Step By Step Guide to Develop a Reminder App?

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In our day-to-day life, we task our minds with hundreds of reminders. Well, we humans have no app installed in our brain that wakes us up and informs us about the task we need to do or retain at that particular time. But as most of us live in the big cities and hectic schedules made us forget many essential tasks.

That is why considering this as an issue; many entrepreneurs took the initiative in digital transformation sea to develop reminder apps. Well, this might not entice your attention, but what if we say that you can earn 10x more profit by simply deploying a subscription-based reminder app. We guess this will spark the zeal to read the blog till the last.

There are many reminder apps you can find on playstore and Apple Store these days. But what can make your app stand out are the features that you will fuse into the app. Your features are the only stepping stone to make you rich with just a walk on the streets paved with gold. Here we have the steps to guide you on developing a reminder app for your startup.

Steps for Developing a Reminder App

Developing an app that wakes us up reminds us to submit our tasks or shopping edibles from Walmart. It can make you earn 10x more profit on the other side of the coin than your office hour job. Let’s have a deep dive into and find some nuggets of an encouraging light and understand the steps for developing a reminder app.

Market Research

Understanding the market and the people’s expectations are the tasks of utmost priority. Before finalizing every other step, you must know what your competitors are offering to the customer. How should it go? Check on your competitors to find what attracts people to their app and make a list of those features. Compare the list with your feature list and try to go out of the box and think of something peculiar you can fuse in before developing a reminder app. This intake of you will increase the chances of winning masses attraction by 20-30 percent.

Platform for Deployment

To find the best platform for your app, use your market research to determine most of the targeted audience’s stays. Be specific while choosing the region. However, according to your selection, you will stack the next steps that are coming forth. Find which device is widely used by the people in that region. Is it Android, iOS, or Windows? Once you find the widely used platform, try researching the nearby areas to support your app to leverage the most out of it.


Now you have two pillars of your app standing firmly. It’s time to convert your efforts into ease of accessibility that can attract more audience, and your app can have higher retention. You can have features such as creating folders, share lists, comments, one-click print, due dates, notes, emails, add to the app, tags, and compatibility with all devices. You can also add extra features with modern requirements.

Create Connections

As everything is now social, people are more fond of making connections with people matching their interests. That is why having a profile with a button to send a connection request and track your family and friend’s day-to-day activities can make your feeling stressed out. With a mention, anyone from your connection can notify you about the task to complete to which you have assign permission to give you a task.

Connect with Third-party Apps

Modern customers want their devices to exchange information with additional devices and apps too. By understanding their needs, some technologies have made access to this functionality much more accessible. Whether it’s cross-platform, integration with third-party apps, or syncing to the mails today, users want it all. You can also automate the app and connect to other in-built apps such as note application, your calendar, and your travel apps. It will even attract more audience to you as you solve half of the problem they have managing kinds of stuff.

10x More Profit

The most awaited point for you is here. Every business runs on profit. The higher the gain, the more the business expansion. You can fuse in multiple earning sources while having to develop a reminder app. The methods you can quickly implement to monetize your apps are Advertisements and In-app purchases.

How much does it cost to develop a reminder app?

The cost for developing a reminder app depends on multiple aspects, such as tech stack, features, UI/UX, Integration, and Native or Hybrid development, and Platform for deployment Android, iOS, or Windows.


To create a reminder app is the need of an hour. People are willing to run along with the modern-day updates and apace their life with more side hustle. SVAP Infotech understands your business idea, and we ensure you to have your imagination be the reality soon. We have designed and deployed various reminder and to-do apps and aced up our sleeves to deploy the industry-leading reminder app on which people feel more at home. If you are also for a reminder app development, you can connect with us through email at

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