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In parks, cafes, or shopping centers, the days of finding someone unique is gone. Thanks to the Internet that links people when they are driven away from each other by the lack of time, dynamic speed of life, or by this Pandemic.

Today, various websites and applications are responsible for matching individuals based on similarity, familiarity, and common sympathy. With their precise and imaginative algorithms, dating apps boast. We think it’s time to learn the game.

Dating app development can be lucrative for you and a successful option for individuals who want to find a soulmate. In this blog post, we’ve come with an insightful dating app development guide that helps you to build a robust application.

Why should you go for Dating App development: Market Overview

To pursue the debate over whether or not to build a dating app. Take a look over the recent market stats of dating apps.

  • More than 40 million people use dating apps globally.
  • The revenue of dating apps is predicted to be over 2 billion dollars.
  • With a little more than 50 million users worldwide, Tinder is regarded as the world’s top dating application. In the meantime, study reports suggest that 60% of active members of Tinder are from the U.S.
  • Over 1.6 billion swipes and 20 Billion matches occur each day on Tinder. Massive, isn’t it?

The market, therefore, represents a significant opportunity for a prudent entrepreneur to create a dating app. To get top tips on building a dating app with the opportunities to make money, continue reading this dating app development guide.

Benefits offered by dating applications include:

  • It is an effective platform for working individuals.
  • A healthy alternative for introverts.
  • It avoids unnecessary ties.
  • Entry to the service indefinitely and easily.
  • Potential to find a nearby soulmate multiplicity.

A Kaspersky Lab study found that the critical purposes of using a dating app are only for fun, making friends, and spending time with such an interesting character.

Moving on, without taking much of your time, let’s quickly discuss,

Significant steps to Develop a Dating App

Creating a dating app like Tinder from scratch consists of several stages; each step should be handled equally. We have mentioned below the steps to be taken to develop a custom and viable dating application. So have a look:

steps to develop a dating app

#1. Contextualize the target group

It is crucial to consider what the target audience needs to launch an excellent matching app. You may create a specific application that satisfies the criteria of different demographic groups. However, the layout, range of functionality, and app’s title should be customized based on the target group.

#2. Determine the project specification

It is essential to define the app’s business operations and overall layout once you have performed market research and understand your intended audience. The specification is a document where you give a comprehensive overview of how you want the app to work – its functionality of the MVP, localization process, monetization strategy, and just about any other issues you would like to cover. Developers build the app based on the specification, and developers make the look of the place.

#3. Decide the features and functionality

We all know features play a vital role in an app’s success. Below we’ve mentioned basic and advanced features you must consider in your dating app.

                                                                                                       Must-have Features
Basic Features

●       Login.

●       Matching Algorithm.

●       Find matches.

●       Profile management.

●       Private chat.

●       Suggestions.

●       Gifting option.

●       Message editing.

●       Boost and charms.

●       Link another profile.

Advance Features

●       Geolocation.

●       Swipe Surge.

●       Push notification.

●       User Blocking.

●       Feed.

●       Stories.

●       Missed connections.

●       View connections.

●       Delete account.

●       Contact support service.

#4 Choose the right tech stack

Building a dating app coincides with its obligations, such as learning the software stack. Our experts create the dating app with the following methods and technologies, but it will, of course, differ based on the requirement.

  1. Languages – Java, kotlin, Swift.
  2. Database – PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis.
  3. Cloud Storage – Amazon S3.
  4. Frameworks – Node JS, Express JS, Next JS, React Router.
  5. Payment Gateway – Stripe, Paypal.

#5 Design UX/UI

Your online dating app platform’s design plays a key role and significantly affects a user’s decision to continue or look for the next app. Holding it straightforward and simple is the main rule of a successful design. Without any misunderstanding, users expect an intuitive UX interface. The buttons should be comfortable and precise, and the overarching theme should fit the colors.

#6 Development stage

This is the process’s most time-consuming aspect and involves designing each element of the future dating app. The app, protection, geolocation, push notifications, settings, and other features we mentioned above should be worked on by developers.

#7 Test the app

This is carried out by the QA team and helps to spot the product’s defects and blemishes. The testing phase can indeed be performed in several ways: by the team’s experts, by releasing the MVP version mostly on the app market, or by submitting it to test platforms where people could try and give feedback on the product.

#8 Market your app

Marketers must look at growing the number of users and their loyalty when developers and designers focus on technology. A marketing campaign includes the creation of a strategy to engage and retain more users. You can, however, select the most effective form of monetization.

What’s Next! How to make money with Dating App?

There is no law stating that when helping people find love, you can’t make a profit. But how much money dating apps make? And what are you going to do with your dating app? You will make lots of money with your application with the right app monetization policy. The revenue models are:

  • In-app purchase– Basic and comfortable, this is a convenient way of making money for your app. Offer in-app transactions to individuals, such as keys and coins, to gain access to extra features or to glance at more options.
  • In-app ads– A very well monetization technique for your concept is in-app advertising. You may generate revenue with related advertising.
  • Early premium access – You could effectively monetize the application by offering people premium service access to the premium features. Be sure to give all forms of users various levels of subscription plans.
  • Unique advertising – In addition to the monetization strategies listed above, you could also collaborate with local cafes and restaurants, gift shops to generate income. Not only can these businesses advertise themselves on your website, but they can also be marketed through your application as dating places and great gift buying stores.

After this detailed insight, it’s time to get the dating app development cost.

The development cost of building a dating app like Tinder

If you have decided to build a Tinder clone app, you are on the profitable side. Tinder has already gained immense popularity worldwide; its popularity ultimately helps your application gain a market position.

The development cost of a dating application depends upon the project requirements and tech stacks used to create it. The starting price to create a dating app like Tinder ranges $15000. This price varies according to the features, complexities, platforms, designs, and the clone app development company you hire for your dream app.


As per Pew Research, 40 million Americans regularly use online dating sites/apps, which indicates that there will continue to be a growing interest in dating apps, and there is enough space for new apps. But it takes a lot of time to create a dating application from scratch, from doing market research to recruiting experienced developers and marketers. What you need is a panel of professionals if you’ve had a fantastic idea and the finances to make things happen.

And if you’ve already been dreaming and planning on how to build a dating app, what else are you searching for? We hope this dating app development guide helps you with your queries.

If you are looking for an app development partner, let us know your idea, and we will help you create a masterpiece of a dating app!

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