7 Tips Companies Should Consider to Hire the UI UX Designer in 2021

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2021 is up, many start-ups and companies plan to launch their new websites and mobile applications at the beginning of the new year. But to define their website and app into a meaningful experience and a functional one, they require outstanding UI/UX designs. Yes, an application and site designs play a vital role as users are quick to judge the product by its appearance.

So, are you also looking to hire a UI UX designer? Do you know what UI and UX are in real? Have you gone through this field in detail? Remember, a UI designer can make your app striking and result-driven. Hence, it is necessary to hire a good one.

While planning for an application or website, many companies have queries on hiring a UX/UI designer? Today, the market is overcrowded with designers, but getting the right one is a significant concern. Well, it is not rocket science; you can hire UX designers easily. 

This blog has mentioned some useful tips that help you select the right UI/UX designers for your project.

Before the hiring tips, do you know what UI and UX are?

This section will give you a preview of the concept that helps in understanding the profile more.

UX Designers

UX designers are mainly known for shaping the user experience. How does a user feel about a digital product, service, or physical product? A UX designer is responsible for it. To simplify it, whenever you open an application or a website, it directs you to multiple pages and sections, easily navigates, and helps you find the right thing you are looking for. It is called a good user-experience that lets you access the page hassle-free.

Similarly, some websites and applications take ages to load; their layouts are confusing, which frustrates the users at one point and pushes them to leave the site or application. It counts as a bad user experience. The good and the bad experience are not from the user’s end; it is from the design parts. Here UX designers come into the picture. They are responsible for – How easy an app or site is to use? Are the users able to complete their coveted tasks without too much effort?

On the other end-

UI Designers

If we talk about the UI designers, they are closely working with the UX ones. The UI design focuses on the user’s visual experience. Their primary responsibility is to confirm the overall vision created by UX designers. Consider it a shopping website or a traveling application; we see visual elements like buttons and icons that help access the product or service. To make that interaction smooth with the finished product, UI requires.

For now, we’ll hope that you get a precise idea about what it is.

Moving on, let’s Explore the Tips for which we are here

Research and Discovery

It is the first initial step that needs to be considered. Before hiring a UX/UI designer, make sure you list all the essential deliverable, including user experience research, brand positioning, product discovery, user behavior analysis, and others. It gives a crystal clear idea about the elements you required in your project, and accordingly, you can approach a designer.

Interview the designers

After having significant research, interview the designers based upon your requirements. Ask them questions related to their field or give them a project to see their creativity. Remember, a good designer needs to be a critical thinker and innovator at the same time. Below we have mentioned some questions that you can often ask the people you interview-

  • What are the core areas of your UI/UX design expertise?
  • What is the essential data you need before you start designing?
  • What do you think of Sketch files and portfolios, and why it has gained popularity among the Designers community?
  • How would you redesign a well-known user interface?
  • How much time would you take to design a homepage of a website?
  • How do you determine the timeline of your design process?
  • Can you define an app with the best and an app with the worst ever based on their user interface?
  • What tools have you used in your previous work, and how you rank them?

Sketch Files

While Interviewing a candidate, if you get a chance to view their Sketch Files, it would be the best thing for your project. Sketch Files can give a brief description of their work; you will get an idea about their managing skills, like how they organize their levels and folders. You can also go through their elements naming methods (names given to level and folders). Text styles and symbols apply to the icon, file, element, and others. Spacing between the layout elements is also an essential part to check; with Sketch Files, you can check them all.

Check out their Portfolio

The portfolio of a designer speaks more about them than their words. If it has beautiful layouts, functional mockups, and typography, then what is the best thing than that. Checking out portfolios provides a precise idea about their designer’s previous work. Below are a few questions that you can ask while thorough their work-

  • What precisely is this project about, and what have you done?
  • Is it a real project (live link) or a prototype?
  • How many days did you take to complete this project?
  • Talk about the current project (if available), and ask them for a few KPI’s?

Critical Thinker and Creative Mindset

The other best thing to look out for in a designer is their creativity and problem-solving skills. Creativity is the key to every innovation; a UI/UX designer needs to be an out-of-the-box creator. At the same time, critical thinking helps in resolving design problems and user experience. A designer’s thinking tactics also play the role of product manager sometimes.

Tools and Workflows

It is critical to discover what kind of tools the candidate used in their previous works. This step helps in getting the idea about their knowledge of tools and the latest trends. Before hiring a UX/UI designer, make sure he/she has the perfect skills to use the most advanced design tools and workflows.


A UI/UX designer works upon several projects with multiple clients. For this, they require strong collaborative skills. They need to work with people no matter if it is a developer, a marketing person, or a business analyst; they need to work well with them. Hence, make sure the designer you hire for your project must have this quality with a great score.

Final Words

These are a few essential tips one must go through before hiring a UX/UI designer. However, your questions can change depending upon your project requirements, but make sure you cover all the basic ones. It not only gives you a great UI or UX designer but a great website and application as well. For more assistance, you can reach out to us. We are here to help you with our expert team of designers. Hire UI/UX designers from SVAP InfoTech and get the best web and mobile app development solutions.

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