100% Rummy Legality – Playing Rummy Online is Legal in India!

Playing Rummy Online is Legal in India!

Playing cards are always exciting and interesting, especially when it is Rummy, the greatest pastimes from ancient times. It is a game with a basic set of rules and sequences, but challenging, as it requires a lot of sharp skills, focus and outstanding analytical reasoning. And with the enhancement of technology, now we can play this game online as well. But if you have been scratching your head with a thought that Is Playing Rummy Online Legal in India, then read on-

Yes, playing rummy online is legal in India. As, there was a petition filed about the legalization of playing online Rummy in India and the Supreme Court has lately declined that appeal and declared the online rummy as a “Game of skills”. The court clearly defines it as a game of skills only.

So, there is no need to worry about playing online rummy in India. If you want to play online rummy, you can play without any concerns or uncertainties. What you are playing is positively legal under the laws of the nation.

How was online rummy authorized in India?

In India, there are gaming legalizations across the nation, except in few states including Telangana, Assam, Nagaland and Odisha. These states consider rummy as a gambling game. The legitimacy of rummy changed in 1967, when the Supreme Court passed a verdict in support of rummy, and stated that-

  • It is a game where players need specific skills to play cards. It is not a game of luck.
  • In the competitions where the victory depends upon the skills are not “gambling.”

And therefore, playing rummy online is legal in India, which can be further proved after the Supreme Court’s newest judgment on this matter. The Supreme Court has instructed the state governments to come up with a regulatory framework of their own. Now, the state Nagaland has considered online Rummy legal and ordered to regulate rummy websites and mobile apps.

Is it safe to play rummy online?

While playing an online game of cash, the users always look for such platforms which are highly secure and safe. And on the other hand, it is also necessary for the companies to provide 100% securely online rummy game app or website. It will make their online users more satisfied and loyal towards their platform.

So, to put your questions to relax, the answer is- Yes, playing online rummy is genuinely safe. Let’s discuss some points to justify our answer-

It is legal

If you have any doubt about the legalization of rummy, then we would like to tell you that the Supreme Court has declared this game as a “game of skills”, not a game of luck. Hence, it is legal to play online rummy for money in India. Playing for cash involves skills and an outstanding knowledge about the cards, and this what rummy is all about.

Game activities

In online rummy, the activities including joker selection, deck, card shuffling and dealing are computerized. The cards are shuffled automatically based on factors like uniform distribution and non-repeatability. There is no human interference, and every user will get a clear chance to play. It makes online rummy more exciting and reliable. And the credit portals are also authenticated by the app development companies.

Payment Security

Online rummy portals offer entirely secure and safe payment options. Users can easily use their debit or credit cards to add cash in their rummy account. These deposit accounts are certified, offers exclusive login features as well. Users can log in with their plastic money and participates in the competitions and play cash rummy.

Easy Withdrawals

Along with the payments, withdrawals are also a significant aspect of the rummy. The app development companies need to offer easy withdrawals to their users. The reputed and the trustworthy online rummy portals offer hassle-free withdrawal systems to the users, which in turn attracts a lot of players towards their platform.


Undeniably, online rummy has great followers across the world. As Supreme Court it as a game of skills, and indeed if you want to become a pro rummy player, then you must work upon your skills. It is one of the popular cash games in the world. So, go online and play rummy, win cash and have a great time.

If you want to develop your own online rummy game then there are many rummy game app development companies which offer you the best rummy game solutions. Hire the best rummy game developers and get your ideal rummy app with best user experience.

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