Prospects of Basketball in Fantasy Sports App Industry

Fantasy Basketball

Are you good at anticipating games? Fantasy sports apps emerge as a unique solution which companies are looking for to increase their business branding!

So, the Basketball season is going to start, and all the basketball sports fanatics are ready to gear up for their most favourite game. All of us know about the fascination relished by fantasy sports apps, and the best part is- these apps are not just limited to football and cricket, there is a Fantasy Basketball app craze as well.

In fact, for basketball lovers, these fantasy sports apps are one of the most fun approaches to get in the feat. It brings lots of excitement, cut-throat streak, and low energy among sports enthusiasts.

These apps bring massive business prospects unseen. It is the reason that many businesses have already invested in fantasy sports app development business and making a name for themselves through this means.

So, what a business owner needs to make an entrance in this industry and how to proceed? Well, there are several factors that we will include in this blog to give you a detailed summary and process of making such apps.

The market of Fantasy Sports App for Basketball

Fantasy sports put a remarkable impact on the gaming world. According to the reports, the USA with the revenue market of more than 59% is the largest production hub of the fantasy sports, Europe holds the second position for fantasy sports in the world with market revenue of 14%.

Experts stated that with the increasing craze of fantasy sports, in the next five years the market will reach by 14% CAGR in terms of profits, the market size will reach $27 million by 2024 from $14million in 2019.

Forbes has described that the profits of the NBA raised by a gigantic 25% and had made an astonishing 7.4 billion dollars for the teams in 2018. Basketball is the second most prevalent game in the USA after football.

National basketball association is one of the leading sports associations that encourages sports in the USA and is presently endorsing basketball in India. It has also led to the evolution of basketball fanbase in China.

The entry fees can make the profits from these apps for the preferred Leagues, in-app purchases and even promotion and marketing official products of the basketball teams.

The enthusiasm for this sport is the cause behind the growing popularity and number of Fantasy Basketball software solution providers, who work to create & deliver the high-end Fantasy basketball platforms for businesses to prosper flawlessly.

If you are eager on developing a Fantasy Basketball platform for your app, you are required to do to find the right Fantasy Basketball app development company that is driven with productively created techs which can meet with the latest industry trends. Through this, the businesses can surely make their presence unique, to stand out from the competitors and fascinate a lot of interest from the basketball fanatics.

How does the fantasy sports app work?

Well, the Fantasy Basketball apps work as the traditional Basketball game, but here it comes with a twist in the manner the players are scored for their game. The Fantasy Basketball apps consist of this particular section, which is the scoring technique of the game.

It makes the mobile app a lot more fun and fascinating for the players. Meanwhile, the app, more or less involved rewarding players beyond the number of goals, and it allows the players to score higher points by merely playing a better goal.

Here the players have bestowed a different set of points for the activities, like fairway goals, good putting, the number of players played, and they are penalized for the poor putting, lost balls, and bunker hits.

Here, generally, the information of each player is what is decisive, as the app offers a variety of detailed information once each game is completed. It further helps the player to make the efforts in the right direction so to play a better match.

Process flow of fantasy application for Users-

  1. Dashboard
  2. Select sport
  3. Select match
  4. Create a team
  5. Select players
  6. Payment through wallet/UPI
  7. Join league
  8. Live Score
  9. Win Real Money Rewards

How is Fantasy Sports App for Basketball Developed

The process of creating a Fantasy Basketball app consists of various stages, which we have discussed here, they are:

  • Idea Discussion
  • Designing Prototypes
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Debug & Revise
  • Launch

What are key features to be included in a Fantasy Basketball Mobile app?

The vital features of a Fantasy Basketball mobile app consist of the following:

  • Create a Team
  • Create multiple line-ups
  • Enter Multiple Contests/Leagues
  • Play & Win Real Money
  • Choose from various tiers of basketballers
  • Score points

Apart from these features, the list mainly comprises of three panels, which can be divided into:

  • User Panel
  • Admin Panel
  • Advanced Features

How to make money with the Fantasy Basketball Mobile app?

There are various ways through which the Fantasy basketball app can make money, they are:

  • Entry fee
  • By engaging the contestants
  • Promotion
  • Sold tournament sponsorships
  • Co-produced videos

How to calculate cost for Fantasy Sports App for Basketball

As it comes to estimating the app development cost to create a Fantasy Basketball app, it mainly depends on these factors:

  • App Intricacy
  • Size of the Mobile App
  • Number of platforms for which app is required
  • Other than these factors, as mentioned above, there is one more critical factor that will massively affect the making cost of the app, i.e., Chosen development Area for the development of Fantasy Basketball App.

The team required for developing a Fantasy Basketball App-

  • Project Manager
  • Delivery Manager
  • Android/iOS experts
  • Quality Analysis experts
  • Back end developers
  • UX/UI Designers

Fantasy App Development Cost

The fantasy sports app development cost varies according to the regions, in the USA the price to creating an app is $50-$250 per hour, in Europe the cost is $30-$150 per hour, and in India, it is $10-$80 per hour.

In this way, if you are looking to develop a Fantasy Basketball app for a single platform with the advanced features designed by Indian-based developers, it is sure to cost around $15000-$30000, whereas to get the app created for both iOS & Android platforms. The cost would be estimated at $50000.


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