How to Make a Social Networking App for Android?

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Undeniably, social media puts a significant impact on our lives. With the increase of mobile phones’ usage, the opportunities for social networking apps for Android and iOS also enhances and continues to raise. From a business perspective, social media has emerged as one of the promising markets. Currently, companies are looking to build a social networking app.

First, let’s discuss what steps are required to make a social network app?

Here are the essential steps considered before developing a social networking app-

  • Identify your Target audience
  • Determine your marketing strategy
  • Consider three main factors- budget, app platform and traffic estimation.
  • UX/UI should be easy.
  • Boost your social media app with significant SEO strategies.

Now, let’s discuss-

How to Make a Social Networking App for Android?

As social media is a thriving market for the businesses, many entrepreneurs do not want to miss the opportunity to be part of this wealthy market and think of making new social media platforms. Though, this sector is closely engaged with leading players. Still, with the evolution of the technology, there are a lot of new opportunities open for this sector for the attainment of new ideas.

For developing a social networking app for the Android platform, we require to consider the following things-

Architecture: For Android platform, model–view–view model (MVVM) architectural pattern is highly used by the developers.

Programming language: Kotlin language is used to develop an app on the Android platform.

Framework: Developers prefers Google Play Services as a crucial framework. The framework allows access to multiple Google Services, including Firebase, Cloud Messages, In-App purchases, Geolocation, etc.

Library: In Android app development, RxJava2 library is mostly used for constituting asynchronous operations.

Here are the significant steps to create a social networking app

Develop a strategy for your social media app- It is the first and one of the significant steps in a social networking app development. You need to create a plan about your app, in which you require to analyze the competitive market, the app requirements thoroughly and set the KPI’s that need to be accomplished.

Designing of App workflow- After a strategy, the designing is the other essential factor in which numerous steps are mentioned, including sketching, wireframing, prototyping and app design solutions. All of these factors help in providing the best possible app solutions.

Development & Quality Assurance for platforms like iOS and Android- While making an app, development and designing process are almost performing together. In a development process, the developers are focusing on the servers, database and the API’s going to use in the app, plus they always recommend to build a native social media app for better performance. In the development process, for the correct interaction of the program- manual and automatic testing are performed.

Deployment and Marketing the App- An active and promotional marketing is required for a social media app to stand out from other apps on Google play store and Apple store. Along with the development cost, you always need to think about the quantitative metrics which play a significant role in the success of a social media app.

24*7 Maintenance and Support- An app always require support and maintenance about the features, functionalities or the content. You need to keep a check on the requirements, including updates implementation and others, timely.

What technologies are used to make an interactive user interface for a social media app?

Following are the Technologies used to work with User Interface of a social media app-

RecyclerView-RecyclerView is a native Android element which shows a list of content to the user on their smartphones. Users are free to interact with the items available on the list.

Fragments-Fragments are the native Android container which comprises widgets and views. These fragments are prevalent for app development because they have their lifecycle.

Let’s discuss in detail the vital features required for a social networking app on Android:

Critical Features of Social Networking App

  • Social Authorization
  • News Feed
  • Post Creation
  • Post Likes
  • Social notifications
  • User profile
  • Search
  • Chat
  • Push Notifications
  • Analytics

A mobile app is one of the critical factors for turning your idea into a successful business. Moreover, if we talk about the development cost of an app than majorly, it affects by the time, and team require to develop an app.

Let’s discuss-

What factors affect the development cost of a Social Networking App?

Following are the significant factors which affect the cost of development of an app-

  • User management
  • User Interaction
  • In-App Communication
  • Security
  • Geolocation
  • Payment system Integration
  • Third-party API Integration
  • Web portal for App management
  • Types of data
  • Data sources Integration

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Social Networking App?

Now, after discussing how to develop a social app, let’s talk about its development costs. Afterall, Monetary side matters, doesn’t it?

We will evaluate the significant aspects which affect the costing of an app:

  • If you require an app with a basic feature set, it may cost you around- $50,000
  • App with additional features and services- $1,00,000
  • App with high complex features- $2,40,000

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Wrapping up

Creating a social networking app that entices the consideration of smartphone users is not easy. However, this thought-provoking path is attractive and striking due to the excessive opportunities it offers. Seems hard to digest these technical functionalities? Too many mechanics and basics to keep track of?

Let us assist you. Contact our team of business developers who supports you with all the essential information requires to create a social networking app. We, as a Social Networking App development company, help you with the best app solutions.