Major Benefits of Fantasy Sports App Development : You Should Know

fantasy sports app development benefits

As we walk a mile, we see sports enthusiast having a bird’s eye view of the current match going live. Well, what if we say you can turn a profit with their sports knowledge and predictions skills? Will you be interested in knowing the benefits of the fantasy sports app and hanging one’s shingle on the door?

You seemed a little curious to know the benefits. In no time, we’ll be discussing the benefits, but until then, let’s have a sneak peek at the market share of the fantasy sports app.

Statistics of Fantasy Sports App

If we talk about the most followed game in the world, undoubtedly it’ll be Cricket and Football. People have waited for a long to see their player hitting the ball out of the ground during the pandemic. But as of now, things seemed going better. The player is back on their respective feet to represent their country in international formats. So, here are a few stats that can stimulate you to have your own fantasy sports app.

  • According to the gender percentage, 81% of males and 19% of females use the fantasy sports app
  • Over 85% of people in India use app related to fantasy sports
  • There are 7% of people use fantasy sports app on their desktop
  • There are 50% of the total players have age of between 18 to 34 years
  • More than 34% of gamers earn $70,000
  • The market value of the fantasy sports industry in the US was $7.22 billion worth in 2019.

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Now it’s time to discuss fantasy sports app benefits. Let’s go.

After knowing about the fantasy sports app’s stats, now it’s time to discuss the benefits that will increase your ROI year-on-year. Let’s see what benefits it can come with.

Cricket Fixtures

Are you a cricket fan but misses out on the dates too frequent of our favorite team? The app has all the matches’ details, whether IPL, ICC WC, ODI or Test. You can have the updated time table on your app for your audience to be ready to show their skills with their virtual team.

Target Audience

According to the data release, approximately 110 million players have registered with a significant market share. If we talk about the fantasy sports app giants, then in 2019, Dream 11 had around 50 million users on its platform. It is followed by the two companies, i.e., 11 wickets and MyTeam 11, with a 10 million user database.

Low Competition

This market has a low competition percentage as compared with the other markets. Because you need a highly professional team of developers to design, develop and deploy in a seamlessly flawless manner. But if done, you can increase your annual ROI year-on-year.

Fantasy Sports App is Legal Globally

As the fantasy sports app benefits this point, we think it needs to be discussed, as many entrepreneurs drop the best game-changing idea due to false or irrelevant information they read on Google.

There are countries where fantasy sports games are legal. Based on proper predictions and skills, almost every country have allowed entrepreneurs to conduct fantasy leagues. Though, we too don’t claim efficacy , as the laws are different in countries and gets updated after the mean time.

Low Investment and Higher Returns

Entrepreneurs are investing in businesses with a standstill, and the fantasy sports app is one of them. Developing the app will cost you one time, but it will give you a higher ROI for the rest of your life.

Multilingual Support

One of the premium features is Multilingual. Multilingual allows your business to expand its reach to cover more horizons. Though your audience database increases, eventually, you increase your returns.

Get your App Deployed with Efficacy

As we’ve seen a few fantasy sports app benefits, there are uncountable others you can experience once you have your app in your side pockets. To get your app readily deployed, you must be wondering about choosing the best fantasy sports app development company. Well, you are already on the right side. Connect the dots with us to get your app and hang one’s shingle on the door to turn a profit.

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