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Online education is one of the fastest-growing sectors in today’s world. The pandemic has taught policymakers, teachers, parents, and students that the masses can access quality education only through online mediums of teaching. These platforms not only make education accessible but also induces a fun spirit in it. Learners feel more comfortable studying online as they can save time spent on traveling, and the environment at home provides them with better concentration and improved clarity of thought.

Several new education apps are coming into the market every day, but not all are fit to teach. So, do you want to know what it takes for quality education app development? Do you want to know the key factors behind a successful online education app? If Yes, then this blog might be the perfect spot for you!

Let’s see the 8 things that should be kept in mind while developing an online education app-

  • Attractive UI/UX
  • Focus on quality content
  • Downloadable videos
  • Paid and free features
  • Multi-language support
  • Engagement through social networking platforms
  • Notifications
  • Tests

Now, let’s focus on these features and review them in brief- Like a human body is made of flesh and bones, a mobile application comprises its features. These features are critical to its success and failures. Most developers fail to recognize inherent features in the beginning and only improve with time. To help you skip that step, we have compiled a list of essential features for eLearning App Development. Read on to know what should you add to the development list and why-

1. Attractive UI/UX in eLearning App Development

User Interface is one of the key areas where brands should focus more when developing education apps. Simplistic UI will improve the user experience and allow the user to spend quality time on your application. A clutter-free UI also helps a brand’s content and marketing teams to display their objectives more clearly on the platform without any clutter. All the course-related material and information should be clearly visible to the user, and it should not feel like a roaring task to find any information on the app.

2. Focus on Quality Content

Education is only about content, and hence while doing education app development, you should focus more on getting quality content onboard. It can be in text, images, or videos to educate your users about the application, its uses, FAQs, and more. Quality content also includes providing the user with a clear flow towards your content charts and ensuring that all you desire to deliver is easily accessible. Remember, a resourceful educations app is considered among the best.

3. Downloadable Videos

Learners might not always have access to the internet, and hence you must include offline videos or downloadable videos feature in your education app. It can quickly help you increase session time and engagement rates for your platform. This also promotes a sense of security in the mind of your users as they can view offline content anytime they want without any restrictions related to the network.

4. Paid and Free Features in Education Apps

The majority of education apps work on the freemium model. It allows potential customers to experience certain features of the service without buying the subscription. As they complete a certain period, the premium or paid benefits kick in. Several brands like Skillshare, Byju, and more have reported great success with this model. However, developers should keep in mind their target audience and country while developing such strategies. What worked in one country and segment might fail in other.

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5. Multi-Language Support

Roughly 6,500 languages are spoken in the world today. While most people in developed countries are acquainted with common languages such as English, Spanish, Hindi, and Mandarin, people in developing countries and remote areas might find these languages challenging to understand. To create a conscious and growing relationship with the user, you can include multi-language support in education app development. The app should support languages that are commonly spoken in the target area among the target audience.

6. Engagement Through Social Networking Platforms

Social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and Twitter have become an essential part of today's world. People not only rely on these apps for entertainment but also for education, information, and other content. An ideal education app should include a social media login feature to sign up and log in easily. You can also integrate your marketing with social media to get better engagement.

7. Notifications For Education Apps

Notifications are a crucial part of any mobile application. Whether it is a successful app or a growing platform, good notifications can increase or decrease your engagement rate and affect your install rate in the long run. During education app development, you should keep in mind that the sound and vibration of the notification should not seem too much for the user at any point. As most users of your application will be learners, disturbing nuances could force them to uninstall your application. Further, notifications can be made attractive by enabling image features in them.

8. Tests

Many people ask education brands about how their app is different from Youtube and other open content platforms. Most brands cannot answer this question as confidently as they should because they never thought someone could compare their app to Youtube. Here you can gain an advantage by including significant features that could turn into the USP of your product. A Test is one of those critical features that can be counted in. It allows a user to assess their performance and provides you with a competitive advantage.

Wrapping up

Mobile app development has become quite an easy task for many. While we encourage you to develop an application, we would like to suggest that you go with an experienced company that can provide you with valuable advice for eLearning App Development. Their experience will not only empower you technically, but will also provide you with valuable insight into the business model.

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