagle eyes on your customers to make them theirs. Therefore, you need to figure out the best ways to keep your customers happy and loyal to your e-commerce business. Following tools will help you to offer the best customer experience-

Zendesk Chat-To chat and build trust with your eCommerce website’s daily visitors, Zendesk Chat will be one of the best eCommerce tools for you. The platform offers a customized chat badge that you can install on your site and set proactive chats. Whenever a visitor visits your site, this tool pops up a message box and asks questions.

Qualaroo- For enhancing a customer’s buying experience and knowing more about their preferences and taste, you can use Qualaroo. The tool comes with a quick survey that runs on your e-commerce website; whenever a user visits your site, it asks specific questions based on their choices and previous purchases (if any). The surveys ultimately help you in evaluating your user’s demand and increase your conversions.

Smail.io-Smile.io is another excellent tool that helps in boosting customer loyalty and driving potential sales. The platform provides outstanding loyalty programs for the existing customers that motivate them to visit your site repeatedly. With Smile.io, you can even give loyalty points to your customers. Whenever they made any purchase or referred your site to others, they rewarded loyalty points. The following prominent market giants Shopify, BigCommerce, currently use Smile.io for their e-commerce business.

Wrapping up

So here are the best-advanced e-commerce tools that you can use to strengthen up your e-commerce business. Are there any other e-commerce tools you are currently using your business and not in the above lists? If there is, then do comment and let us know which E-commerce tools we missed.

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