Magento vs PrestaShop: Top eCommerce Platforms Comparison 2021

magento vs prestashop ecommerce platform

For running an e-Commerce business online, you need a flawless business cart for your audience to checkout with their product seamlessly. Amongst all the shopping cart solutions, PrestaShop and Magento are the two most successful names we hear in the market. We’ve already voyaged towards the end of 2021.

In recent, what have we experienced in the last year has changed everything for now. So, the market demands to list all the possible aspects associated with eCommerce comparison for 2021. So, coming up with this article, we have listed a few comparisons in detail to make you understand the difference between PrestaShop and Magento.


In general, PrestaShop is easier to use. As it’s an ideal choice for small and medium-sized business, it offers a wide range of pre-made themes. Magento is a perfect choice if you’re an enterprise and have significantly higher visits per day.

Therefore, every business is small at its initial stage and gradually grows as a big brand. The same story is with the eCommerce brand. They start their business serving a limited number of products, but the product list eventually grows as the day passes. So, it becomes necessary at the initial stage of development to have an eCommerce platform comparison. Making things much easier for you, read below the detailed eCommerce comparison for 2021.

eCommerce Comparison for 2021: The Platforms Overview

Overviewing the platforms gives us the slightest idea of where to heed to be on the safer side in the coming future. To make things run smooth, formulate a better strategy for the next five years and answer the question – Where do I see my brand after five years? It’ll help you make the best decision. Now, let’s take an overview of what we are going to discuss today.


It’s a freemium, open-source eCommerce platform designed with PHP programming language whose database management is backed by MySQL. Moreover, PrestaShop was designed with a perspective on delivering the eCommerce solution to small and medium-sized businesses. It becomes a handy

tool for someone unaware of website development. Let’s steer a little off to know a few advantages and disadvantages of the platform.


User-friendly: As mentioned earlier, the business store owner with little or no technical knowledge can quickly develop their online store. Although it’s a handy tool backed with a user-friendly interface, indeed, anyone can easily install PrestaShop.

Less Expensive: PrestaShop’s main advantage is that despite looking for self-hosting servers at the initial stage, the business or an entrepreneur can look for shared hosting services or cloud services that are comparatively less expensive than others.


Scalability Issue: We’ve already discussed that an eCommerce platform grows gradually. But PrestaShop is designed to serve small and medium-sized businesses. As your business will move towards the massive scale of product listing, it’ll face the product page’s slow loading. Therefore, you’ll need to hire another eCommerce website development company to solve the current issue.


It’s an online eCommerce platform that empowers brands and retailers with a broader horizon of selections. If we talk about Magento customizability, it’s drag and drops feature says it all. A wide range of apps and extensions make it easy to fuse payment gateway and other vital features for a user-friendly interaction.


Large Scale Businesses: Magento empowers its businesses with built-in features such as high volume selling, loyalty program management, plenty of built-in functions and seamless payment and checkout.

Scalability: When compared with PrestaShop, you can have 50,000 visits per hour in Magento. Magento provides many extensions, making it work smooth and precise even if you have an enterprise of thousands of thousands of products database. It’s a vital option for such big enterprises.


Complexity: Magento has a higher complexity if you sink deeply technical as Magento installation, modification, and administration require advanced technical skills.

Expensive: The availability of countless built-in features, add-ons extensions and features, and regular fees like ongoing maintenance costs, updates, changes to functionalities, plug-in software make it expensive. But other aspects too make it a little more expensive, i.e., firstly, it requires dedicated servers due to its resource-incentives and heavy solution. It would be best to hire an eCommerce website development company, as every retailer is not a technical expert.

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PrestaShop vs Magento: A Detailed eCommerce Comparison for 2021

As we’ve discussed the overview, including the advantages and disadvantages of both the eCommerce solution platforms, it’s time to look at the detailed eCommerce comparison for 2021.


It’d be a little biased to raise a popularity statement favouring any eCommerce platform because both platforms play a vital role in serving different sized organisations and fulfilling their requirements. But if we talk about PrestaShop, it’s leading in many user quantities. In contrast, Magento is leading in serving enterprises with a steady and flawless interface for their product display and checkouts.


If we talk about Magento, its open-source edition is best suited for small business. But if you are an enterprise, you cannot manage your business requirements in its free version. Magento Enterprise edition ranges from $22,000 to $1,25,000, depending on the gross sales revenue.

Whereas PrestaShop is free to setup. Its theme price starts from $70 to $348. But if we talk about add-ons, many are free, but premium add-ons range between $35 to $5806.

Therefore, after summing up both the eCommerce platform, you can hardly notice the slightest difference in the cost of operating on Magento and Prestashop for small to medium stores.

PrestaShop vs Magento: For Growing your Online Business

Well, every business has its requirements at the initial stage. But if you are planning to migrate from PrestaShop to Magento, SVAP Infotech’s team is all time ready to guide you with what suits your business needs. Afore now, we have guided and deployed numerous eCommerce online platforms and willing to count on you too. Get assisted with the visionaries to deliver the best eCommerce platform for efficacy.

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