Mobile App Development Team Structure (Ultimate Guide)

structure of mobile app development team

The mobile app industry has strengthened its dominance in the global markets. The increased integration of application in businesses has made the mobile app development industry a titan in rising.

And as a CTO, it becomes crucial to choose a consistent mobile app development team that understands various new app development trends.

While assembling an app development team, it is essential to know your preferred team’s size, as there will be a manager, developer, and designer and various stages of the mobile app development process.

Now, let’s move on to know more about the mobile app development team structure:

Structure of an experienced Mobile App Development Team

Depending upon the project’s size and complexity, you need to consider how many and what specialists you need to define your development team structure.

let’s understand what specialists are required for building an average mobile application:

  • Project manager
  • UI/UX designer
  • iOS developer / Android developer
  • Back-end developer
  • Quality assurance engineer

Project manager

The project manager is the absolute leader in this industry. He performs various tasks that unite the app development team and assigns them projects according to their skill and experience.

The project manager’s responsibilities include:

  • Assigning and prioritizing tasks
  • Estimating project time and budget
  • Building communication between teams and clients
  • Adapting and improving to latest app development strategies

UI/UX designer

It is one of the most undervalued positions in the app development team, not easy as it sounds. They perform various tasks to make the application look clean and crisp.

They create navigation mechanics and wire-frames. Designers also emphasize the look and feel of the app.

Responsibility of the UI/UX designer:

  • Considering user flow to sketch wire-frames
  • Creating beta apps
  • Building interactive and engaging app interface
  • Optimize the application to users’ feedback

iOS / Android developer

The Android or iOS developers take the finished UI/UX layouts and programme them all in the app build. They have extensive knowledge of several various programming languages.

Responsibilities of iOS developer / Android developer

  • Transforming the UI/UX design into high-quality code
  • Creating and managing programming languages as per the app requirement
  • Integrating apps with better performance, response, and speed
  • Fixing bugs based on the feedbacks

Back-end developer

They take care of server-side web application logic while integrating the work, front-end web developers performed. They create APIs and web services.

A back-end developer is responsible for:

  • Data management and data transfers from servers to clients
  • Creating and handling in-app payment systems
  • Building and maintaining APIs
  • Developing architecture and frameworks for the app

Quality assurance engineer

After the developing process is complete, the app is handed over for a quality test. The quality assurance engineer tests the app and accordingly find issues and improvement points.

Responsibilities of quality assurance officer:

  • Testing the app manually and automatically
  • Record and document test progress with test cases
  • Tracking issues and bugs
  • Creating app quality standards

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Stages of an App Development Process

The mobile app development process is a lengthy task, requiring a lot of time, skill, and money from inception to launch.

So, we have divided the process of app development into five stages to make it understandable.

Stage 1 — Idea Validation

In the initial stage, you need to validate your idea, features, and values according to your rivals, target audience, and your budget.

Stage 2 — Prototype validation

At this stage, you create a prototype app for your idea. The prototype is made public to get feedback about the app and the idea from groups of people.

Stage 3 — UI/UX strategy

At this stage, the prototype is turned into a strategy. And according to that strategy, the design is created.

Stage 4 — Design and development

In this stage, the development team implements the design and features into the application to create a minimum viable product.

Stage 5 — Testing and improving

In this stage, crashes and bugs are identified by testing them regularly. The bugs are resolved, the crashes are fixed, and the app finally becomes ready for deployment.

How to find a suitable app development team?

If you want to get the best of mobile app development, it is crucial to get the best. And doing so requires extensive research of reviews, ratings, samples of successful projects, and thorough knowledge regarding their development approaches, skills, and costs.

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When building a mobile app development team structure, you need to consider the following points for a better result:

Skills: It is the foremost thing to look for in a team member. You can search for ratings and reviews from the previous project of the candidate to get the best one.

Cost and Budget: It is preferable to look for candidates that meet your financial limits and with the capability to create a high-quality product.

Accessibility: As you always won’t find the right member from your region, it is necessary to be communication ready without any language barriers and the ability to ignore issues related to time zone.

Reference: A reference is always the best bet for getting a new candidate under your project. You can trust references to a greater length than the casuals.

Personal preferences: If you want to go with your candidate’s personal choice, it is suggested to consult the whole team first, which builds trust and compassion among employees.

Wrapping Up

We have got to know how a mobile app development team functions according to the stages of the app development process.

We have also understood the process of finding a suitable member for your app development team.

As technology advances, all the above points need to be updated, precisely like skill and knowledge. You need to keep updating new methods for hiring a mobile app development team until we find a complete solution, maybe AI!

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