How to Develop an On-Demand Handyman App Like Uber?

On demand handyman app like uber

Cleaning and repairing are the two most essential services everyone is looking for, as in this first paced world, nobody has much time to do their daily household work. This requirement brings On-Demand Handyman App Like Uber into the picture; today, these apps have become the users’ top choice as it helps them avoid the rush and save their money, time, and efforts. Now start-ups and big enterprises are coming up with the idea of building a handyman app like Uber.

An on-demand handyman app like Uber benefits both users and the entrepreneurs. If you are thinking of starting your own business, then an on-demand home service business would be the best option for you.

According to market reports, the on-demand home services market is foreseen to grow by US$ 1574.86 billion during 2020-2024 at a CAGR of 53%. Isn’t it great? Hence it is high time for you to start an on-demand home service business.

So how can you go for it? Before building an on-demand handyman app like Uber, it would be great if you figure out the following things, as the whole application depends upon them.

  1. What features can make your app unique?
  2. Which is the best technology for developing the Handyman app?
  3. What is the total cost required to build an on-demand handyman app?

Do you think about this? No? Don’t worry. Everyone doesn’t have to know everything. We are here to help you with the following questions.

Top Features to offer in an On-demand Handyman App like Uber

handyman like uber app features

Find nearby services

It is one of the significant features that help you attract potential customers towards your platform. No plumber, carpenter, or house-keeping person would travel long miles for completing their jobs. And in this hectic life, people do not have time to browse and call each individual for the required services.

Hence, it is beneficial to add a feature that suggests nearby handyman services. It not only benefits the users but is suitable for professionals too. With this feature, users can connect with several handyman service providers of their location; they only require to put their current location. The app automatically suggests the best nearby services.

Transparent pricing

Hidden charges in an app always create kiosks among the users and the service providers. Users find themselves cheated and lost trust in the platform. It is one of the most dangerous things for any business. Hence keep your application transparent with the users. Whenever a user books any service, this feature provides complete pricing details about the particular service, including the total estimation, cancellation prices, offers, etc. It gives a full-fare estimation so that users can get an exact idea before confirming any bookings.

Multiple Payment Methods

Integrating multiple payment options is one of the best features that make your platform more demanding. If you incorporate one payment method, it can limit your customers. Make sure you offer a seamless payment experience to your users. Allow your users to make payments via debit cards, credit cards, net banking, UPI, etc.

Live Tracking

This unique feature allows your users to track their handyman professionals in real-time. It offers detailed insights about the bookings and the person booked for services. Once the service provider accepts the job, the user can quickly track their location and estimated arrival time.

Book Now or Schedule appointments

With this feature, users can book immediate services or schedule appointments as per their convenience. They can set their preferred time and date and confirm their bookings for the same.

Multilingual options

Allow your users to use your platform in multiple languages. It will not only comfort them but also expand your application’s reach globally.

Call Your Handyman

With this feature, users can connect with their service professionals directly. If they require any additional assistance or change in scheduling time, they can directly call them.

Technology to build an On-demand Handyman app like Uber

technology to build an app like handyman app

To build an on-demand handyman app like Uber, choosing the right technology would be one of the essential parts. You cannot keep a count on any technology and start creating your application. The right technology helps you increase your product’s quality and make your platform unique and engaging from others.

The best technology that you can opt for your Uber Clone App Development is Flutter. Currently, Flutter is one of the most demanding and preferable technology businesses used.

Now you might wonder, Why Flutter?

According to market research, 5 lacs developers are using Flutter monthly. The technology has successfully taken over react native and becomes a top-choice of developers. Apart from this, below we have mentioned some of the best reasons for choosing Flutter over others-

  • Faster development and increase in productivity
  • Single codebase
  • Flexible widgets
  • Best community support
  • Firebase integration

After determining the features and technologies, it’s time to discuss another critical factor for developing an on-demand handyman app like Uber. Yes, you guessed it right, “THE DEVELOPMENT COST.”

The budget required to develop an On-demand Handyman app like Uber

Any application’s development cost depends on the multiple factors, including features and functionality you choose. Factors influencing the Handyman’s Uber Clone App Development cost are-

  • Features and Functionality
  • Application platforms
  • Additional integrations
  • Design
  • App complexity
  • Testing
  • Location of your Clone App Development Company etc.

It may take up to 500 – 1200 hours to develop a full-fledged on-demand handyman app like Uber. If we evaluate the average cost of development, in India, it costs around $10K to $15K, whereas in the USA and Europe will cost around $25K to $30K.

Wrapping up

If you are a startup and plan to take a long jump in your online home services business, create an app that solves your users’ problems and makes their lives easier. You can count on us. Being a leading clone app development company, we can help you with the best on-demand handyman app like Uber. Hurry up! Contact us.

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