On-demand Liquor Delivery Mobile App Development: Cost & Key Features

Alcohal Delivery Mobile App Development

Today Liquor has become an integral part of the parties, from business gatherings to birthday events it relishes as an essential part of the fun. After seeing its massive craze, it is the right time to infuse the technologies in this segment too. Building an On-demand Liquor Delivery App Development would be the best and profitable decision for your next project.

These liquor mobile apps will help your users to order their favourite drinks right at their doorsteps by only a few clicks. It also allows them to track and find their nearest liquor options quickly. Well, these benefits are well enough to justify their importance.

Moreover, these apps help your business to earn profits in double-digit. It emerges as one of the most creative concepts that take your business to the new heights. In this blog, you will find what critical features are required for On-demand Liquor Delivery Development, and how much does it cost?

On-demand mobile Liquor App Development Features

There are four panels required for an On-demand Liquor Delivery Development-

  • User Panel
  • Liquor shop owner Panel
  • Admin Panel
  • Delivery Panel

User Panel

Login: It is the most common feature with which users can create their accounts on to the app. They can register on liquor app with their email account or social media to get and order their favourite drinks online.

Brows Liquor lists: Once the user registers himself on liquor app, they will get access to view the lists of drinks available on the app. The listings also include premium drinks and prices.

Search and filters: This feature help the user to find their desired liquor. By applying filters, they can quickly find a favourite drink. Filter options include the pricing, location, quantity and other factors which makes the shopping easy for the users.

Place orders: After selecting the drink, the user can place an order. With this feature, they can check the estimated time of delivery as well.

Payment Mode: Under this section, users will find a variety of payment options like they can do transactions via selected credit card, debit card or by online services like PayPal.

Order history and Tracking: Users can check their order history from anywhere and at any time. They can cross-verify the prices and other essential details of the drinks. Moreover, they can quickly track their ordered item. The app offers them the complete information about order receiving, shipping, out for delivery etc.

Review and Ratings:  Users can put their valuable feedback with this section- like how much they like the item or how the services of the delivery personnel were. It helps the businesses to enhance their operations and services. Additionally, it makes a trustworthy bond among users and business.

Liquor shop owner Panel

Login/Signup- It is entirely similar to the user panel feature. The vendor is required to create a profile to serve the customers. They can create it via their email ids or mobile numbers.

Liquor Management- With this feature, the owners can manage the categories of the liquor available. They will easily categorise the drinks into their class like wine, whiskey, rum or beer.

Price Management- An owner can quickly update the prices of the drinks in the app list. They can also add offers if available at that time.

View ratings and reviews: The owner can view all the ratings and reviews given by the customers for its services. It helps them in working efficiently and attracting more potential customers.

Revenue Management: This feature allows the owners to check the earnings they made during the month or quarter.

Admin Panel

Payment management: This feature allows the admin to monitor and manage all the payments done by the users.

Order management: Admin can easily manage all the received orders, which contains all the essential details and current status.

App Settings: The admin controls and maintains the complete settings of the app. He is responsible for the required updates like adding a new drink in the lists or snacks with it.

App Marketing: With this feature, the admin can manage all the required advertisements, banners, email templates, and promotional campaigns of the app.

Real-time analytics: It helps the admin to view the real-time statistics of an app which includes its performance, the traffic, orders, revenues and delivery. It supports businesses in making productive decisions.

Delivery Panel

Delivery Executive Profile- It includes all the essential details of the delivery boy like his name, mobile number, address and other.

Orders Update- The delivery personnel will get an update about receiving any new order.

Geo-location- This feature helps the driver to get the exact location of their customer and the wine shop.

Earnings- It allows the delivery executives to check their pays according to their completed orders.

So, these are the essential features you can consider while making an on-demand mobile liquor app. Now let’s discuss its costing-

How much does it cost to build an On-demand Liquor Delivery App?

For an On-demand Liquor Delivery Development, the costing depends upon several factors including-

  • App platform
  • Size of an App
  • App Complexity
  • Front end development
  • Back end development
  • UI/UX development

Apart from these, the location of an app development company and the developers also plays a vital role in determining the final budget of an app. If we specifically talk about the development cost in India, then to make an on-demand mobile liquor app, it will cost you around USD 6000- USD 20000.

Over to you now

After witnessing such an enormous demand and the rising market of On-demand Liquor Delivery Development, start investing and get the best possible benefits for your business. If you are looking for expert help, then reach out to us and find the top app development solutions.

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