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Weather forecasting technology has always been the constant focus of innovation. The better prediction of weather leads to better decision making in daily life. It not only helps or saves people, it helps authorities preserve bio-diversity in different regions.

The weather app development service providers have come up with many weather apps featuring advanced functionality in predicting weather conditions.

And this is why, we’ll learn how to make a weather app with enhanced weather forecasting accuracy.

But before that, let’s understand why it is worth investing in weather apps.

How is a weather app fruitful for your business?

There may be a definitive number of applications of weather apps. But the scope is far larger than it seems, from getting weather prediction for daily tasks to global scale weather prediction. All the small and large businesses, private research centers, and government corporations are always look-out for new apps featuring improved weather forecasting technology.

Let’s get a look at all the major industries where weather apps are used.

Online Media Publisher: The news channels, radio stations, and news paper use weather apps for their special weather reports for viewers.

Travel Agency: Weather apps are an important feature for travel agencies to provide better holiday experience for their consumers.

Local Authority: Each region has their own local network for forecasting weather reports daily, weakly, and monthly.

After reading above points, it is easy contemplate the worth of investing in weather apps. And now you must be thinking about venturing with weather forecasting apps in your business.

So, to help you get a sound knowledge of how to create a weather app, we have come up with a guide that will help you get a brief idea of how to make a weather app.

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Step-by-step guide on How to Build a Weather App:

When it comes to building a weather app, the thought of how to create a weather app pops-up in our head. There are many advanced and improved features and technologies that requires precise implementation.

And to assist you with building a weather app, we have come-up with a step-by-step guide. So, you can get all the required knowledge for developing a weather app.

Step 1: Choose a Platform  

The first step is to choose a operational platform for your weather app depending upon your marketing and promotional strategy. You can create your app for android, iOS, or for both.

Step 2: Collect Weather Data APIs

The weather APIs assist you getting access to various sources of weather data centers. They also help in building operations predictions system to provide acute weather condition forecasting using the weather data.

Some of the best Weather Data APIs to rely on precise data handling:

  • OpenWeatherMap API
  • AccuWeather API
  • Weather Underground API
  • DarkSky API

Step 3: Essential features needed for building a weather app

The performance, functionality, and ease of access for users narrows down to the essential and advanced features, you equip in your website. So, let’s get a quick look at all the needed features.

Here is the list of essential features required to build a weather app:

24/7 Weather Prediction: It appears on the home page of smartphone. After installing the weather app, it allows you to choose a screen layout and design to place on the home page. It tells you all the current weather predication about your region and other regions too.

Push Notifications: This feature allows the app to send you a quick look on the changing weather pattern, the temperature, and status of other weather reports from time to time.

Extra Functionality: You can also add other functionalities for weather apps accordingly to different users. It can provide detailed reports of weather pattern with info-graphics, charts, and graphs.

Step 4: Tech Stack needed to for weather apps

The performance and speed of the weather app is defined by the technology implemented in the app.

So let’s get a quick look on tech stack components used in the website:

1. Applications and Data: JQuery, MySQL

2. DevOps: GitHub.

Step 5: Cost to build a weather app

The weather app development cost depends on many factors such as time, complexity of the weather app, and a weather app development company.

If you develop weather apps from scratch with the help of a weather app development company. The cost will be expensive for you. And make the development cheaper, you can utilize the open source platforms.

The cost weather app is also effected by the number of advanced features, you equip in your weather apps.

Looking for someone to build you a weather app?

AS we have understood that the process of weather app development is not so challenging. But still requires precise handling and management of all the APIs and enhanced features.

And if want someone to build you a weather app just like as stated above, you can get in touch with us. We are a industry leading weather app development company. And we’ll be happy to assist you.

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