How to Earn Money with Live Video Streaming App?

Video Streaming App

Have you ever wondered how these YouTube creators and other live streaming entertainers are earning a good amount of money? I guess you might be thinking about it sometimes. Well, live streaming apps has emerged as an inspiring way to keep yourself creative. But there are specific things about live streaming which everyone must know that it is not only available for entertainment, but you can also use it as a bonafide revenue stream. Video streaming app development has put a significant impact on everyone’s life.

Today it is easy to start live streaming, and many individuals know how to Earn Money with Live Video Streaming App? Research shows that people spend more time watching live video and that 48% of people are streaming more live video than last year. Undeniably the platform becomes a monetization goldmine! So how can you take benefit of that?

Do you know what is the best live streaming app to make money?

Here we tell you the top live streaming apps to make money

  • Bigo Live
  • me
  • Forecast
  • Uplive
  • Meme Live

Here we suggest some essential tips which help you to know how to make money streaming from these platforms-

Running Ads during Live Streaming

Yes, running an ad in between live video is one of the significant ways of making money. There are two types of ads- pre-roll and mid-roll from which the revenues can be generated. The profits can be evaluated based on the total number of people who see the ad. The prominent market players like Facebook and YouTube also uses ad features to their live videos.

During a live video, streamers will get an ad break, but it is not easy to get an ad break quickly, as the content creators need to meet some specific criteria suggested by the streaming platforms. Like on Facebook, the creators must have 50K followers or a Facebook page, and on their first video, 300 views should be minimum. If all the criteria fulfilled, then you can easily take an ad break in live video streaming. Similarly, in YouTube, streamers are allowed to embed mid-roll ads into their live stream.

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Fan donations and Tips

Donation and tips made by viewers to the performers is another striking way of making revenues on streaming platforms. Experts said that it is a game-changing industry where fans support their favourite creators with donations and tips. Undeniably, this new profit-making model helps and motivate the creators who are into different innovative fields of music, art, dance and other contents. Nowadays, you will quickly see the “donate” buttons on popular platforms like PayPal and YouTube.

YouTube recently introduced a new “Superchat” feature to reward its creators. The streamers can easily enable the donation options during video streaming, and their fans can make a real-time donation quickly.

Pay per view or Subscriptions

Pay per view is a concept where the users need to pay a certain amount if they want to see the creators hidden content. There are some contents which a creator keeps paid; these contents are different than the open materials. For instance, Netflix asks for a subscription to access the video contents. There are multiple subscription plans available on the streaming platforms.

Majorly there are monthly, and yearly subscription options and people prefer to choose a monthly one. Some apps like Vimeo comprises in-built subscription features, from which streamers will get excellent benefits. In the monthly subscriptions, the users will get multiple rewards like unique badges on their profile, ad-free live videos and many more.

Brand deals and sponsorships

Getting a chance to work with famous brands is still a dream of many content creators. Through this, you can make money from both live videos and on-demand video contents. Today people prefer such brands and products which appear in between a live video; they found it more trustworthy and attractive. There are a lot of factors on which your profit relies with the brands and sponsorships, includes the number of followings on multiple platforms, uniqueness of your channel and other factors.

Affiliate programs

With the affiliate programs, you can earn the right amount of profits. But how it works- for that you need to put a product link of brands on your live streaming apps and during the ads when the viewers visit your channel and click on that link or buy some product from that link, then you will get a certain percentage of the amount. One of the significant examples of these “affiliate programs” platform is Amazon, where the creators can make quick money.


Today, the internet platform is full of opportunities to do new things and earn significant money. Just like the bloggers and travellers, live video streaming has become one of the creative ways you can try on yourself. You can pick any of the methods mentioned above in the money-making process. But your focus must be on creating such contents that people are looking forward to seeing. So, hurry up! And develop a video streaming app today and make money and entertain your viewers to the fullest.