Best IoT Tools and Technologies for Developers & Programmers

Best IoT Tools & Technologies for Developers

You will agree with the fact that IoT has immersed the IT industry today and it has penetrated in daily aspects of our life. Somehow, we are surrounded by it using it in our homes or at workspaces. The revolution of IoT solutions not only made our lives innovative, but it also opened the doors of exciting opportunities for IoT developers and the companies. The multifaceted scope of IoT is turning into something of an unstoppable journey. So how can you address the idea of building IoT-enabled apps? For that, you need robust IoT tools and technologies.

Market Overview of IoT

Market View of IoT

According to market experts, 57% of companies already adopted IoT solutions, and this number is rising with every passing year. If we take a look on the numbers, then, in 2006, there were 2 billion IoT connected devices which have grown to 15.41 billion in 2015, and now it reaches to a projected 200 billion in 2020. The increasing number clearly shows the rising demand and popularity of IoT solutions. Currently, the devices are widely used in healthcare, manufacturing and business sectors.

IoT Tools and Technologies to Build Robust IoT Applications

Tessel 2

Tessel 2

One of the leading open-source hardware devices that run on JavaScript and supports Npm. This tool is used to create intuitive IoT solutions and prototypes. One can develop useful devices with Tessel as it has the support of the libraries of Node.js. It is a development board which can hold up to a dozen modules including Radio frequency identification (RFID), GPS, camera, and accelerometer.

The developers who are highly skilled with NodeJs can quickly access it and make excellent IoT solutions. It is tagged as one of the best IoT platforms for programmers.



If you are looking to build a computer device that can quickly catch and monitor the activities of the world as compared to your standard computer, then Arduino is the most brilliant choice for you. It is an open-source prototyping platform which is used to build highly robust electronic projects. It is based on easy-to-use hardware and software. It supports C++ language for its coding but with the addition of unique methods and functions. Arduino is one of the most preferred IDEs in all IoT development tools.

Platform IoT

Platform IoT

Next in the list is an accessible cross-platform IoT integrated development environment which comes with a unified debugger. With a beautiful interface, this tool is best for mobile app development solutions. Moreover, developers get a friendly IoT environment to create high-quality IoT enabled apps.

It also offers multi-projects workflow with various Panes, as well as it supports themes with dark and light colours. The best part about this tool is it is compatible with more than 2000 boards. Developers who have experience with Platform IoT said that- it speeds up the IoT app development process and creates IoT solutions in the required time.


Node Red

Node-Red is a flow-based visual programming tool which uses NodeJs to build IoT projects. It was developed originally by IBM with over 60K modules. The aim behind its development is to offer a user-friendly interface to developers and programmers so that they can quickly connect and access the devices. It is widely used to connect hardware devices, APIs, software and other servers with a browser-based flow editor.

Home Assistant

Home Assitant

A new open-source tool used for home automation and functions. It works on the Python-based coding system. The best part about this tool is the IoT systems which are designed by it can easily control and monitor with your smart devices and desktop browsers. Moreover, it is considered as one of the reliable and most-trusted for security and privacy concerns. It supports every system which runs on Python 3.

Eclipse IoT

If you are planning to build IoT devices, gateways or cloud platforms, then it is one of the best IoT tools for it. Generally, it is considered as an ecosystem where companies and individuals can collaborate with other firms to create the best IoT products. It allows you to create, support and use open source IoT technologies. Eclipse IoT is the industry’s leading open source community designed for IoT innovation.

Kinomo Create

It is one of the best JS-powered IoT construction kits that can quickly connect two devices. If you are planning to build small IoT applications, then Kinomo would be the best option for you. It offers all the essential things which are necessary to create such IoT apps including, temperature, connecting light, movement sensors and others. If you want to learn how it works, you will find several tutorials available on the internet. It is renowned for the development of synthesizers. It provides essential components like touch screen, an ARM SoC 800 MHz processor, Bluetooth and integrated WiFi.

Device Hive

Device Hive is another best IoT tool in the list, which is highly preferable and compatible IoT app development platforms. It is an open-source M2M communication framework which was founded back in 2012. However, it is a cloud-based API so developers can control it quickly from anywhere; it does not require any network configuration. The tool is majorly used for security, automation, smart home tech and sensors.

Now, if we talk about the IoT technologies then following are the software technologies used for building IoT solutions-

  • Cloud computing
  • Edge Analytics
  • IoT platforms
  • IoT based streaming analytics
  • Supervised machine learning
  • Unsupervised machine learning
  • Containers

And some technologies are still coming up, including-

  • IoT Marketplaces
  • Digital Twins
  • Real-time database
  • IoT security platforms
  • FaaS/Serverless
  • Deep Learning


Today, we are living in an internet world where we can get anything and everything when we need it. It brought the Internet of Things in the picture. It can connect multiple devices at once, which makes our lives more manageable. It’s benefits and demand make this technology essential for the upcoming decades.

If you are planning to develop the next-generation IoT applications, SVAP INFOTECH helps you with the best IoT tools and technologies for building various IoT devices. With these innovative tools, developers, and the companies who dreamt of creating such applications can mark a difference in the market by becoming a supporting part of the latest technology model transformation. Also, to know more about the IoT technologies, ping us and get the best solutions.