OTT App Development: Cost, Features, Technology and More


Ever tried being a couch potato and binge-watching Netflix & Chilling?

Apart from a few exceptions, we all are a part of the binge-watching gang.

The percentage of people favourable for binge-watching increased due to the lockdown dairies around the globe.

This pandemic raised the demand for the OTT App Development with the app development companies.

The rising demand makes us wander around with a lot of questions, for example, the cost for the overall development, the time required, and many more. Let’s have a look at the cost segment for the development.

Little Awareness about what is an OTT App?

OTT has been shortened for the word Over-The-Top a concept that has enlarged the audience for video streaming.

The working of the apps is all about Internet connection and the privilege comes in with the downloading feature.

The platform has come up with a tremendous transition and entangled us from the old cable connection. These apps allow you to connect your devices and enjoy live streaming with various available platforms.

The wide variety of apps will keep you occupied as it has a huge list of varied apps from eLearning to entertainment.

Popular OTT Platforms Across the World

A lot of platforms have been in the news for their marvelous performance with the users and excellent services worldwide. A few platforms along with their unique services or features are listed below.




A lot of viewers knocked on the doors of Netflix as the pandemic hit the world, locking people inside their houses. To keep your self occupied viewers ended put indulging in the online content boosting the importance and viewership of Netflix. Netflix is available on maximum platforms like Android, IOS, Playstation, SmartTVs, etc.

Amazon Prime


After conquering the world of E-commerce, Amazon launched its own platform as an OTT platform offering services like videos, movies, and TV shows. It is affordable by many as the subscription falls within the parameter of investment on the OTT app subscription. Compatible with every widely used platform like the Amazon FireTV Stick IOS, Android, and more.



Walt Disney majorly owns Hulu. The app is a diverse OTT platform from its competitors.  If the user wants early access to some content, going air on television in the next 30 days you can access it through Hulu subscription. Hulu is an ad-supported app making its essential services low-priced. Hulu can be accessed from Android-iPhone devices, SmartTV, Fire TV, Firestick, Echo Show, Chromecast, and more.



Hotstar is now a part of the Walt Disney family as it was acquired last year. Live streaming of sports events is what makes Hotstar distinct from others. It is a single platform with the finest quality of videos and lives streaming on a single platform. What is the fun if you can watch your favourite series like IPL live and witness some moments that might change the history of sports.

Graphs for the OTT Growing Industry

Being in the middle of a pandemic raised the demands for the OTT applications and the subscription rate witnessed a marvellous surge. If we talk about the approximate figures the newest figure says it has crossed the 182 million mark of OTT subscribers and multiplying with each passing day. The consumption of online content has increased the scope for more and more OTT platforms to function and function in the market.

Some have a higher subscription rate for their ree services while others excel in the popularity because of the quality and content uploaded.

Features Comprising in the OTT Video App Development

Features Comprising in the OTT Video App Development

Features are the most crucial part of your product. The reason being it becomes the key reason for user engagement along with making the app distinct from others. The following list is some of the common features, and rest can always be customized.


You can fill in with basic inquired details of a user as it will be useful for subscription payments, a content suggestion based on the viewing history, content preference, and many more.

Multiple languages

It is best to cater your services throughout the world. The language option closes all the barriers for the users to access the app.

Genre Categorizing

You need to provide users with filters to chose their desired genre and have personalized watching preferences. It’s essential to have categorized videos in different genres.

 Wish list

Users should be provided with eth feature where they can create a watch list and save it for further use.

Screen Sharing

This feature is very useful and doesn’t hurt the eyes by binge-watching on small screens. Users can watch their desired favourite shows on their preferred screen for example, on a laptop or television.


Searching makes everything easier as you can search your genre and shows with the search box.


There are multiple payment options available along with linking your e-Wallets for your payments. An app should have a safe and secure payment gateway.

Social Features

It enables the viewers to share their current favourite shows and gather different opinions or share their own for others to watch the content.

Rating & Reviews

Every individual can rate a show based on their liking of disliking to make the content improve. Personal opinions of the users can always be shared for better services in the future.

Technologies Used for the OTT App Development

Here we will share the popularly used technologies adopted by the experts for the OTT platform. AWS (Amazon web service) is the current favourite for experts as it has a cloud storage component. This is the best option to manage customer engagement to increase the revenue along with the scalability.

Server in use

A media server is the perfect java based application server that holds the capability of handling concurrent connections. The edge server serves the best when it comes to having a hold of the static files. It makes high-quality content more accessible.

Streaming Protocol

The RTMP protocol communicates the possible extreme data. It is also responsible for providing low-latency interaction. A Huge number of CDN suppliers have been operating in the OTT Platform being one of the significant factors in dropping the traffic from the core network to raise the international low latency.

Cloud Hosting

OTT platforms providers majorly believe in using the AWS (Amazon web service) as their excellent cloud services are put into use as the prime cloud storage. The benefits of using cloud solutions have been proved to be one of the best available options for professionals in creating their unique OTT platform for the best possible use. The encouraged scalability and user engagement attract the maximum. The technology does wonder to amplify the revenues.

Content Delivery Network

The best use of CDN is in dropping the traffic for the core network for the overall increase in the low expectancy. It substitutes the burden of the core network and enhances leading towards excellent performance.

Rethinking Security

Being amongst the popular list of technologies, AES encryption and DRM (Digital Rights Management) is the best solution to safeguard the content and acts as a blockade. Their functioning involves the very critical role of shielding it from the unauthorized contact of the content.

Cost Consumption for OTT app development

Being a part of the app development company we are well aware of the cost fluctuations and development time that varies from different types of apps.

There is a list of factors responsible for the overall cost of video streaming apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

The list comprises the number of features you are willing to integrate into your product. The company you are partnering with for the app development. The geographical location of the development company matters as it will affect the development cost.

But we can always provide you with an idea of the estimated cost of the OTT app development that will be around 25K to 35K USD. An excellent product will cost you according to its wide usage and quality.


If you have an idea about the OTT app development and want to process it further than what is better than the present time. We have seen the drastic shifting of the audience on the online platform in this pandemic for entertainment. If you are determined than let a good app development company further plan it out for you.