Top 10 Key Considerations for Developing a Video Streaming App

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Who else watch traditional televisions yet? We guess, only a few people, and why not, with the evolution of technology, the entertainment industry also becomes tech-savvy. Video streaming apps have taken over the traditional form of entertainment. Now, people prefer to use video streaming platform for their fun. The demand for video streaming apps has boosted in recent years.

According to industry experts, the global market of video streaming apps is predicted to reach $124.57 billion till 2025. In 2019, the video streaming app market relished the profits amounts to 24,837 million USD. The annual growth rate of the market is foreseen to increase by 3.2% by 2023, which amounts to 28,190 million USD.

Today, Video streaming platforms are used in multiple fields, including-

  • entertainment
  • education
  • corporate training
  • religious events
  • political parties
  • Live news streaming.

Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu are some of the best video streaming apps, and their demand is growing at a prompt speed.

For developing a video streaming app, companies should consider the following constraints that can raise their streaming platform-

1. Customization of an App

A customized app is always profitable, as it enables app companies to update their app with changing trends easily. The companies make sure that their app should be well-integrated on cross-platform integration, including multiple social media channels and websites.

2. Consistency

A video streaming platform contains technologies known as encoder and transcoder, which use to enhance the flexibility of the app. Encoder used to convert the video files from one format to another to remove the storage issues and security problems. In contrast, transcoder works to convert that converted files back to original ones. It acts as an interpreter to decode the data to final users.

3. Streaming engines

Streaming engines are the browser-based interface, use to build and maintain VOD and live streams. The interface is easy to use, to create a streaming solution; it is crucial to select the right streaming engine. The most popular streaming engine is Wowza which offers incorporated streaming media server software.

4. Media streaming protocol

Media streaming protocols are used to enable viewership on video streaming platforms. Leading operating systems including iOS, Windows and Android also use their customized kits of media streaming protocols.

5. Pricing

Pricing is one of the vital factors which involves high costing. Companies need to pick a practical solution that gratifies their budget. Costing of an app depends upon features and functionalities you want to add to your video streaming platform. To build a video streaming app like Netflix or Amazon, in eastern countries, the costs of a developer range between $25-$80 and in western countries it ranges between $80 to $200 on an hourly base.

6. Delivery Time

Delivery time put a high impact on video streaming apps. There are two factors which affect delivery time-

  • customized video streaming platform
  • predefined package

Predefined packages are quickest to be delivered, but it does not fulfil all the conditions. In contrast, delivery of customized video streaming platform takes time, but are highly efficient for the app companies who want to add exclusive features and functionalities to their app.

7. Security

Imagine if someone has accessed your data unlawfully, then, how will you protect your content from illegal use across all consumer devices? Don’t worry; there are a lot of features mentioned below, which assure that your video streaming website designs for safety.

  • Network background
  • Token security
  • Domain restriction
  • Geographical restriction
  • Watermarking
  • Viewer payment security

8. High bandwidth

A bandwidth with high speed is essential for a successful video streaming app. There are two facets which affect the bandwidth- a quality content delivery network and the right protocol. Today, Users requires high-speed bandwidth to watch videos. Prominent market players like Netflix advises 25 Mbps, Amazon recommends 15 Mbps bandwidth speed. Companies need to offer suitable bandwidth speed for video streaming platforms.

9. Reliable storage

It is essential to make sufficient storage space for a video streaming platform. Video streaming app developers should decide for cloud storage as it is extremely secure and offers unlimited data storage space.

10. Network connectivity

A content delivery network is a substantial constituent which should be considered before developing a video streaming app. If you don’t know about what is CDN, then it is a setup which offers secured delivery of content to customers over a geologically spread network of servers. It helps to renovate streaming site into an accessible system to meet the demand for content.

Wrapping up-

To conclude, selecting the right solutions is essential to build a mobile streaming app. If you want to create another Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon, keep these significant factors in mind. And, if you’re planning to build a video streaming app like Amazon or Netflix. Then, contact our video streaming app developers for full details!

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