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Advancements in iPhone App Development

Apple has always been in the news for its latest phones, iOS operating system, apps and its market. Undoubtedly, Apple’s iOS is the most innovative mobile app platform globally, with over 2.2 million iOS applications in its App Store, which is expected to reach up to 10 million by 2020. Apps are the keystone of the iPhone – which set it distant from Android. The iPhone apps are classically best in class. Here we are discussing some of the top trends in iPhone application development.

1. Augmented Reality (AR)

iOS has introduced a series of the latest features in 2017 and augmented reality is one of them that rules the app market. The biggest AR platform across the world is Apple’s ARKit.
It combines digital objects and information’s with the current situations. App developers that are working on projects of iPhone app development can create AR 3D apps for iPhones and iPads easily. AR Kit effectively forms a credible user experience. iOS apps based on augmented reality are composed to be dominating the rest in the estimated future.

2. Core Machine Learning

With iOS mobile app development, Apple was competent to lead a machine learning framework called the Core ML. iOS app developers are continually exploring machine learning capabilities in iOS applications. Developers only have to add a few codes along with the framework code to develop an app. Core ML has the most advanced security features with the vision techniques to detect the faces and artificial intelligence game development. It helps the companies to develop the apps smarter and more interactive.

3. Apple HomeKit

Apple HomeKit framework has developed to offer services for home automation. Users can easily organise accessories and create actions to control them. The HomeKit structure allows smart devices to communicate with each other at home. During the development process, developers can also develop unified apps and perform group actions using Apple HomeKits. HomeKit based automation apps are presently trending and will endure doing so.

4. Swift 4

Objective C is the most extensively used Apple programming language. With its graphical user interfaces and feature-rich framework, it continued a standard programming language and remained the core of iOS development.
Swift is equally as prompt as C++, but it is simpler to read and learn and made with the Low-Level Virtual Machine. The LLVM is faster than the prior C compilers. As a result, the workload shifts from the programmer to XCode and the compiler.

5. Swift 5.0
As we are reviewing the current iPhone app development trends, we should also take a look at the emerging updates that are expected to be in the market, this year itself. In the year 2019, it is equally essential for the iPhone app developer to keep an eye on the updates that Swift 5 will get. The newest version of Swift 5.0 will bring ABI-Application Binary Interface stability that will help the iPhone app developers to insert the Swift libraries with the runtime.

Best iPhone App Development Tools:

For iPhone app development, there is no sign to go out of trends. The popularity of iPhone applications is rising globally. And, developing iPhone apps is now easy than earlier as there is no pushover in creating an iPhone app. Every year, several iPhone application development tools have been commenced to let the old ones go sidelong. On the other end, developers are taking the benefits of app builder tools to build mobile apps rapidly, worldwide.

Moreover, there are many tools available in the market that allow developers to write high-quality code for developing striking applications for iPhone, and iPads. Here are some of the latest tools to build a useful iPhone application.

· Jazzy
· Hotfix Native iOS Apps
· Gitter
· Charter
· Crayons
· Qordoba
· Swift Express
· iOS Up

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