5 Powerful Tools to Help You Monitor Your Website Performance

5 powerful tools

Do you own a website? If yes, do you know that monitoring your website frequently can double your ROI? No. It’s strange. Monitoring your website routinely improves your page speed and allows you to deliver content to a user. There are millions of website monitoring tools available in the market, including Google’s PSI. Using such site monitoring tools, you monitor downtime patterns and pinpoint the culprits and shift to quality content for better rankings at Search Engine Result Pages (SERP).

These tools provide crucial information regarding your website, including visitor count, uptime, bounce rate, page loading time, etc. The top monitoring tools also inform you about device failure, bandwidth overload, and problems with the web hosting provider. You might be unaware of how the website performance monitoring tool works. Well, free your mind with hassles; you will be conscious of the website monitoring tools’ basics.

How Does the Site Monitoring Tools Work?

Website monitoring tools monitor cloud infrastructure providers’ global network, internal and external DNSs, internet service providers, and content delivery networks. Primary site monitoring tools do not allow you to access in-depth information about outages, website downtime, load time, response time, or website availability.

That is why monitoring today’s digital infrastructure entails website monitoring tools designed to monitor all the services your application is using. These website performance monitoring tools give real user monitoring access to understand your users’ behavior better.

Now, let’s unveil the top five website monitoring tools’ names to help you measure the downturns easily.

Top 5 Website Performance Monitoring Tools

Google PageSpeed Insights (PSI)

It is a tool that provides real-time performance data of the users. It collects the data from the Chrome User Experience Report (CrUX) and provides behavior metrics based-on real-world Chrome users. Directly paste your website URL, and the tool generates the overall speed score. Besides, it also provides the details based-on an optimization score and evaluates how well the webpage performs.

Google Analytics

It is the outstandingly better website performance monitoring tool used to optimize your website. This tool is primarily used with a perspective to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). One of the best things about Google Analytics is that it is a free service capable of delivering the results of your desktop website, mobile applications, and just about anything capable of accessing the internet.

The insights shared by Google Analytics are the pieces of information about who is viewing your profile and how they are interacting with it.

Visual Website Optimizer

It is a website monitoring tool that allows a website owner to perform experiments through A/B testing various graphical and textual on-page elements. The best part is you get a feature to record visitor sessions for playback analysis. It is one of the premium site monitoring tools that require business owners to get in touch with the Visual Website Optimizer team for a quotation.

Pingdom Speed Test

Webpage loading speed plays a vital role if you are willing to perform SEO for your website. It is not a matter of fact whether you are an eCommerce outlet or a blogging platform; various facets can slow down your website. A few aspects are heavy reliance on images and multimedia on your pages, a cheap domain registrar, or below-average CDNs.

It is one of the best site monitoring tools that does not require any login to access Pingdom’s features. The reports delivered by Pingdom are effectively streamlined. The user interacts with the necessary information needed for a significant level of insights.

Zendesk Explore

It is a platform that offers a complete suite of customer support and analytical products. Primarily, Zendesk Explore is a one-stop-shop if the website owner is looking for an omnichannel website monitoring tool that allows users to monitor their brand thoroughly. Zendesk Explore clasp immense potentialities beneath to deliver an unparalleled range of customization. In short, it enables you to tailor your data virtually to quickly access the metrics that are meant crucial to your site.


In conclusion, the continuation of the massive remote work trends will increase such powerful tools’ usages. If, as a business owner, looking to make the most of the online presence, the tools mentioned above can help you leverage your sales. Ultimately these website monitoring tools will help you keep your company afloat throughout the times. Contact us to get detailed information.

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