How to Make an Educational App for Android & iOS?

educational app for ios

Today smartphones have become a full-fledged leader that leads the world to a new universe of knowledge. Here we are not discussing the use of specific technologies and the Internet; we talk about the educational apps that completely changed the mode of learning. Currently, these apps are in trending and dominate the app stores lists.

After witnessing the rising demand for these apps, many entrepreneurs are looking to build an educational app for their business. In this blog, we will learn about the trends in educational apps, talk about how to make an educational app, discover its development cost, and consider the ways of monetization. You will find out some useful tips which can help you to build an educational app for any platform, i.e. Android or iOS.

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Overview of Educational App Market

According to Statista, the e-learning market is expected to excel $243 billion by 2022, globally. The number of mobile e-learning apps reaches 600K to-date –275,210 on App Store and 308,438 on Google Play stores.

Let’s discuss-

How many types of educational apps are available in the market?

Currently, there are several educational apps available in the market; you need to choose the type of an app according to your target audience.

Educational app for Kids

Today’s generation is smarter than earlier ones and undeniably smart kids need smart solutions for everything. These apps become the first choice of the parents as it helps to engage their kid’s brain. It makes learning fun and exciting. It offers fun activities and academic assistance that help the children to enhance their skills.

Classroom Apps

These apps have changed the mode of studying from traditional learning to virtual classrooms. These apps make communication easier among students and teachers. Educators can quickly connect with parents in real-time outside of the classroom. In these apps, the teachers can make active class announcements, initiate group chats, or contact the learners privately through the app.

Test Preparation Apps 

These apps emerged as one of the best solutions for the students who are preparing for competition exams, cracking their placements. With these apps, they can prepare for their exams by live learning classes, mock test papers, current daily affairs and general knowledge. Such apps help the students to save money and time so that they can learn more and more for free.

Online Courses 

It is one of the most popular and widespread types of an e-learning application. It usually contains video but often also give text materials for students. Online courses can teach almost anything, from programming and marketing to dancing and cooking.

Language learning apps 

Learning a new language in the former age is quite difficult for people. But with these apps, users get an exciting opportunity to learn multiple languages in several styles. It offers the learning from basics. Users can start with easy phrases and slowly move to more compound sentences. They can also review their progress with correct answers in pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar quickly.

Now, let’s discuss- How to make an educational app?

Creating an educational app is not rocket science; if you have the right technical knowledge and developers’ team, then you can offer a successful eLearning app development solution to your users. Let’s discuss the significant steps required to make an app-

Select the type of the App 

One of the significant steps before starting the development of an educational app is to choose the type of app you want to create. Make sure that the category you select is fulfilling your app idea. For that, you need to consider your target audience and do in-depth market research so that you will offer a great app to your customers.

Determine the App Design and Quality Content

Design of an app defines its success. Creating a proper learning flow is essential for an e-learning app. It requires active involvement. While developing an app, you need to consider that it is highly responsive, offers intrinsic and extrinsic motivation and feedback to the users. But having an appealing design is not enough for a thriving app- the other factor that helps to decide its success is content.

Always remember that quality content is the king of the educational apps. It should be engaging and drive the required results. Make sure that you have domain experts who offer new solutions to your app users.

Decide the Features of an App

With an attractive app design, the exciting features also help an educational app to become more competent in the app market. Make sure that your app offers outstanding features to the users. Here we discuss a few must-have features of an app-

  • Video-based Content
  • Interactive Content
  • Live Tutorials and Sessions
  • Testing Knowledge
  • Offline Mode
  • Gamification
  • Push Notification
  • Social Media Integration

Hire a robust team of Developers

Choose a company that offers excellent educational app development solutions. A team with the right technical skills helps you to convert your dream app idea into reality. For a competent team, you require-

  • Project Manager
  • Android developers
  • iOS developers
  • Tester
  • Quality Analyst
  • Business Analyst

Choose the right tech stack

Majority of the apps built on the two prominent platforms, i.e. Android and iOS. If you want to develop an educational app for android and iOS, then you need to select the right tech stack for it.

Like, if you want to create an educational app for Android, you should use the following technologies:

  • App platform- Native
  • Programming Language- Java and Kotlin
  • Toolkits- Android Studio
  • SDKs- Android SDK
  • Video Chat- WebRTC

And if you intend to make an educational app for iOS, take a look at these necessary technologies:

  • App platform- Native
  • Programming Language- Swift
  • Toolkits- Apple Code
  • SDKs- iOS SDK
  • Video Chat- WebRTC

The difference between the iOS and Android educational app development are-

  • Platform limitations
  • Data Synchronization in Android apps
  • Ergonomic restrictions
  • Battery optimization in Android apps
  • Push notifications restrictions in iOS

What Benefits users will get from Educational Apps?

