OTT app platform is not a new term in the world where Netflix, Hulu, HBO NOW are already on the list of entertainment. However, just like other streaming media services, the OTT app platform also operates through the internet. The platform has come up with a tremendous transition and entangled us from the old cable connection. These apps allow you to connect your devices and enjoy live streaming with various available platforms. 

If I talked about statistics

  • More than 51 million US households regularly stream content from an OTT platform. 
  • The global OTT video market will double in size by 2023.
  • Asia Pacific will overtake North America as the world’s biggest region in terms of OTT video revenue as soon as 2021.
  • People spend over 100 minutes on OTT apps every day and pay an average of $8.53 per month per service. 

Undoubtedly, OTT platform development is the next-generation platform with broad onlookers. However, there are various OTT platforms in the news for their marvelous performance with the users and excellent services worldwide. I am mentioning some below:




This popular OTT Platform is dispersed in almost 190 countries with a vast library of entertaining content. A lot of viewers knocked on the doors of Netflix as the pandemic hit the world and as result, many people started spending their time watching series, TV shows, and movies on Netflix.

To keep yourself occupied this OTT platform ends by indulging in various online content boosting your quarantine experience. Netflix is available on maximum platforms like Android, iOS, PlayStation, SmartTVs, etc.

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Hulu is owned by Walt Disney with NBCUniversal as an equity stakeholder. This OTT platform offers tough rivalry to its competitors. However, if the user wants early access to some content, going air on television in the next 30 days you can access it through a Hulu subscription.

Hulu is an ad-supported app making its essential services low-priced. Not only this, but you can also access HULU from Android-iPhone devices, SmartTV, Fire TV, Firestick, Echo Show, Chromecast, and more.

Some other amazing OTT app platforms are HBO Now, Apple TV+, SHOWTIME, XUMO, and so on. Well, if we talk about the approximate figures, the data has crossed the 182 million mark of OTT subscribers and is multiplying with each passing day. The consumption of online content has increased the scope of the OTT platform development to function in the market.

In the next section, I will share the OTT platform development feature and it is evident that the characteristic of products is crucial as it gives life to your outcome. Hence, below is the list of OTT platform features, that can be customized according to your preference as well.

Top key features to look for in an OTT App development

  • Multi-platform Compatibility
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Smart Analytics and Insights
  • Built-in Marketing Tools
  • Genre Categorizing
  • Secure User Management
  • Customer Support
  • Video player
  • Geographic Streaming
  • Reliable IT Infrastructure

Above are the key features that you can look at in OTT application development. Yet, there could be another question that might float in your mind when you are looking for OTT platform development.  In the next section, we shall talk about the technologies that are used in the OTT app platform. 

  • Python 
  • Mongo DB
  • React JS
  • Hadoop 
  • Presto 
  • CDN/Cloud Server

Hence, there is a list of technologies from which you can launch your own OTT app platform. As you have come so far, I will also mention the OTT app development cost for your complete understanding.

OTT App Development Cost

Being a part of the OTT application development services, we are well aware of the cost fluctuations and development time that vary for every other app. There is a vast list that determines the OTT app development cost. The pricing would start with the features you want to integrate with your product and the OTT app platform you are partnering with. In addition to this, the geographical location of the OTT platform development company matters as it will affect the buildout cost.

But I could help you out with the estimation of the OTT platform development cost

Hence, the starting range would be 15k USD rest depends on the features, aspects, and development.


If you have an idea about the OTT app development and want to process it further we are here to help you with every bit o\f it. We have seen the drastic shifting of the audience on the online platform in this pandemic for entertainment. If you are determined enough then let a good OTT development company plan everything for you!

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