How will the Gaming Industry Evolve in the Future?

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The gaming industry got its first recognition when Atari released Pong – a table tennis-themed video game featuring two-dimensional graphics. The game was a huge success and paved the path for other similar gaming companies. This influenced many others to launch their own games, and since then, its never been the same.

They have come a long way from the early versions of pixelated screens and distinct retro sounds. The current scenario has more life-like HD graphics with surround sound systems to enhance the immersive experience of playing games.

In 2020, the gaming industry made $160 billion in revenue. It was expected to multi-fold within a couple of years. New research suggests that by 2022, there will be around 2.7 billion people – about more than one-third of the population – participating in online/offline games.

The big tech companies have already started investing money and resources in developing far advanced gaming consoles and services. Apple entered the gaming market with Apple Arcade, its own gaming subscription service. And shortly after, Google launched Stadia, where users can directly stream leading game titles from Google cloud rather than bothering with downloads or physical consoles.

And Twitch, a game streaming service bought by Amazon, is planning to develop its operations further. These newcomers will have to compete with the ever-existing gaming companies such as Microsoft’s X-Box, Nintendo’s Switch, and Sony’s PlayStation for market share.

If we talk about the online gaming market share, Mobile and PC gaming have racked more than half of the revenue spent. But, if we talk about AR and VR games, which are relatively new, continue to grow revenue as the new, improved gadgets are introduced.

What is the Future of Gaming?

Till now, we have understood that growth in the gaming industry runs parallel to the ability to develop new technologies and tools.

But out of all, those who can integrate two existing technologies to create a mixed reality platform will be the ultimate winner. It actually means that the combined efforts of technological advancements will push the gaming experience to new heights in the nearest future.

Let’s discuss the factors that will play a pivotal role in making game development easy and as immersive as possible.

Artificial Intelligence in Video Games

AI has integrated itself into businesses and our daily lives – from Gmail’s smart filtering systems to fully autonomous cars to surveillance systems. If noticed, childhood video games also comprise AI integration for side characters, deciding whether to attack or defend in particular situations, such as the innocent characters walking on the side of the road in your favorite game, “GTA Vice City.”

AI is also crucial in not just running the game but also in making one. For a few decades now, designers have been using AI to create games to amplify the user experience. And it has become a standard practice in the gaming industry.

Some developers use AI to create entire levels in advance; this is a sign of a bright future for the game developers as well as the designers.

VR and AR

Play-station VR and HTC VIVE have already shown the world their capabilities of creating gaming experiences. It is more exciting, and leaving gamers mesmerized with their performance. Virtual reality games are getting increasingly popular in the market.

Whereas the augmented reality is attracting users by providing a phenomenal experience. One such game is Betting Sider, which gives you the feeling of playing from your home with wearable gadgets.

It is still far from reaching every gamer because of the cost and additional gadgets you have to wear while playing. There have been new  breakthroughs regarding AR, yet only VR has been proven to enhance the gaming experience as AR is more of a social application.


The resources we need to amplify the user involvement in the Gaming is still in the developing stage and might need a few more years to reach to absorb the game we interact with completely. But, we are well aware of the rising popularity or at least have an idea of how the future with these exceptional technology integrations will look like for us, the gamers.

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