How to Make Simple Online Quiz App for Android & iOS?

online quiz app

Have you remember marking puzzles and solving a quiz in newspapers and magazines was so exciting before? And we used to note down our quiz answers on a paper to tally them at last for the result.

That was fun, but it would have been easier if we get automatic results at the end of the quiz. And now with the enhancement of the technology, we are playing online quiz.

Today, many businesses bring an exciting opportunity for their users to win great cash prizes by taking part in an online quiz. Buthow to make a quiz app, is still a big question for many companies.

In this blog, we will talk about how to create a quiz app, including its essential features and advantages.

So, let’s begin. But, initially, it is essential to figure out that-

Why does your business need to build a Quiz App?

With an online quiz app, you can keep your users’ engagement active with your business. You can offer them various entertaining quizzes on different topics, like sports, entertainment, general knowledge, etc.

Following are the top advantages which may motivate you to make an online quiz app for your business-

  • Improves Brand image
  • Bring a large number of audiences
  • Engaging existing users in a fun way
  • Better Overview
  • No instructor needed
  • Effective Communication
  • Helps in developing a healthy relationship with customers
  • Quiz results/ Gain insight in audience

After reading these benefits, there should be nothing keeping you back from creating a simple quiz app for yourself today.

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Must-Have Features in a Mobile Quiz App-

  • Quick and simple
  • Timed Questions
  • Favourite Categories
  • Customize Quiz
  • Suggest the correct answer after a quiz
  • Different level of quiz
  • Multiplayer quiz
  • Multi-media-based quiz

Steps which you need to focus on while making an online quiz app-

1. Creating your Quiz

Designing a quiz is complicated than asking any random questions. Usually, users are excited for such quizzes in which they get their topic of interest. So, firstly you should choose the title carefully according to your user’s choice.

Choose Your Title- For an impressive quiz, you require to do in-depth market research while choosing a quiz title. If you think that to capture your audience’s attention, you need to create a title that is descriptive and different from all the rest; then it is not required. Besides that, it is more important to create a short and sweet title. It keeps your quiz clear and concise.

‘Celebrity Personality’ Title – You can create a simple quiz by using celebrities name in it. Such categories attract more attention to your platform.

2. Select Your Quiz Type

Once you have chosen the quiz category, now you need to think out what kind of quiz you want to build.

Knowledge Quiz – It is one of the most popular types of quiz which readily available on various social media platforms. Such quizzes are more exciting for the users as they have to use their knowledge on given subjects. It also helps businesses to know about their audience how much they are familiar with their brands, products or any services.

Entertainment Quiz– In this category, you will find the questions based on celebrities like cricket, Bollywood and others. These quizzes attract more audience towards the business platform, as people are curious to know more about their favourite personalities.

Multiple-Choice Questions Quiz Multiple choice questions, or probably known as MCQs, is the most common and useful type of quiz to test learners. In this format, there are multiple possible answers as options for one question, one of which is right, and the others are just ‘distractors.’ It keeps users engaging with the platform.

Fill-In-The-Blanks Quiz– In this quiz format, users need to complete a sentence with the missing word(s). Ideally, there are no-hint provides for such questions, but you could include hints if the motive is to let them entertain and recall the concepts generally.

To make your quiz more engaging, you need to focus on the following key points-

  • Introduce Personality into the Quiz
  • Use Images for Your Questions
  • Keep questions precise
  • Create Shareable Results

Now, Why Should You Create a Quiz App with us?

Here’s all that you get when you create a quiz app with us-

  • Get your App in Minutes
  • Publish on App Stores
  • Real-time changes
  • Unlimited push notifications
  • Make some money
  • Promote your app

What are the advantages of making an Online Quiz App with the Best App Development Company?

  • Effective Communication- Having a quiz app makes communication smooth and straightforward with your target audience. Users can easily connect with your business through email, phone etc.
  • Customer Experience- An inspiring quiz app keeps your customers entertain and engage with your brand. It helps you to enhance your user experience.
  • Real-time Access- The best thing about our app development services is that you can update your app content in real-time, without re-installing the app.

Over to you know

So, these are all the vital factors which may help you to know how to make a quiz app. Now, hurry up and contact us to make a quiz app for Android and iOS and entertain your audience during this lockdown.

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