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Music has always been a substantial part of our lives. The new technology only made it easier for us to listen our favorite tracks anywhere anytime, whether online or offline, we have access to one of largest libraries in the world with just a tap of a finger.

The music streaming apps are getting widely popular all around the globe. The music streaming app development services has introduced many new features and functionalities to make music streaming apps more agile and connected.

And increasingly, it is becoming popular destination for new business ventures looking to make profits. So, if you’re looking to get into music streaming app service, you need to know the market growth, features, and cost of developing a music streaming app.

So, let’s get straight into this.

Market Growth

Everyone these days have a smartphone device in their pocket and when the mood swings appear, music is our true saviour. This is the only market that is not effected with the performance of any other aspect or industry.

The following are some of the recent market statistics for music industry:

Music streaming industry is estimated to reach US $7268.5M from 2020 to 2026.

The market share is US$1371.1M in 2021 with an expected growth rate of 12.7%.

The current user penetration rate in 2021 is 29.4%.

The earnings per user currently stands at $8.50.

The US is the biggest contributes to streaming app market with US$23068.5M.

The market share is huge when it comes to streaming music online. Now lets get to know the most popular streaming services driving the revenue.

Most Popular Music Streaming Services

  • Spotify
  • Pandora
  • Apple Music
  • Amazon Prime Music
  • Tencent Music
  • Sirius Xm
  • YouTube Music Premium
  • Google Play Music

These are the top music streaming services from all around the world. Bur what is that makes these apps stand out from the rest? Is it the music library? Or the quality of music? Well as far as I know they all provide the best quality from streaming music. It is the features of music streaming apps that give advantage over other music streaming services.

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The following are the features that enable a streaming service to function well in your device:

Features of Music Streaming Service

1. Registration and Login Authentication

The login process should be simpler to avoid user irritations. It should be easy to enter your personal details. And should directly ask questions for music preference after the login completes. This helps in a smooth transition to available streaming options.

2. Social media integration

The primary objective is to not look annoying, and social media helps us past that in joining and sharing music all over the internet. You can also create a massive community sharing same interest in music.

3. Discovery (browsing)

The more advance the search bar is the more and more people are to use it. You can also add advanced filters such as mood, remixes, genre, etc.

4. Navigation

The content should be easy to find and locate. The users must feel ease with intuitive navigation of the app.

5. Music Categorization

The categories of the music streaming app should not be limited to only tracks and artists. There should be more options like playlist recommendations, playlists, other ratings, popularity, mood, year of recording, activities, etc.

6. Music Collections

It it not only enough to provide recommendations of music according mood and activities, the streaming app must have a massive collection of music from all around the world to attract more potential listeners.

7. Music Player

Streaming music should be as easy as possible with the ability granted to users for shuffling, tuning, and timing options in the player. And an option to add music to different playlist depending on the interest.

Advanced Features to Implement Further

1. Homepage

The homepage is one of the essential and advanced features depending n how you utilize it in the streaming app. It can give users all the recent industry updates and chart toppers in the newsflash.

2. Push Notifications

If there are any music events nearby, you can optimize the push notification feature to update users directly without opening the app. It can also be used to provide your favorite releases and latest news.

3. Download/Offline access

This is the most prominent feature for the streaming apps. With just a click, it’ll help users get their best tracks at one place and let them listen when there is no internet connection.

4. Voice Search and Commands

This is offers easy accessibility to huge libraries of music with simple voice commands. It helps creators in creating a better user-experience for listeners.

5. Private Mode

In the private mode, if you don’t want to your recommendation o get affected by other s you can teen on the private mode.

6. Artists Profiles

Connecting to artists is one of the most important features of any streaming service. It helps users recognizing their efforts in making music, building trust and an unbreakable bond between the users and artists.

The Cost of Music Streaming App Development

The music streaming app development cost actually revolves around three crucial factors that are:

Number of Platforms 

The platform for music streaming app is one of the biggest determiners in the final cost of development. It is cheaper to make a native app that runs on both platforms, saving time and cost.

Mobile app size and complexity 

The music streaming app development size, length, and complexity helps in increased development cost. More time an app takes to for development, the more extensive use of resources and funds.

Location of App Development company

It is understood that the cost of music streaming app development depends on the region, the team of developers are based in:

Developers from US charge starts from $50/hour.

Eastern-Europe Developers charge starts from $30/hour.

India Developers charge starts from $15/hour.

Hence, building an music streaming app for a single platform in India will start costing from 15,000.

And at the same time, the charge for developing a feature enriched music streaming app will start from  $25,000.

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