How to Develop an eCommerce App for Android and iOS

ecommerce app for android and ios

eCommerce platforms are the modern-day trend for many businesses looking for endless opportunities for high selling. With the digital transformation, eCommerce businesses made themselves more sophisticated in terms of selling particulars. Now, imagining our lives without these platforms is like roaming during the dark thirty.

With the advancement of technology, making a purchase online and getting the product delivered at the doorsteps is not less than a miracle. Thanks to the entrepreneurs’ efforts they put in to develop an eCommerce app. As eCommerce apps are getting more attention around the globe, you as a business also want to have a digital transformation and take your business online. Here we will discuss how you can develop an eCommerce app for Android and iOS.

Market Stats of Purchase Made from Mobile or Tablet on an eCommerce Platform

Since 2016, mobile eCommerce is up and poised for further growth until the end. As in 2016, the purchase made from mobile was 0.97 trillion US dollars, and since that moment, it started to increase. The recent figures will leave you astonished after knowing it was raised to the total mobile eCommerce sale to 2.91 trillion US dollars in 2020.

Simultaneously, looking at the other side of the coin, the mobile share of total eCommerce was 52.4% in 2016, and that was hiked to 70.4% in 2020. So, as a business, you need to define whether you should go to develop an eCommerce app or not.

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Features to Fuse While Having to Develop an eCommerce App

In the survey conducted last year, 62% of smartphone owners made their purchase in the previous six months. Mobile apps are leveraging the eCommerce sector to their advantage. But what engages users more on your app are the features that offer enticing commands and redirects to the page that the end-user wishes for. Let’s discuss those features.

User Registration


Shopping cart

shopping cart

Order summary

order summary

Push Notifications

push notofication

User-friendly product filtering and sorting

user friendly

Detailed product descriptions

detail product

Product gallery

product gallery

Presenting your products with Augmented Reality

Augment Reality

Secure and easy in-app payments

secure app payments

Ordering an invoice and adding company data

invoice ordering

Checking the shipping status

shipping status



React Native: A Technology to Develop an eCommerce App

Having a code that can function on both Android and iOS can save you a lot more money. Having cross-platform as its main functionality allows code reusability, making it the best choice for eCommerce app development. People having a small business find it harder to invest a massive amount in the mobile app. So, choosing React Native as their development framework can decrease their budget to the minimum, and they can quickly test the market. They can develop an eCommerce app for both Android and iOS platforms.

That is why, in this article, we’ll be discussing how to develop an eCommerce app by using React Native. As the app template is integrated with Firebase, we will look at setting up a Firebase account.

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How to Develop an eCommerce App for Android and iOS?

On a higher level, if you are looking to develop an eCommerce app, we have a list for you to go through.

The list contents are as follows:

  • Configure Development Environment
  • Install npm Packages
  • Run App on Android
  • Run App on iOS

Let’s Begin.

Configure Development Environment

If you want to run React Native apps on Android and iOS, you must install some development tools. These tools will help you manage the codes and saves your time. The early or on-time deployments are possible only with these tools. The tools you need to install are:

Install npm Packages

npm packages are defined in files called package.json. It is a module that provides an easy and straightforward way to export package.json data. When using npm packages to develop an eCommerce app, you must use at least two fields in the definition file: name and version.

As you have installed Node, open the Terminal, change the directory to the unarchived downloaded app, and run. If you are using Windows, you must use the Terminal built into Visual Studio Code, as most of the time, the command line prompt on Windows is not compatible with most UNIX commands.

Run App on Android

To run an app on Android, you must first install npm packages. If installed, you need an Android device or emulator to run the app o Android. If you do not have an Android device, Android Studio comes with a few Android emulators depending on where you want to run the app.

Running an app on your Android device, plug the USB cable in your computer. And for an emulator, open Android Studio -> Tools -> AVD Manager and start an Android emulator. There may be the case when you don’t have an emulator in the list. Do not puzzle. Add an emulator with the latest Android API.

Once you have the device plugged in or an emulator running, execute the code in your Terminal in your project directory:

react-native run-android

Note: It should build the app and start it on the selected device. If not, you have to do it by creating a new Terminal window manually; go to the project’s directory and run “npm start.”

Run App on iOS

While you run an app on iOS, you need to install npm packages first, as most of the React Native templates use advanced npm packages such as Firebase and Facebook SDK, which needs to be linked – to say that the app is ejected. It means it does not work with Expo, nor can it be run by executing “react-native run-ios.”

If you want to run an app on iOS, you need a macOS computer. Unfortunately, you must have an Apple computer for Windows users or install a virtual machine on your laptop.

To develop an eCommerce app for iOS, you need to install Cocoapods and Xcode first.

Now, open the Terminal in the project’s directory and switch to the iOS subfolder for installing pods by executing:

cd ios && pod install

It will install all the dependencies of iOS mobile templates relies on. Now, under the iOS folder, you will have your file with the name and extension. Open that file in Xcode and run the app by choosing the device or simulator you want to use. As it starts to function, it will automatically open a metro bundler. If you have some other issues, you can easily debug them using React Native Errors.

Once you install the developed template, you’ll notice that there are default products and categories mentioned. Now, making a purchase will send a fake purchase into your payment demo account. If you need the app ready for production, you need to link your firebase account and payment account. Let’s take your payment account as Stripe.

Once you set up your payment option, create categories and products into the account and add them. Once you add them, your app is ready to deploy.

For deploying your app, you can submit the app for the verification process at Google PlayStore and Apple Store. Once they verify that your app is up to date, people can use it for buying products.

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Other Technologies Used to Develop an eCommerce App

Here is the list of other technologies that can be used to develop an eCommerce app. Let’s read.


It is a trending cross-platform mobile application development technology that uses “Dart” as a programming language instead of JavaScript. Flutter is used primarily because it facilitates rapid and compelling analysis, fabricates UIs, includes highlights, and fixes bugs in milliseconds.


It used HTML5 as a programming language and used widely for mobile app development. Ionic is a combination of HTML, CSS3, and JavaScript to developing native apps and creating UI functionalities with ease.


It is the most recommended programming language to develop an eCommerce app as it is a cross-platform framework that uses C# as a single code across iOS, Android, Windows, and other platforms.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an eCommerce App?

The development cost of an eCommerce app cannot be said with utter accuracy. There are different businesses that hold different requirements. For example, if you are looking for native technology to develop an eCommerce app that costs different, but if you say to use the Hybrid one would cost different.

Not only that, but the cost of developing an eCommerce app also goes high or low depending on the features you are willing to add to your app. In order to know the exact price, you need to request the company representatives to connect with you for a discussion on your eCommerce mobile app project. You can connect us by filling the request form or directly mailing us to

Want Our Assistance to Develop an eCommerce App for Android and iOS?

With the rise in the eCommerce sector, many businesses are looking for digital transformation. If you are also one of those looking to develop an eCommerce app for your store, we are here to assist you. Connect with industry experts who know how to arrange things for you at a pocket-friendly cost.

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