How Much Does It Cost to Make an App like PUBG?

App like PUBG

Some names make it to the market that needs no introduction. A stunning game which gained popularity within no time and soon became a household name. PUBG  a game for users and a saviour for people during this quarantine.

Though the popularity of the game has nothing to do with the quarantine period as it was well-established way before we got locked down in our homes.

What exactly is PUBG? Well, it is the world’s most popular online multiplayer game having a huge fanbase across the globe. A shooter game which allows 100 real players to fight against each other on some isolated dessert.

It is the game of the survival of the fittest and rewarded at the end of the game accordingly.

Inspired by the moving success of the game a lot of companies or people are willing to invest or building an app like PUBG. The first thought that comes across your mind when you want to build an app like PUBG is the investment it will require.

With transforming technology the game’s development companies have gained much-awaited popularity. The gaming sector has taken a boom and the industry has defined new heights with the AR and VR in the gaming community.

PUBG is developed on a very large scale, as per developers the game took almost a year to be completely in function.

As we are well aware there are few things in some sectors which cannot be defined by an exact amount invested in them.

It is very difficult to predict the exact amount and these big projects are always discussed in rough figures.

This is the scenario of most of the apps developed because what it requires to build a game or an app variers from region to region and customized demands.

There is a lot of calculation work required is the reason why there are no exact figures for such investments.

What makes PUBG a Huge Success?

Unique Idea

March 2017 was the launch year of the game PUBG which was designed by Brendan Greene and the PUBG Corporation. It is an on the computer game between you and 99 others playing the game. You just have to survive in the game till the very end and you are permitted to use a wide range of weapons. Well, it is not just a game rater we can call it an addiction.


When a game is developed every little detail matters and for your information, perfection in every little detail is what makes the project a huge success. The graphics used in PUBG are astonishing and especially when you are playing at the highest settings. What makes it special is the adjustable frame rate from low to high or even allows you to change the designs of the details from smooth to HD.  A couple of colour schemes enable you to transform them from muted tones to something vivid or brilliant.

Exciting Features

PUBG is popular for the most simultaneously game ever played. The game promises to offer a handful of exciting features for gamers.

Monetization Strategy

The monetization procedure for PUBG is the framework never seen before in the game category. The game is free to play, download, and elements are available for the users who are willing to buy them. Some users enjoy the game to the fullest without paying for anything in the game. The rewards, sound impact, and the challenges convince users to play and become addicted to it. A drastic change has been observed in the gaming industry after the launch of PUBG.

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How Much Does It Cost to Make an App like PUBG?

PUBG is a high-level gaming app for mobile devices. Such games are created by skilled professionals and include high development costs.

These games include an extreme level of detail and very well-designed. Building a game of this standard requires a team of experts, planning, time and the list goes on. These games can cost up to anything, from $40K to $50K.

The above listed are few features behind the success of such projects. If you are looking for an app development company, then allow us to help through the process and create a sensational gaming project.