10 Ways to Make Money through Fantasy Cricket App

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Are you new for the Fantasy Cricket App? Then definitely you will be wondering how these apps work and the way one can earn money from these apps? If yes, then don’t be concerned, during this blog, we are going to try and facilitate yours with some tips and tricks about how these fantasy cricket app work and the way you will make money through these apps.

Today, there are many fantasy cricket app development companies which supply exciting fantasy cricket apps for your entertainment.

Let’s discuss the substantial tips and tricks through which you’ll make money from Fantasy Cricket App-

1. Choose the app that will allow you to modify your team after the toss

Most of the fantasy cricket apps shut the contests entries an hour before the real-time match starts. If you are not sure about the players you chose in your playing 11, then it might be not very easy for you to play well. In such a scenario, there are certain fantasy cricket apps which allow the users to modify their chosen team until the match begins.

And generally, the toss is done before half an hour of the start time, and you will get enough time to guess the best players. You will also get the information on which team is going to bat first. It will help you to predict the opening batsmen and bowlers, and you can make the best combination of players.

2. Select small but confirmed contests

If you directly start playing big matches, then it may affect your ranking. Because in big games more than 10,000 players are participating at a single time, in such competition, the chances of attaining rank 1 are severe, and probabilities of winning the significant amount are also very low. So, to earn money easily with good odds, start your game with small contests in which only 10 to 20 members are playing. And also get the matches confirmation.

3. Get the knowledge of points system

Fantasy cricket apps have separate point systems; classified as batting points, for runs, centuries, etc. bowler’s points and others. Some apps have a stable point structure for batting, bowling and fielding. Some fantasy sports app like Myteam11 offers distinctive points for T20, ODI’s, and Test matches. You need to go through the point structure properly and then selects the best players.

4. Choose your top players wisely

In fantasy cricket apps, there are Captain and Vice-Caption. There are specific points for both if the captain scores, they will get double points- 2x, i.e. 20 points and the Vice-Captain will get 1.5x, i.e. 15 points. So, you have to do a perfect homework, or we can say detailed research before marking any player as a Captain or Vice-Captain. You can pick three top players for contests which are categorized into three class- platinum (2x points), Gold (1.5x points) and Silver (1.25x points). So, go through recent performances of the players and choose the best three.

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5. Refer & Earn

Today, all the apps have referral schemes. Fantasy cricket apps also have different referral programs for its users. When you join the app for the first time, you will get Rs. Fifty as a bonus and if your friend and colleagues join the app with your referral code, then you will get a bonus of Rs. 100. You can share your referral link on your Facebook Profile or Instagram profile. When your friends start to join the app and to play, you will get free cash prizes. It is one of the best ways to make money without playing.

6. Choose uncapped players

Uncapped players are those who do not play any of the international tournaments for their nation. When you are playing fantasy cricket, every team also entails picking one uncapped player in their teams. You can either pick wicket-keeper batsmen or bowlers who bowl in middle overs. It will help you in improving your game strategy, and you will get a good experience in picking good players.

7. Strike bowlers

With perfect batting order, you also need to strategize well for you bowlers. Choosing the bowlers with the low rates will not help you to achieve your set targets. It affects your point table also. To make a significant position on the point table, you need to choose the wicket-taking bowlers. Selecting such players will help you to gain more points and improves your rank too.

8. The current form of players

If you want to create the best fantasy cricket team and earn significant money, then you need to do a study about the player’s current form. The player with the proper form will ultimately score well and helps you too to earn many points and money. In real-time matches, coach and captain also emphasize on the player who is in good playing form.

9. Make sure your selected players are playing on that day

Though it is a fundamental thing, it may also create problems for you. If you choose a player who is not playing in the real match then how you will earn the points, you will surely lose that match. Therefore, it is better to avoid such players who are not playing in real games.

10.Bonus points

The fantasy apps also offer bonus points apart from the original point system; these points are for stumpings, catches or for run-outs. So, you need to know about the players who are good at all these things and select that player. It will surely enhance your points in the leader board.

Wrapping up

Cricket is a game of uncertainty; the objective of these Fantasy Cricket Tips is to lessen the losing chances by essential approaches. Much homework would be needed to come up with the best fantasy sports team. It depends on the user’s picks and maturity. So, Keep Playing! And Keep Enjoying! These fantasy cricket apps and earn exciting cash prizes.