Long Story Short, The Debate Orchestrates Supremacy of iPhone Over Android


War… war never changes. Long story short, from video games to real-life fallouts, the iPhone versus Android debate seems never-ending. The debate orchestrates that Android phones unveil new features faster, cost-effective, and Android helps smartphones reach the masses.

But another side of the coin conveys user data privacy, robust iOS, long-life, and necessary software updates. In recent iOS update 14.5, Apple said that now the users with Apple Watch can unlock their phone while having a mask put on. It is worth something Android is yet to play catch up.

Android phones are no less than pop-up ads and new apps suggestion box. Therefore, here are six new features that make an iPhone different from Android.

Reveal What Data gets Collected by your App

At the basic, all iPhone apps from December 2020 needs to reveal their privacy practices and what data it collects. In contrast, the Android apps ask for Permissions and show privacy details; it doesn’t tell you whether or not the app is creating your digital profile for ads by linking your personal data. But Apple has started to provide this information with its App Store new update.

Users can Find Relevant apps on App Store, not Clickbait and Clone Apps

It is common to see clone apps and clickbait on Android that claims something and do something else. But at Apple App Store, it is mandatory to inform users about what it is all about and the core experience before users get lured to download it. It will help users stay away from clickbait and downloading useless apps.

Prevent Apps from Learning your Activities on iPhone

Apple to roll out privacy features in its new iOS update 14.5 As per the privacy policy, developers must ask for permission before tracking the users to serve personalized ads. This debate caught global attention when Facebook announced to create an antitrust lawsuit against Apple. Mark Zuckerberg said, “changes will hurt developers and small businesses”.

He continued, “Apple has every incentive to use their dominant platform position to interfere with how our apps and other apps work, which they regularly do to preference their own,” he said. “This impacts the growth of millions of businesses around the world, including with the upcoming iOS14 changes, many small businesses will no longer be able to reach their customers with targeted ads. Apple may say that they’re doing this to help people, but the moves track their competitive interests”.

Later next day, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook discusses greater scrutiny of businesses “built on misleading users” and data exploitation at CPDP 2021 on International Data Privacy Day, Thursday, January 28.

The debate makes it pretty clear that apps cannot track your online activities across other apps and websites to serve you ads.

Get to Know Whether the App have Secret Access to your Mic or Camera

The moment the iOS app permits to have access to a mic or camera, the iPhone will alert you with a green or yellow notification dot. It is to prevent spy apps from secretly record your moments.

iPhone can Let you Know If any Malware is Trying to Copy-paste your Passwords

iPhone secretly informs you if an app accessed your clipboard or not. For instance, there are people who copy their ID and passwords on their clipboard. So, malware and spyware secretly get access to your clipboard to steal them. If something occurs in such a way, Apple will notify you instantly.

Run iOS Apps by Giving them Bare Minimum Permissions

Apple confirms in its developer’s policy that only permissions that are absolutely necessary for the functioning of the app are taken into consideration. Whereas Android is strict over the same, but anyways some apps ask for contact book access for its functioning.

Well, I never personally asserted such a scenario (you after knowing how Apple is advancing ahead on the roads). It is crucial to keep yourself updated with the updates Apple and other iOS developers are bringing. Choose the optimum grade of service to protect your personal data.

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