SHAREit Alternative App: How to Develop Application Similar to SHAREit?

application similar to shareit

File and media sharing apps have always been in demand since their inception. Apps like SHAREit and Xender have changed the way of transferring files and media. Now people consider these applications as the easiest means of sharing any documents with no cost.

SHAREit has gained trust among the users because of its highly secure data transfer features; this makes it favourite among the users. On the other end, entrepreneurs find a broad range of opportunities in the file-sharing app industry. Hence, they are looking to develop an application similar to SHAREit.

Before starting a discussion about the development of an application like SHAREit, let’s take a look first at-

What is SHAREit?

SHAREit is a cross-platform sharing app based out of China. It was founded in 2015; the app allows users to share files, images, music, videos, documents, contacts and other content from one device to another over a network. The app is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and PC. It is considered as one of the fastest apps for media sharing. Currently, the application has 500 million 1 billion active users all around the world.

Let’s take an overview of the SHAREit market in India-

  • Around 500 million active users in India
  • 1.5 million daily users in India
  • 75% of users are from Tier-II cities
  • The app has over 400 million+ download in India

So, investors and start-ups consider building an application similar to SHAREit; because the app concept has the potential to generate revenue in a good number.

What makes SHAREit a popular application?

In earlier days, people share their content via Bluetooth connection, the process of sharing large files takes too much time, and sometimes it disconnects the transfers. As compared to the latest technologies, Bluetooth is not faster and convenient for transferring media.

Apps like SHAREit uses Wi-Fi; it can transfer files up to 20Mbps speed without any hassle. It enables smoother and quicker processes; also, it offers multiple functionalities that Bluetooth doesn’t. That’s why people now favoured apps like SHAREit to transfer their files in seconds.

Are you looking to build an app like SHAREit?

Recently, the Indian government has banned 59 Chinese apps in India, which included SHAREit as well. After the ban on a popular application like SHAREit, many Indian companies are thinking to build SHAREit alternative apps.

If you are also looking to create an alternative app like SHAREit, you need to check out its features which makes it the best app for sharing files.

file sharing app

Let’s take a look at must-have features required to create an application similar to SHAREit-

SHAREit set a benchmark in the file-sharing app industry, it is hard to compete with the app, but if you have the right and robust app idea, then you can give a fierce competition to it. Before starting the development process, always keep in mind that the features you have decided for your application similar to SHAREit will affect your cost too.

Here are some of the must-have features for an application like SHAREit-

  • Upload files on cloud storage
  • Manage files
  • Quick Transfer
  • Group file sharing
  • Transfer any media (images, videos, audio)
  • Encrypt files
  • Real-time Location Sharing
  • Send Documents
  • View Documents
  • Activity Status
  • Secure sharing
  • Push notifications

What factors need to be considered while developing an application like SHAREit?

App design

To create an application similar to SHAREit, you should focus on the UI design of an app. An attractive user interface is vital in bringing the number of potential users on the app platform. Always try to choose the best UI/UX, colour, appearance and prototype design for your app. To get the appealing designs, you can hire an app development company.

App platform

Choosing an app platform for your dream application is one of the daunting tasks because every platform has its own specialities. To select a platform, you need to do in-depth market research and your user preferences. There are three major platforms available in the marketplace which is preferred by developers and users as well, i.e. Android, iOS and Windows.

If you are looking for more users, then Android would be the best choice for you, the platform has the highest number of users. And if you want your app to be accessible and unique, then you can go with iOS but always keep in mind it would cost you higher. All and all, Android offers you potential users, and iOS offers prime functionalities, the decision is yours.

Features of an App

One of the significant steps that can make or break your dream app plan. Make sure that your alternative application for SHAREit should be futuristic. You can go with both basic and advanced features depending upon your app requirements. But remember your app budget varies as per the features you integrated.

Advanced features

Always try to offer something new to your users that makes your application unique and friendly. You can add features like real-time location, chat options, file transfer history.

App size

Another concern is the size of an app; it depends upon the features and functionalities you implemented in it. Make sure that your application should not be in large format; it affects the performance of an app also. Try to build an app which is small in size and high in functioning.

Now let’s discuss the budget required for building an application similar to SHAREit

If you are planning to create an application like SHAREit, you require the following development team-

If we evaluate the final costing for developing a SHAREit alternative app, then it would lie between USD 50000- USD 100000.

As we discussed above that the cost of an app depends upon various factors, and it can vary according to the requirements. If you want to develop an app with basic features, then it would cost you less, and an advanced feature app will cost you high.

So, what are you waiting for?

After the prohibition of Chinese apps, the demand for applications similar to SHAREit has risen. So, hurry up and start creating an alternative app for SHAREit that brings immense opportunities for your business and offers you outstanding revenues. We are here to help you with the best file sharing app development solutions.

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