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Android App Development

An era before, Android introduced in the world of the app market. From the previous years, the number of smartphone users quickly improved, and the calculation is still on. India holds the second position in the number of dynamic smartphone users globally. Out of nine billion smartphones around the globe, 800 million is being used in India. According to the 80% of India’s present population, around 7 million users enter in this group each month.

The mobile app development company’s emphasis on the future of android app development. Nowadays, people are demanding better applications for smartphones and want to update present ones, which in turn developed a massive opportunity for Android application development in India. Undeniably, the future of mobile development is thriving.

Today, Android has become very prevalent as it is an open-source framework, Linux-based operating system, primarily invented by Google for mobile phones and tabs. Undoubtedly, Android is captivating the world’s tech market. The Android operating system is owning 85% of the total market share for the mobile operating system.

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The companies who are looking forward to capitalizing in the mobile application should think over again. It is created in a way that the developers and device creators can change the software designs according to their requirements. Let’s discuss the detailed future of android 2020-

It brings new prospects 

Many mobile app development companies in India see Android app development as one of the best business breaks; for this, they are looking to hire proficient mobile app developers. It will create vast opportunities for mobile application development in the upcoming years. Android Programming language is simple to acquire, and the cost of app development is reasonable, which makes Android an extraordinary application for use. Developers can easily create apps in diverse ways as per their requirement and demand.

It brings Multiple Job Openings

India is considered as one of the biggest IT hubs by several known companies globally. The reason is that software development services are highly reasonable. It will help in enhancing the outsourcing work in India as well. Before Android, the marketplace of mobile app development business was conquered by iOS.

Open Source Framework

Android platform is an open-source that means the Android SDK can be purchased without any license cost and token. The developers remain updated through the Android Developer groups about the future versions which they can use in their App Development. It makes Android a profitable opportunity for ventures that results in the fast growth of the applications.

Customize user interface

A user interface can either create or breakdown your app. Android-based apps are incredibly customizable and trouble-free to operate. Google creates a highly customised user interface that assists the developers in developing custom android apps for businesses. With the help of the open-source feature, developers can convert their imaginative ideas into reality and develop amazing and collaborative apps.

Easy to acquire

Android apps are designed on Java programming language that possesses a rich set of libraries. The developers who know Java language can easily create android apps without any hindrance. Java experts find themselves comfortable in writing codes for Android in comparison with other programming languages.

Open market for dispensing apps

As an open-source platform, Android provides an opportunity to allocate the apps to the users in any way, developers can use any distribution methods that fulfil the business requirements. Google play store is the premium and critical market for selling and distributing Android apps efficiently, users can find a massive number of android apps on Google.

Small Investment & High returns

Android has relatively fewer hurdles to the entrance. The Software Development Kit is accessible free for developers which considerably decreases the cost of development. The cost of app development is majorly divided into three different parts: development, testing, and deployment. Developers need to give a one-time registering fee for app distribution.

Afterwards, they can use any device to create and test the product on their smartphones, guaranteeing small investment and improved engagement between the users. Eventually, users will get a collaborative app, and the businesses get higher profits.

Reasons why Android app development is prevalent

The development cost of both general and custom android app development is reasonable, and their profits are high, it will result in increasing the demand of the android apps.

It provides many tools for developing the apps which are very convenient in use, and developers can take benefits of the hardware competences accessible on every device.

Developers and business owners can easily monitor the pricing involved in the android app development, in-app purchases or subscriptions, that leads to high engagement and profits.

The software development kit (SDK) comprises code for established apps, which makes the development process more convenient for Android developers.

Android Apps:

  • Uphold the latest version from 5.0 to 10.0.
  • Already has been downloaded in more than 600 million devices
  • Aids users to view Android app content.
  • Accessible on the latest Android devices in more than 50 countries.

The Instant Android Apps:

  • Vimeo: The average session duration improved by 140%.
  • JET: Customer conversion rate enlarged by 29%.
  • One Football: Rises engagement rate by 60%.


The Android market is thriving, and many businesses are coming up with the latest version of Android devices and smart-phones, which is also creating the Android app development so prevalent. Thus, there are several factors which certify the acceptance of the Android App development that we discussed above.

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