iOS 14.5 Fraudulent Website Warning Feature to Limit the Risk of Information Leak

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For a long, Apple has relied on Google’s Safe Browsing database to protect Safari users from phishing scams. Though Chrome isn’t blocking the piracy sites, outright though it gives a screen that says ‘Deceptive Site Ahead’, we all have seen this kind of screen on Android often. Followed by such nefarious acts, websites often turf off their users to a different webpage or show repetitive ads by modifying your homepage for installation. It gives the unauthentic source a chance to steal or destroy your data.

The most common example of such acts is the Kik platform. There its users get the link with evoking content, and users click on that malicious link. Once connected, your phone automatically gets switched off, and chances are, as you turn on your mobile, a bug gets installed automatically. That bug creates a copy of your data and sends it to the phisher.

Keeping jeopardy into consideration, starting with iOS 14.5, Apple to roll out its proxy service directly from their server to curb Google to access the amount of information from you.

To not orchestrate information as bumf, a screenshot posted on February 10, 2021, to Reddit entitling “iOS 14.5 Beta 1: Apple proxies Google Safe browsing to prevent exposing your IP address”. In it, the screenshot clarifies that after the release of the iOS 14.5 version, it will proxy your Google Safe Browsing traffic so that Google does not see your IP address.

Also, a new “” URL and testing by MacRumors shows that the same URL alongside “” and “” being used to proxy “Safe Browsing.”



The emerging new requirements called App Tracking Transparency (ATT) caused many social platforms to unite and to know how the new feature will impact their bottom-line.

As Apple always flummox its user, the upcoming new feature is Crowdsource Reporting for accidents, speed traps, and hazards within Apple Maps. Apple released its first beta to developers and public beta last week says that iOS and iPadOS 14.5 will roll out to the public in the “early spring.”

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