How to Develop a Short Video App?

short video app development

The short video app industry is taking the social media by storm, emerging apps like TikTok are shaking off users from other social media giants like Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. People are glued to their screens for hours, watching and sharing short videos, especially young people.

Many new apps are frequently coming into the business with new features, filters, and tools to make apps look more cooler than others.

Let’s get a brief look at how to develop short video apps.

What is a Short Video App?

It is a video-making and sharing platform. Users create a profile, creating unique and exciting videos that are viewed by millions of users worldwide. The attractive features and filters to add-on videos have made these apps popular with young people.

The users who make videos and share them are called influencers. They post exciting or attractive videos, and when they get a massive response in likes and comments, they receive money for promotions and sales.

Short Video App Industry Market and Trends

It is effortlessly easy to find influencers creating videos in your locality or even people getting entertained by short videos. The short video app industry is getting bigger and bigger each day.

Let’s look at some of the trends and market view of the short video app industry:

  • Currently, the short video app industry is the hottest trendsetter and internet data exchange platform.
  • Short video apps have more than 1.5 billion subscribers
  • In a recent study, it is found that an average person spends more than 50 minutes on short video apps.
  • The global revenue of TikTok has reached $39 billion.
  • A majority of short video app users age ranges from 15 to 40 years.

Short Video App Development

When it comes down to develop a short video app, many elements require consideration, like design, features, and technology. Apart from all that, hard work, teamwork, and patience are also necessary for an app’s success.

Let’s look at all the factors and elements requires to develop a short video app:

Engineering a plan and creating strategies

Creating a qualified plan is the primary and most crucial step of any development team. The procedure helps you organize all the elements and factors that will be required on an orderly basis. And to make a plan, you need all the information you can get about the short video app market and user behavior.

All the gathered information about the targeted users helps you create a successful strategy. A practical method comprises elements of design, features, and tech stack.

Finding a suitable app development platform

You can choose native app development for your app according to the advantages of the device’s operating system. It builds performance and quick response time as the apps will be tailor-made for a specific device or operating system.

You can also go for a hybrid or cross-app development, as they share the unique similarity of operating on multiple platforms. Meaning, you can create your app supporting various operating systems.

Forming design and architecture

The UI of the short video app is one of the influential elements of mobile app development. The users are attracted to an app that provides an excellent user experience in terms of the user interface. Designing is half work done.

When the design is complete, a developer turns it into digital architecture using all the programming languages and tools. And then comes features.

Quipping features for better functionality

The range of features decides the app’s operability and functionality. These are essential to build the app and make the app work as it is supposed to function.

Let’s look at all the required features to develop a short video app:

I. Uploading or making a Video:The short video app requires a feature to help users upload videos from their library or camera. It also helps them in making videos in an instant.

II. Video editing tools and filters:Users need this feature to decorate their videos with different graphics and animations to make them look attractive and exciting. The filters help in recreating different aesthetics.

III. Live Streaming: This feature allows users to broadcast their activities as they happen. It will enable them to interact with thousands of viewers on a single screen.

IV. Social Media integration:Users can share different videos to multiple social media platforms with these features. It also helps users sync social media accounts to keep updating with new content.

V. Reactions:They are one of the most necessary elements of short video apps. Thanks to reactions, users or influences appreciate each other and support new content.

VI. Songs and Sounds:It allows them to add all the old and new songs to their videos. They can also edit music clips to combine the video with their favorite sounds.

VII. Duet options: Users can collaborate with other users to create exciting and entertaining videos with these features.

VIII. QR code scanner:  Users require a QR code scanner to recognition other influencers digitally. They scan other user’s codes and add them to their follow list.

IX. Geo-location:it helps users attach a location to their content. And also organize their library of content in the order of places visited.

Picking up the right technology stack

The technology stack helps the app perform functions efficiently and effectively. It is the base of all the operations performed on the application.

Let’s take a quick look at all the required elements of the technology stack:

  • Kotlin for Android App Development
  • Swift for iOS App Development
  • js in Back-end Development
  • Azure or AWS for Cloud
  • MongoDB or Cassandra or SQL for Database
  • Azure Stream for Real-time analytics
  • Google Cloud Messaging and Apple Push Notifications service for Notifications
  • ML Kit and ARCore for Face Recognization and Face Detection
  • Google Maps API for Geo Location
  • for Chat

Hiring a mobile app development company

When developing a short video app, there are many ways to start the development process; one of them is to use various available app builders for efficiency and feasibility.

But the most effective way is to start the development process from scratch with the help of a mobile app development team. Their experience and expertise help the app look and function professionally, which is good for business.

app development company

The Cost of developing a short video app

Estimating a cost to develop a short video app defers from the features to the technology stack. All the elements and factors are needed to consider the final estimation of the development process. It depends on the features, technologies, and size, and length of the development project.

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