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As the world is suffering from a pandemic, so are several industries. 2020 has been a testing year for the majority of the world as the smooth functioning was suddenly put on hold. Food delivery services apps faced the exact reaction but came out to be stronger than before.

We are moving towards being back to normal and resume with these amazing food delivery apps that have worked out to cope up with the emergency and altering its wonderful services with the contact services to serve a healthy and safe meal to every doorstep. Here we provide you with these amazing names that have reserved a space in the hearts of the people using it continuously.

Benefits of Food Delivery Apps We Use

The time is changing and so is the use of technology in the present world. To make the best use of it we need to understand the motives and benefits of these new trending technologies and apps that are going to serve us with. We have jotted down some essential factors you should go through if you are willing to acquire the knowledge about how food delivery apps are better then the ancient ways of consuming these items.

The value added to the convenience as ordering your favourite food is now for real.

A vast menu for your feast in your PJs, who wouldn’t want that? A wide range of food at your fingertips, all you have to do is choose the best.

No hurry to get back home, all you have to do is keep on exploring and choose the best dishes for taste. A lot of options result in a lot of orders and eventually increases the revenue for the restaurants.

It is best to have better customer feedbacks, interactions to make the best services available for one and for all. You can be more honest on phone calls or review sections than in front of the staff itself as nobody likes being impolite.

Your reach for the audience becomes wider and wider depending on an affordable marketing strategy. Through apps, you can reach maximum customers increasing your clients throughout the city or the country.

Best Food Delivery Services Apps at Your Service in 2020



Entered the food industry in 2004, Grubhub has become a household name for frequent customers. The app is free of cost for both Android as well as IOS and serves in more than 1,100+ cities collaborating with over 50,000 restaurants. It is an easy task to place an order, choose your city, apply the desired filter for your favourite cuisine, and here comes your food. Also, the contactless delivery has made it more convenient for people to either ask for the delivery agent to leave the parcel as per their instructions or collect it on your own from the restaurant.



Holding a reputation amongst one of the popular on-demand food delivery apps, Doordash serves its customer with its desired meal exactly when you need your breakfast. Not limiting the services for delivery breakfast, lunch or dinner gives you the privilege to deliver alcoholic beverages from stores, restaurants, and breweries. The reach of Doordash might not be wide enough but the excellent options for deliveries cannot let the user resist enough. Another great deal is to sign up for the subscription for DashPass for $10 every month to subtract the additional charges like the delivery fee and reduced charges for the subscribers.



At times when you trust a brand, you trust their quality of services along with other responsibilities as a service provider. The availability of the services provided by UberEats covers 500+ cities and 24 countries. The app is good at rewarding is the reason it has higher ranks for having excellent browsing friendliness for users. Also, it is easier for people already familiar with Uber as the features are quite similar. With the easy cashless transactions and contactless delivery, it becomes more safe and secure to use the app. The company is taking preventive methods to avoid the spread of COVID-19 by providing and working under astonishing sanitized properties and restaurants.



Postmates is one app that will stop at any store, restaurant, or grocery store and pick it up for you and deliver it within no time. There are many ways you can crack a good deal while using the app with discounts, coupons, and perks of subscribing Postmate Unlimited. Alcohol delivery is not a problem and enjoys free delivery if you have subscribed to it for the entire month. Keeping safety measures as a priority to serve the customers in more 4,200 cities and 50 states and collaborating with 100,00 retail store owners.



Zomato is one of the apps that has the widest reach of its services throughout several countries. With its monthly orders crossing over 14 million monthly the app has created its worth in the market and established itself quite beautifully. Users are given privileges that are hard to resist by becoming a member for an entire year with Zomato Gold and Zomato Piggyback. These reward programs may differ from boundaries to boundaries but the company always tried to reach and benefit the maximum. The cashback is directly credited to the user’s account and hence they are free to enjoy it.



GoPuff isn’t just the delivery service app that works as a distributor rather its more like a digital store that provides you with each and everything. You name it and they will get it for you. Get hold of your snack packs or drinks at your doorstep. From mobile recharge to the laundry services, they can just do it all. The app has a very effective presence and smooth working in more than 150 Southern and Midwest cities and areas. The app is free to download but applies minimum charges for the survival and hence the regular fee is waived off with its one-month subscription. The demand for the services is making the app grow continuously through countries and more and more cities.



Instacart makes it possible to deliver you with your essentials operating over 25,000 grocery stores in 5,500 cities. You can collect your order or package from the store can have it delivered to your desired location. The delivery fee depends on the cost of your entire cart but that can be exempted in scenarios like ordering above the minimum value cart of if you have the monthly membership. Instacart also encourages contactless delivery by postpaid options and instruction of leaving the packages at doorstep if required.


Serving in more than 100 cities with 12,000 merchants the app doesn’t limit its services with just food delivery. Gifts, laundry, grocery, and many others on the list make the app going. doesn’t charge you for using its services instead the company earns its profit by taking a small fraction of your pre-trip subtotal. You can earn extra credits or rewards with its consistent use and cash them out for your personal use.



ChowNow has a split approach towards reaching the maximum customers and creating a wide range of its service delivery. It works with eateries to offer digital tools that can work directly from their particular websites — an increasingly popular approach for these food apps,  another way is pleasing directly to customers through its app that allows you to order from several restaurants at your desired location. The features of every food delivery app make them distinct from each other. The delivery fee and total cost will be reflected on your screen when you have decided on a restaurant that makes it easier to go for the affordable options.



Get your favourite food from your favourite restaurant at your desired time. What can be a better deal to pre-order your meal before you reach home and have it fresh and hot? Along with its reduced cost with every order and a purchase made the app contributes a meal for the hungry to make the world a better place and provide the needy. This app offers great deals according to your call and set for instructions.

What makes these food delivery apps so popular and a brief on how to carry out the food delivery app development process?

Well, the popularity is raised with the quality and wide range of services provided to people. The menu provided by these apps of particular is easily available and saves a lot of time travelling in busy city streets. Also, these apps are well-designed providing services to the customers in the easiest way. Restaurants and customers can connect based on their location with one another and exchange their demand and services.

If you have an idea or willing to develop a food delivery app, you can hire a team of experts to contact a food delivery app development company to assist you with your idea and process it into a creation. You can get a hold of the best developers in and outside the country resolving your queries and providing you solutions. The development for such apps van is carried out smoothly if you contact the experts already working for a similar project in the past.

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