PHP vs Python for Web Applications – What to Choose in 2020?

php vs python for web applications

Getting an impressive business presence on the digital platform has always been challenging and exciting for the businesses. An active online presence helps to grab more potential customers, which almost every company is looking for. App development process seems like an easy task. But to be very honest, the real picture is completely different like it looks!

For building an app, there are several milestones present which a developer needs to pass. One of the significant steps is the selection of a programming language. Yes, choosing a programming language is not as easy as it looks, it takes a lot of research and current updates about the marketplace- like which language is currently in trend? Which is more suitable for the client-side application?

Well, currently, two languages named as PHP and Python have become the hot topic of discussion among the developers. Both are server-side languages that are highly competent and compatible in their respective operations, therefore give a fierce competition to each other.

Today, the majority of the companies preferred these languages for building any intuitive app or responsive website. If you ask a Python developer which is the best language, he would vote for Python, same happens with the PHP one, hence to make a perfect choice among these is one of the difficult tasks for any developer.

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Selection of PHP over Python or Python over PHP for web applications is genuinely a challenging call. Today the majority of websites are created in PHP framework, but that doesn’t mean Python is less in any criteria. Though Python is quite new in the market, its increasing demand justifies its popularity in the developer’s community.

As an app development company, it is sometimes confusing about picking one programming language over others. Well, this hot debate of “Which is the best among Python Vs PHP for web applications?” is continuously going on, but here we will try to figure out which is better for your app development project.

So, let’s get started and see which one is best among Python Vs PHP for web application projects?

There are certain factors upon which an entire app development process depends, and indeed, it affects the selection of the languages.

Ease of installation

ease of installation

Installation of a programming language is one of the complex tasks, as every language is not the same in this process. If we talk about the installation of Python Vs Php for web applications, then, PHP is well-versed on Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms. Moreover, it offers a wide range of shared hosting sites at an affordable price.

On the other hand, Python has some installation issues, like if you have a macOS, then there is already a version of it available in your device. But that version is of no use as it is outdated. For building an application, you need to install a new version of it, which takes a bit more time than others. Also, it is not very friendly with Windows, to run Python on Windows you might need to wait for long hours to install it. Hence, PHP is more convenient in the installation process.

Speed and Performance

speed performance

Today, everyone has a lack of time to invest, lives have become faster and busier. Nobody has enough time to go through a website wholly, and if a site takes time in the loading of more than 3 seconds, they prefer to quit it. Hence, now you will get an idea of how important speed and performance are in the present time.

If we talk about the speed and performance between PHP Vs Python for web applications then-with its release, Python is considered as a fast and robust language for building web applications, because it has a JIT compiler which is known for its speed. JIT stands for Just-in-time, with it there is no need of recompilation of the files. Whereas if we talk about PHP, then older versions of PHP are a bit slower as compared to Python. But after the release of PHP version 7 and Zend Engine 3.0, it makes PHP 3x faster than other programming languages.

Security issues

security issues

The security concern is always an essential aspect of the web development process. There are particular security vulnerabilities like SQL injection, cross-site scripting and forgery requests which haunt the businesses. The cost of fixing these issues is much higher. For developing a secure application, Python emerges as the first and foremost choice of the developers.

Django is one of the significant examples that provide higher security features that protect the app from several threats. In comparison to Python, PHP does not have advanced security features which fail it in this phase.



Price is one of the considering factors; today, several platforms and languages are designed to support the developer’s community on a large scale. PHP and Python are one of them as both are free and open-source frameworks which are accessible by all. Their availability to all makes them popular and demanding in the present marketplace. Undeniably, both languages are dominating the paid web frameworks.

Wrapping up

Indeed, it is hard to evaluate which one is best among PHP Vs Python for web applications? – Because PHP and Python, both are evolving languages which contain particular benefits, but if we look at today’s demand and market Python seems more potent than PHP. It turned out as a more powerful, robust, versatile and secure programming language that offers immense advantages to the business. Undoubtedly, both languages are excellent and have broad community support. Still, Python becomes a preferable choice for every size of the companies.

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