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Everyone loves to eat favourite food once a day. And what if you will get your preferred food while relaxing on a couch at your home, reading a book or watching some movie. Isn’t it great?

Most of us say- Yes, and why not? With the evolving technology, food ordering from ideal restaurants become comfortable, and Food delivery apps are a new trend which acts as a collaboration stage between restaurants and customers.

With the arrival of the advanced tool and technologies, creating a mobile app becomes easy. An app development relies on distinct standards and guidelines which every app development company follow. Likewise, Food delivery app development is not a prolonged process, but it entails a lot of complexity.

According to market experts, online food delivery app services will rise exponentially. The businesspersons who want to take benefit of this market need to propel an online food delivery service. By the year 2022, the food delivery app market is all set to reach 24.5 billion USD.

If you want to start your online food delivery app business, there are certain factors which need to be considered before start creating an app. There are multiple formats of a food delivery app; you have first to decide what type of food delivery app your business require.

  • Apps deliver prepared food- There are certain franchised restaurants like Dominos and Pizza Hut, which prepare and sell their food items.
  • Platform Food delivery Apps- These kinds of apps offer a platform which acts as a link between food outlets and customers like Zomato and Swiggy.
  • Apps offer grocery delivery service such as BigBasket etc.

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Following are the significant factors which you need to be considered for a successful food delivery app business-

Market Research & Target Audience- Look for Signs of Demand

The most significant step for app development is to identify its potential customers. Usually, apps are used by the people with a busy lifestyle such as entrepreneurs, working professionals and others. They should be the primary target of your food delivery app. It is always suggested to keep an eye on your competitors, their services, features and models too, to ensure that you are not copying anyone’s idea. Companies need to spent their time more in research before so that they do not require to do alterations at a succeeding stage.

Mobile-Friendly App

Users are always looking for an app which is easy-to-use and mobile-friendly. In India, the usage of smartphones is increasing with every passing year. Hence, to reach these users, companies require to build their food delivery app mobile-friendly. You need to optimize your app in different ways to see how it works on multiple platforms, including mobile phones, tablets and laptops. Your app should be convenient in use and contains a smooth interface.

Technical Features

With the arrival of the advanced tools and technologies, choosing the right technology is very difficult. It entirely relies on your requirements, budget, features, functionalities, platform and other factors. If we discuss it in detail, then following are the choices you need to make before initiating app development. The options you select will directly affect your app development cost and time required to develop an app.

  • App Platform- iOS, Android or Windows
  • App frameworks- Native or Hybrid apps
  • Third-party tools- API’s, app clones, SDK’s

Technical features also include UI/UX designs of food delivery app. The designs must be perfect, smooth, and as fast as possible, including the mode of payments, menu processing, and food order variety. If a customer gets exclusive customization on your app, then it will ultimately convert into your loyal customer’s lists.

Hire Responsive Drivers

After considering the essential aspects, you also need to focus on your drivers. Once a user made a food order from your app, you need to ensure that your customer will get its order on time and securely. And for that, you would require responsible drivers. Make sure that your drivers are highly professional and are licensed. You are liable to check their driving records to avoid accidents and other violations. Consequently, offer them necessary training in fundamental customer service skills to increase customer satisfaction.

Continuous innovations and useful analysis are the two critical things that you require to stay for a long time in this competitive food delivery app development market.

Features of a comprehensive on-demand food delivery app

  • Access to Data
  • Online Payment Integration
  • Delivery Time
  • Tracking
  • Review & Ratings
  • Loyalty Program

Wrapping up

Making a long story short – you should start planning to build a food delivery app. Find out your business scope with comprehensive market research and then explore it on a large scale. Talk with us to discuss your idea, do the right brainstorming and take your business to the new heights.

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