Educational apps become popular because of its concept. Today people do not have much time to invest in attending traditional learning. These apps emerged as the best solution not only for the students but for the business persons and other learners as well. With these apps, they can quickly go through any of their preferred topic or subject, anytime and anywhere. Some of the significant benefits of these apps are as follows-

  • Users can learn anywhere and anytime.
  • Enhances user engagement
  • Continuous assessment
  • Certified learning approaches
  • Modern educational methodologies
  • Rich Content
  • Advance Features like geolocation, real-time chat with tutors
  • Progress tracking
  • Social interaction features
  • Periodic motivation

These factors help in enhancing the user’s experience to a great extent. But with the changing technologies and trends, you always try to serve new solutions to them that boost their learning experience.

How to monetize an educational app?

Have you ever wondered how the prominent e-learning apps like Byju’s or Duolingo earn the profits? It is true that every app requires an investment and looking for some desired ROI as well. The core mechanics of the app is the secret to the success of its monetization process. The strategy depends upon several factors, including market size, target audience, and app idea.

Let’s discuss some of the standard monetization methods by which you can make aimed revenues-

Pay Per Download 

It is the most common phenomena adopted by every app. In this method, users need to pay a one-time amount to get access to the app. If you are implementing this process in your app, then you require to offer a one-month free trial to your users. It encourages people to use the app and enhance their familiarity with it.


In this method, users can use the application for free, but it offers some standard features and functions which are paid. Users are allowed to make two profiles- one is free, and the other is premium. In premium, profile users have to pay a certain amount at the end of every month to access all the advance courses or features available in the app. In contrast, users with a free account can only use limited content with many restrictions.

In-App purchases

It is the other most common monetization method in which users can make purchases of additional features within the app. They can unlock the multiple functions, including translators or voice commands, use avatars and stickers for their profile. But in-app purchases there are certain limitations as well like the content is not available for sale or rent.


It is considered as the most stable and suitable for an educational app. You can easily find configurated advertising methods in app stores. Still, you must be careful about the content of it as if your app is for kids, then some standard advertisements are not suitable for such genre. There are several kinds of ads pop-up in an app including-

  • Banner advertisements
  • Short-videos
  • Playable flash-game
  • Full-screen pop-ups that can be disabled after a specific time duration
  • Push notifications like SMS
  • You can also create paid options to avoid the ads; it will be a profitable option.

The Development cost of an Educational App

Determining the development cost of an eLearning app is not onerous- you can make a proper plan which includes all the essential factors that affect your app budget. The factors like app features, app design, functionalities and developers play a vital role in it. You have an option to hire an app development company or a freelancer.

Your budget will be calculated according to your app requirements and the time duration it takes. An educational app also contains an admin site that adds content, and for that, it requires multiple features including-

  • user profile
  • push notifications
  • payment system
  • in-app purchases
  • search system
  • content addition
  • lesson categorization
  • statistics of learning progress
  • success assessment.

To implement these features, a robust team of developers is necessary, which includes front-end developers, back-end developers, testers, designers and many more.

The educational app development includes multiple stages, MVP and full-feature hours. Following is the ideal turn-around time of an app-

  • Business analysis + UX require 50-60 MVP hours and 70-80 full-feature hours.
  • Technical specifications require 20-30 MVP hours and 40-50 full-feature hours.
  • UI/UX- 60-80 MVP hours and 90-120 full-feature hours for each platform.
  • iOS/Android development includes 200-250 MVP hours and 400-450 full feature hours for each platform.
  • Back-end development requires 300-400 MVP hours and 500-700 full-feature hours.
  • QA includes 30-50 MVP hours and 60-90 full feature hours for each platform.

If we talk about the per hour development cost according to the countries then following are the potential values-

  • USA based developers- $80
  • German developers- €60
  • UK-based developers- £55
  • Eastern developers- $30

And the full feature set development cost includes-

  • USA based developers-$136 000- $172000
  • German developers- €102 000- €129000
  • UK-based developers- £93500-£118250
  • Eastern developers- $51000 – $64500
  • Indian developers- $38000- $50000

If we talk about the average cost of an app with basic features, then it will cost around $5000-$17000, and the advanced app will cost $20000-$50000.


Creating an educational app seems tricky, but when you have a proper plan, then things are not so complicated. We advise you to hire a competent app development company that assist you in building a useful app for your users. Also, discuss your app idea with the experienced educators so that they can help you in offering the best features to the students. For educational app development, you only require a perfect business plan, a team of expert developers, and capital.

We at SVAP InfoTech can help you with your app idea and development, just contact us to turn your dreams to reality. If you’re thinking about building an educational app, we will help you create an educational app for use as a complement to your guidance. Undeniably, Educational apps are the trend of the future. So, what’s holding you from creating yours? Reach out to us and experience the unique assistance for educational app development solutions.

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