Build Language Learning App like Duolingo: Cost, Features & Market Growth

Who would have thought that learning would excite the kids and the elderly and be a fun activity? We believe gone are the days when attendance was the reason to appear in learning classes.

Well, you cannot put up more question marks as we are in the middle of a pandemic and already crossed a pool of questions in 2020. Now with the positive attitude of anything that can happen let’s begin with a chapter where language learning app like Duolingo has made up a huge name and taken over the education industry very swiftly and quickly.

Do not worry as we are here to gradually explain to you in detail as per the requirement for you to understand the market growth, how these apps works, what are the features, and the benefits of their use.

Few best language learning apps have created big-names raising a lot of temperature in the market with its exceptional app and usage. If you are willing to build something similar, then follow the article for the relevant update we have gathered for our readers.

Defining the free language learning app Duolingo?

Duolingo caters its users with its services free of cost. Does the question arise what are the services? Well, the app is for enthusiasts who have a keen interest in learning languages and crowdsourcing translations.

Training modules are designed in a manner where you can learn from scratch as well as skip levels if you are a quick learner. Receiving points through exceptional performance in the activities are one good thing that keeps the users going. It’s a fun activity providing you with extra knowledge and makes learning easier than never before. Many features of the app make the users keep pushing towards your goal.

Investment suggestion tips for language learning app like Duolingo

We know reaching the level of perfection like Duolingo is not easy or cheap to proceed with, the reason we just have one Duolingo at the moment. But if we are willing to create a better app than Duolingo or something similar than we need to have the best teams for two departments: Design and development.

The more the investment the merrier will be the audience with its advanced features. The cost of development will be associated with designing and development.


To carry out a smooth mobile app development for robust app results for that you will have to work on building a team that promises a strong backend development. Once the decision over the platform is done you can start calculating the cost of the development based on the languages for publication of the app and the feature list you want to integrate into your app.

All these stages will slowly give you an approximate idea of $ 5000 to $7000 required for the development. These figures can be altered if you hire resources from countries that offer the same solution at an affordable price.


We know the importance of beauty. If it’s not attractive enough to explore than we might lose some of the audience. We need to be very precise about our selection of the UI & UX as it will lead us to our users directly. The easier to explore the better it will result in. We can cost for the design can be from $5000 to %7000 as per the working hours required.

The Technologies, number of features you wish to include, location for getting the development done, and the mobile app development the platform will be additional factors that will require your attention.

Market Overview of language learning apps like Duolingo

The global pandemic made the impossible possible and hence people of all age groups switched to online services for assistance even if they weren’t ready for the same. The boost in the online learning platform has been observed like never before. Over 2 billion people have shown interest and have engaged themselves in the best language learning apps currently.

The forecast for the growth has jumped to $8.7 billion by the year 2025 from being in the revenue league for $6 billion until 2020. A huge jump has been observed if compared to the investment and revenue generated from the eLearning apps over the past 10 years.

Important keys to consider while developing a language learning app like Duolingo

Language apps are a part of the eLearning industry that includes a lot of consideration for learning. These factors need to be kept in mind before beginning the process of development.

Be easy with the vocabulary

The app should not be for the experts rather it should cater to the beginners. It should have all the ways, to begin with, scratch for users to stick to it without being exhausted while using it. You have to offer the best vocabulary solutions to make the user’s carve learning.

Hearing practice modules

Audio clips and short videos can be a great help. It is said the more the body parts are involved in the process of learning the faster you learn about it. You need to provide your users with the opportunity where they can get a chance for speech comprehension with the listening practice for the best results.


If you can absorb the words with the vocabulary and auditory experience doesn’t imply that you can speak it out that well. For that, you need to integrate pronunciation teaching on your app that will be used with the audio recording. The user should be allowed to repeat after the recording to follow up accurately. Also, the correction part where the user will be provided with the correction of words if they are doing it wrong.

In-app community

What will be better then people can learn together and work on their skills by talking to one another. The people using the same apps for learning the same language can communicate and practice well without being shy of the unknown. Also, push notification can be sent over and over as a reminder for them to revise what the users have learned today.

Development Features for language learning app like Duolingo

leanguage learning app features

A list of features that will be essential for you to develop an app like Duolingo. You may also demand exceptional features as per your idea and understanding.

Sign in/ Sign up

You have to fill up your basic needed information for further procession like the name, contact, age, sex, etc. You create your profile, choose your password and it’s done.

Preferred Courses

You can choose the desired language course for further learning. Also, you can choose the level you want to begin with as you can be a beginner or go for a little or more advanced language learning as per your choice.

Learning process

Users are provided with different activities to make the learning process more entertaining and fun. Homeworks and rewards keep the students consistent about their target completion and hence encourage smooth working.


Remind your users, again and again, to avoid missing of the teachings. Through push notifications, you can achieve your target of reminding your presence.


Avoid the traditional methods and make learning more fun as gamification will make learning more fun for users and result in good responses. It makes the interactions with the other learner more live and entertaining.

Social media integration

Connecting on social media through your social media accounts is obviously going to make you more updated. Social media sharing and presence are a must as the world is out there in the platform waiting for you to make them aware of all of it.

Revenue generation process for language learning app like Duolingo

How do we generate revenue out of this big investment? Let’s provide you with a slight idea for the generation models that will be combined in development or post-development.

Online marketing

Initially, the learning is free of cost in exchange for a few third party advertisements. This is a good revenue source as you can generate good income with these advertisements. Not just the free users but you can also attract paid users to explore better services.


To get a hold on the exclusive locked features you need to unlock them by paying a minimum fee. Keen learners will always be willing to explore the best of the services that can be made available within a few clicks.

Wrapping up

To have a language learning app like Duolingo we need to hire the best experts to make it possible for you. Also, we need to implement and research more on the trends that are trending in the industry of learning. Development is not the only thing until and unless you make every effort to publicize your product. The information provided above will help you a lot to get closer to your dream.

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