Step-by-Step Guide to Create a Calendar App

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Time management becomes critical when you have a lot more tasks to complete. The conscious calculation makes it seem much more manageable, and the time distribution becomes much more accessible. But in reality, the coin flips can reflect the imbalances we perhaps encounter in work and leisure. In such a scenario, the calendar app can indeed be the best choice for you.

But as an entrepreneur, you find a problem that needs to be solved and can bring ease in providing work and leisure balance. If you have such an idea, then you must go for calendar app development. Thereby, the result of a calendar app building from scratch may not suffice your efficacy. For having the app of your choice, you need this step-by-step guide to own a fully compatible plus user-friendly calendar app to manage your tasks.

Let’s look at the guide on how these steps will help you create a successful calendar app. In this guide, we’ll be discussing the must-have features, tech stack, and tools required to achieve the calendar app development aim with the highest efficacy possible.

Usage of Calendar App in Various Industry

Since the CoVid-19 pandemic has affected almost every industry, the tourism industry is still under hindrance in 2021. Countable countries have enforced strict laws for international travelers to keep their people safe. Let’s look at the sectors where the calendar app is mainly required.

Hospitality and Tourism

Since 2019, hospitality and tourism have had contributed to the development of the country. Tourism backs many countries, so it becomes essential for their information provider platforms or hotel and restaurants and travelers to have an in-app availability of calendar app. The apps show the availability of condos you are looking for and city tour available bookings.


The calendar app plays a vital role in the education industry. It allows students and lecturers to track their online classes. With some advanced features fused, you can submit your project files, homework, and other resources asked in the pdf format.


Booking an appointment for your weekly or monthly check-up is now part of everyday life. Many private clinics give their patients ease of choice for booking as per their availability. Earlier, people need to dial the reception to know the availability of the concerned doctor. But now, it’s made easy by the calendar app development.

Social Media

Many content creators admire preparing pre-schedule of their content strategy. It allows them to go over the horizons and get more impressions on their posts. The calendar app will enable them to plan their monthly strategy to suffice many of their goals at once.

Above you read are the industry where calendar app development seems to become a necessity. To make your calendar app one of the choices in the sectors mentioned above, all you need is the right deployment strategy to leave the impression on the target audience you choose. Before you get into this, don’t you want to know how to make a calendar app and what tech stack is required.

Let’s look at the tech stack that can make your dream of being an entrepreneur come true.

Tech Stack for Developing a Calendar App

Are you wondering how to make a calendar app and achieve success? Well, everything is dependent on the tech stack you choose. The tech stack empowers the user to have a feel at home. While using the app, its seamless integration and user-friendly environment keep the user in action for a longer time.

It’s time to take notes of the tech stack for the development of a calendar app.

API for Your Calendar App

  • Google Calendar API: Most people still choose Google to manage their events and tasks. With the consistency of using Google Calendar, they provide Documentation consisting of Guides, References, Samples, and Support. With Google Calendar API, it is possible to integrate the API with both mobile and web apps.
  • Apple EventKit: When it comes to API, we cannot end up discussing just Google. Apple’s EventKit gives a variety of tools for your Calendar app development. Apple also provides Apple EventKitUI with different interfaces to add to your application.

In addition, there are many other calendar app APIs you can consider if you don’t want to use Apple’s or Google’s API. The list for calendar app development API is:

  • Calendarific API
  • FX Calendar API
  • SuperSaaS API
  • Nylas Cloud Calendar API

Creating a Library

You can get many more libraries online, but the most credible source to contact a library is GitHub.

Library for iOS-based Calendar App:

  • JTAppleCalendar
  • FSCalendar
  • CalendarKit
  • MBCalendarKit
  • CalendarLib
  • Calendar

Library for Android-based Calendar App

  • Cosmo Calendar
  • Event Calendar
  • SlyCalendarView
  • AgendaCalenderView
  • CustomizableCalendar

Library for Web-based Calendar App

  • Kendo UI
  • Calendarize
  • iCalendar
  • jQuery UI
  • Webix

Expanding the tech stack for knowing what technologies to use for calendar app development are:

For having Calendar app development, it is said that technology plays a vital role. But when an application comes into the development phase, it becomes more challenging to decide what programming language to use to get higher efficacy.

Here we have finalized the programming language that you can effectively use to develop a calendar app. For iOS-based calendar app development, use Swift or Objective-C, and use Kotlin or Java for Android. While developing the app, you will need a database management system. For the database, you can use MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and others. We believe and suggest you use MySQL for your database management.

Designing for Calendar App

When it comes to designing, there are two essential aspects that you should never forget, i.e., the UI and UX of your calendar app. To design a rich user experience, the designer needs the tools as follows:

  • Sketch
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Sympli

These tools can help you design the best outlet that can make the user feel at home.

Once the entire application is developed, the calendar app is sent for the final testing, where the Quality Assurance Engineers test the app. The engineers can use the following tools:

  • Firebase
  • Crashlytics
  • TestFlight
  • Postman

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