10 Best JavaScript Framework for Mobile App Development

javascript frameworks for mobile app development

Deciding a framework is easy, but which one to choose is still the most significant confusion for every developer. Today there are several frameworks available in the marketplace that offers immense advantages, and one of the among them is JavaScript. It is the most preferable and recommended programming language in the developer’s community.

JavaScript provides excellent tools for creating mobile apps which are highly efficient and lower development cost. After witnessing the rising demand, many entrepreneurs now start investing in JavaScript mobile app development solutions.

As per the research, around 75% of the developers prefer JavaScript frameworks over other programming languages. The applications developed by this framework are highly compatible with the various platforms, including Android, iOS and Windows. The mobile application development is overgrowing with a CAGR of 14% and expected to reach $100 billion by 2022.

Here we’ve come up with a list of best JavaScript frameworks by which you can create excellent cross-platform native and hybrid mobile applications.

1. React Native

If you are a big supporter of native mobile apps, then React native is the best JavaScript framework to develop mobile applications. The apps developed by this framework can run across all devices and platforms. With React JS, you can create mobile applications for Android and iOS.

A developer does not require to put extra efforts by creating multiple codes for different platforms; it allows a single codebase for all. Facebook created it in 2018, and the best part of this framework is that it is compatible with third-party plugins. React JS has its own DOM and also gives smooth and easy to navigate user interface.

2. Sencha Ext JS

It is a cross-platform JavaScript framework that offers optimal solutions for mobile application development. With Sencha Touch, the developers can build secure and robust applications that work on Android, iOS, and more. It is used to develop data-intensive mobile apps that can easily maintain millions of data and come with 90+ user extensions. Sencha JS provides a flexible layout system and powerful analytics. It also offers pre-integrated User interface components.

3. Native Script

Native Script is an open-source framework used to create native mobile apps empowered with JavaScript. It helps to reduce the number of lines in code and time incurred on app load. Many big companies use this framework for application development. It gives direct and faster access to native libraries and also provides the best robust backend support. With this framework, developers can use a single code base and then develop it for Android or iOS.

4. Apache Cordova

It is a popular hybrid JavaScript mobile framework that allows access to various libraries and gives the best backend support for faster development. Apache Cordova is best for beginners and small budget applications. It has a vast community that offers a list of tools, frameworks, and other cloud services that are beneficial in increasing the performance of Cordova.

5. Titanium

Titanium is the oldest JavaScript frameworks available for hybrid application development. It allows easy access to various native functionalities which helps developers to create high-end applications. The titanium offers transparent access and supports fast prototyping. The code applied in this framework can be reused for other platforms as it has the most simplified coding structure that supports robust web technologies.

6. Ionic

Ionic is an open-source JavaScript mobile app framework that helps developers to build hybrid mobile applications for various platforms. It also helps to reduce cost and time of development phase. In this framework, developers have secure access to Cordova plugins that improve the performance of mobile applications. It has the easier testing that can be done on WebKit browser, simulators, and on browsers as well.

7. Meteor

Meteor is one of the best JavaScript frameworks which allows easy updates in code without the involvement of a developer. It is an open-source platform that comes with hot code push function through which a developer can deploy any updates on all platforms. It has miniMongo database which creates a local copy of data in local storage. Through meteor, communication between mobile and server is secure.

8. Backbone JavaScript

Backbone JS is the ancient framework of JavaScript, which is highly lightweight and efficiently manage all the demands. Developers prefer this framework for creating the one-page application and the development time is less. Twitter, Pinterest and other tech giants use Backbone JavaScript.

9. Angular JavaScript

Angular JavaScript is the most popular framework of JavaScript family that used to develop single page application using directives. It offers more features as compared to Bootstrap3 and comes with components like overlays, switches, sidebars, and navigational bars.

10. jQuery Mobile

jQuery Mobile is one of the top JavaScript mobile app frameworks used for developing user-friendly websites and mobile applications. jQuery supports all native user interface, including iOS and Android. It is the most lightweight framework that allows faster loading and uniform user interface for every platforms and device.


Today, the mobile application development market is overflowed with a hundred other creative JavaScript frameworks. Which of the popular JavaScript frameworks do you prefer for mobile app development is entirely depends upon your project requirements?

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